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  1. Didn't play in last night's win - maybe tomorrow in Chicago.



    Drakkie representing the Wolves in Germany


    Hey, off topic kinda, but is there any way to have those apostrophes removed from the title and description of this sub-forum?  Canes' System or just Canes System are grammatically fine, but throwing that apostrophe in the middle of 'Canes' is utterly wrong and drives me crazy...

  2. He very well could be - but then even if he is, that gives the Hurricanes one too many when Nordstrom is healthy.  Unless they want to carry an extra forward as well, dunno.  But i'd have to think sending Nordstrom or Terry to Charlotte will produce as much if not more than Bowman, and without bringing yet another fringe guy into the mix.


    Fun to speculate when Bowman isn't even showing up on the Checkers site yet, no?

  3. I just wonder what the circumstances are that have the Checkers bringing him in.  Based on stats and game reviews (i obviously haven't seen a game yet this season) they're looking good offensively already - what piece is he going to fit?  I could see them bringing in another defensemen in order to fill a void for the Hurricanes to bring up a full-time 7th guy, but forwards?  The organization is pretty well-stocked with fringe forwards already, many of whom (hopefully) have more potential at the NHL level than Bowman...

  4. Ah okay, I missed that, thanks. 


    I don't really see the sense in it, to be honest.  Seems rather pricey to take one pressbox-warmer to Colorado and then fly him home and another guy out there to take his place in another pressbox.  Spreading out the frequent flyer miles, i suppose.

  5. As was mentioned several weeks ago, teams aren't looking to trade away their assets for draft picks three weeks into a season. 




    Feel free to quit trying.  ;)


    Yeah, this.  I drool over the thought of getting an already-developed top 6 forward in exchange for that draft pick as well, but who's the dance partner?  RF pulled a major coup getting a 1st-liner (he may not be 1st line anywhere else, but he is here).and a solid bottom-6er in exchange for 2 defensemen who probably wouldn't have ever even seen the ice in Charlotte, much less Raleigh, and i'm sure he tried to make other such deals - but it takes two to tango.

  6. Eklund prints a lot of senseless stuff, but this takes the cake. Move a team located 200 miles from the Atlantic shoreline to the Western Conference? I want some of whatever this nitwit is smoking, unless, as you note, the team itself moves. I'd have to think it's more likely that the Red Wings return to the West. Do you have a link, bdc? 


    I'm going way back here, but this was posted during the time i was lurking but not able to post and i did still want to throw this out there -


    With the AHL's Western Exodus and the changes in the ECHL, the NHL has been moving toward a more-consistent, geographic set-up of farm clubs.  To that end, Charlotte has been competing in the AHL's Westerm Conference since 2011.  Apples to oranges, i know, but i wouldn't consider it out of the question, depending on what happens elsewhere over the next couple seasons.

  7. I see no mention of an LTIR in the NHL Hockey Operations Guidelines.


    I don't know the full situation, but the floor is what, $52.8M?  Apparently the Hurricanes salary right now is at is $63.1M.  Wiz isn't making enough for that to be an issue right now, but what happens if/when an EStaal and/or CWard trade happens (and with an 0-3 start and 0-for-October being a possibility, RF may already be looking at that)?  Depending on what would come back (if anything), it could be that he has an eye on that and is avoiding LTIR for that reason.

  8. Hallo.  It's been an arduous trek, but i'm finally able to make a first post here.  Many thanks to superdave, rem, and especially OBX, who's been loyally working with me for 6 weeks to make this happen.


    My introduction to hockey was as a 4-year-old season ticket holder with the EHL Charlotte Checkers (thank my family for that - i didn't make that move on my own).  A couple years later we moved to the DC area, where we caught a good number of Capitals games before eventually moving back to NC, this time in the metropolis of Goldsboro.  I was limited to hockey on television until the Raleigh IceCaps came around, and i caught a good number of games there as well until the Hurricanes ran them out of town.  I've never done season tickets with the Hurricanes but have caught a good number of games over the years, and in addition to that i worked for 2 years as an off-ice official with the Fayetteville Force.  If you've never gotten a gig like that and have the chance, i highly recommend it - it's a freaking blast.  Took a couple years off of hockey due to frustration over the continually re-occurring lockouts, but going to make another run of it this season.  Moved back to Charlotte late last year and i intend on catching as many Checkers games as possible.


    I've been posting about the Hurricanes for years, first on AOL (yeah, like none of you lot ever did the AOL thing), then as MoBigRed on the long-dead ncpen.com and now letsgocanes.com.  I also, despite all cries of outrage, regularly post on the Facebook page (save me from myself...).  Will i overwhelm you guys with insight here?  Of course not, but that's not going to stop me from trying, and my posts might even be longer than my self-gratuitous introduction post here.  You're welcome...

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