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  1. And here i thought he was going to mess up our chemistry when he returned from injury. Dude's probably playing the best he has since becoming a Hurricane. I love it!
  2. Speaking of Tavares, don't you just know Islander fans are loving the way his playoffs turned out compared to theirs?
  3. The one goal was a beauty, though.
  4. Had Montreal made it, every single current- and former-Canes coach would have made it to the playoffs this year. Part of me is disappointed that didn't happen.
  5. Funny thing about the Rask and Skinner deals - had we traded Rask for Pu & 3 non-1st round picks and Skinner for Nino, i'd be smiling and profiling. It's a head-scratcher to me that of the two, Rask returned the top-line player while Skinner returned spare parts.
  6. Agreed, but i wish we had signed them for another year, considering all we got in exchange for him was a year's supply of Rice-a-roni.
  7. What ever he brought, i wouldn't mind having his scoring touch for the next couple weeks against Washington.
  8. Hats off to all those who, like me, thought Dundon was being a cheap *edit* in making Waddell the GM and Brind'amour the coach instead of going outside the organization...
  9. Wonder if they tried to get away with reds on the road.
  10. Send Mrazek the bill - i'm sure he's about to get a damned nice payday...
  11. If i remember correctly Knyazev signed a 3-year deal with the Hurricanes and was playing in Lowell but after a stellar 7 points in 68 games, was thrown into the Tanabe-Markov deal.
  12. Ferland's still a Cane? I thought we traded him for Nino.
  13. I've never seen dissent on this either. Perhaps he's talking about another message board.
  14. They can't, can they? I don't know all the ins and outs of the CBA, but wouldn't the trade deadline have been the deadline to trade his rights as well? That said, i disagree with your second sentence. Had Lindholm and/or Hanifin been great fits here with multi-year contracts, perhaps, but as i opined elsewhere, they were both in the last year of their contract and they likely weren't going to re-sign here (or the Canes weren't going to sign them, end result being exactly the same). We traded 2 years for 4, with the longer-termed player playing his best hockey of the season. Again, i'll take it.
  15. I'm still confident that we're making the playoffs - it's ours to lose. Looking realistically at the schedule, if all of us had pointed at the one game we were most-likely not to win, 90% of us would have pointed at last night. We are still closer to catching the Isles than the BJs are to catching us (as long as we take care of our business and win the magic bean game), so i will stand up as apparently the one person in this forum happy about the result of the CBJ-NYI game. I'll say again, if we miss the playoffs it's because we couldn't take care of our own battles and not because the now-mediocre (since the trade deadline) Blue Jackets happened to win a game. Concerning Fox, it sucks bad, but with the defensive depth we have in front of him, we weren't sure how we were going to make room for him anyway, especially since Faulk decided to become a defenseman this season and Hamilton decided to become a hockey player over the past few months. The sky isn't falling yet and we win 2 or 3 more games this season, we're in the playoffs. Score more than they do, guys.
  16. Yes and no. We will have traded one year of Lindholm and Hanifin for one year of Ferland and 3 years of Hamilton. Lindholm and Hanifin weren't re-signing here anyway, so we got 4 years for 2. I'll still take it, Fox or no Fox.
  17. Got that right! What say we just win this thing tonight and be done with it? I did buy 2 fresh bottles of whisky yesterday and the first served us well last night, so i'll open the second tonight and you can all thank me in the morning... when i'm coherent again...
  18. Love ya man but with all due respect, we're not playing ifs here - the facts are we're going to try to deal with Montreal ourselves today and it's the Flyers going up against the Caps. So the 'if it were' doesn't apply. That said if the Canes can't take care of their own mess from here on out, they don't deserve to make it anyway. Things being where they are now, i will always pull for the team that can catch us over the team that we can catch, particularly when we fully control our own destiny in passing them in 5 days otherwise.
  19. Your mention of influencing their own games also weighs heavily into this, due to 2 of their next 3 own games being against the Caps. After today, Carolina's next games are against the Caps and the Caps' next are against Carolina. If Carolina wins and the Caps lose today and the Canes can manage to win both games against the Caps, dude, we're ahead of them with a magic bean to boot. Anyone not pulling for that outcome is a way less-hungry about this season than i am...
  20. This. I'm still looking up, not down. We can catch WSH easier than PHI can catch us. A PHI win would make overtaking WSH that much easier.
  21. A week ago i said the Habs were yesterday's news as far as the Canes were concerned, so i guess now they're last week's news. I still say they aren't catching the Canes unless the Canes self-destruct. Go Habs.
  22. Passing Pitt to finish third is still a distinct possibility. Still hoping for some scoreboard help to finish ahead of NYI as well but that one's getting tight. Score more than they do, guys. Nightly.
  23. Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
  24. I tried this too. Seems like the photos should be way easier to find than they are.
  25. I once again pull for the teams above us to lose. Make it so.
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