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  1. On the plus side, Buffalo defeated Anaheim in regulation and otherwise only Columbus won, so worst-case didn't happen. Also New Jersey lost, so the gap to the playoffs didn't increase. And Buffalo's win doesn't really stymie anything because the Hurricanes still have 2 games in hand. Hurricanes do sit 2 points above a 3-way dead last, however, with 2 of those teams holding a game in hand. Win needed tonight, duh. None of the bottom-dwellers play but the Canes can't afford to throw away a game in hand, plus Florida is one of the 'leap-frog' teams. Other leap-frog teams in action - Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Ottawa play as well. Yep. If he's going to get it done, he's going to do it now, in his contract year. His stats aren't bad for a lottery team, but they certainly don't scream '$8.5M clutch captain' either.
  2. Speaking of MJordan, he's playing his second game with Charlotte tonight, and just scored his 3rd goal.
  3. The jury is still out whether Khudobin is an upgrade over Ward - he certainly didn't look to be one last year - but if he cleared waivers, that probably speaks volumes as to what to expect from Ward. Nobody's breaking out the wallets to reel in .900 goaltenders...
  4. If i'm Francis (surprise, i'm not...), i continue to look to the future with no regard to this season's possibilities - i let the chips fall where they may this year based on the needs of the future. Hence i simply continue to try to resolve the expiring contracts. Those i want to have around next season, i negotiate. Those i don't, i bid adieu.
  5. Speaking of 'tough to make up ground', all 4 teams below the Hurricanes in the standings play tonight, two of them - Anaheim and Buffalo - facing off against each other, and of course they can't both lose... as well as there being the obvious possibility of a loser point. Depending on what happens in all of those games, there's the (worst-case scenario) chance the Hurricanes can find themselves finishing the night tied for 27th with the other team having a game in hand, only 1 point above 29th who will have a game in hand, and only 2 points above 30th (but with the Canes holding 3 games in hand over them).
  6. Any time i read 'nose for the net', i immediately think of Marcoux.
  7. Both Staals have been solid if unspectacular to me this season. I can't think of too many instances where either of them have been the best player on the ice, nor can i think of any where they were the worst (the fact either Ward or Lack are out there pretty much every second makes that second distinction kind of tough for anyone else). The problem is, as we all know (and yes, BD, we also all know that those contracts are JR's fault and not theirs), they're being paid to be the best. There's a bit of a problem when you can watch a game, all the while gushing over Rask, Skinner, Lindholm, DiGiuseppe, Malone (for different reasons), Pesce, Hanifin, and Slavin - only to have one of the Staals finally do something noteworthy enough that you think "oh yeah, i forgot about him". I won't deny they're pieces of the puzzle, and solid (if unspectacular) pieces - but neither is playing up to his contract, neither is playing to the level he has in the past, and neither is the future of this franchise. I started to go further, but all of it had been said before so i erased it and i'll leave it at that. Probably could have erased the rest, sure, but hi.
  8. Michal Jordan assigned to Charlotte on conditioning stint. Hell, he has to play somewhere. http://www.gocheckers.com/articles/1429
  9. For a 31-year-old at the end of a ridiculous contract who's on pace for 49 points right now? Man, you get an offer like that, you not only jump but you ask 'how high?'.
  10. It took him many years to decimate the Hurricanes system to the point he did. I don't think the Penguins will give him enough time to do that much damage, If they don't win quickly, he'll be moved along. I just hope when that happens, the Hurricanes don't go bringing him in as some senior advisor or something.
  11. I stand by earlier pronouncements on the coaching thing - since Fall 2006 we've had Laviolette, Mo2.0, Muller, and now Peters, with similar switching out of the assistants. I can't say with any certainty, but i have a hard time believing every single one of them shared the same problem. We've switched out every player not named Eric and Cam. Yeah, we all know Cam never turns it on until he gets into the groove in December, and some have said the same about Eric. I stand by my assertion that Cam's had his time and needs to move on - but have any of our other netminders ever had quicker starts? Lack sure didn't. Eric, meanwhile, is one of 18 skaters - there's always someone to take up the slack until he warms up, and there's been a revolving door to do that as well... but who's really done it? So, uh, when's the last time Friesen was under fire...
  12. But what Hurricane players can we possibly talk about now who aren't playing to the levels of their salaries?
  13. Age-old problem. You win, you have to start paying those players more. Look at Chicago this year and how many players they lost from last season. Hurricanes' problem is that JR (arguably) chose the wrong eggs to keep in his basket.
  14. As Lake pointed out in the Semin thread, it's a lot easier to walk away from $1M than $22M, but man, what if...
  15. I think this is where the bridge lies. A few people keep saying we all want to trade Faulk, which isn't the case at all. There's a huge difference between 'he's a bum... trade him for a sack of pucks or whatever you can get, the sooner the better' and 'we need upgrades in other areas and the only bartering chip we have is one of our young defensemen, with Faulk likely being the one who will bring in the biggest return'. I don't think anyone wants to trade Faulk, but we're all a bunch of wankers talking on a message board and it's healthy speculation on how to best reach this team's goals. Best case scenario, we keep every single one of those young defensemen and bring in Johansen, Draisaitl, and Henrik Lundqvist. But i think we all realize we're not going to get any of them in exchange for the Staals, Liles, or Ward. Now as to wanting to trade someone, i do want the Hurricanes to trade Ward, Liles, and Hainsey. For sacks of pucks, the sooner the better. But the desire to trade Faulk is only because you have to give up something valuable in order to get something valuable in return - there's no grand conspiracy where people are dying to see Faulk suit up for Team X.
  16. I won't deny going out in the first round every year beats where this team has been, but the same time under your theory it's pretty much the ceiling. Meanwhile to get into specifics with the defensemen you list, Pronger eventually turned into a Brind'Amour, a franchise 1C, who raised the Cup here. We can only speculate, of course, but had that trade never happened and Pronger played his entire career here, how likely would the Hurricanes have been to raise the Cup? Johnson meanwhile is a non-issue because daddy wouldn't let him sign here anyway, so the choice was between trading him, or letting him re-enter the draft 2 years later. Markov was a 6-year-veteran who the Hurricanes signed as a FA and who was later traded for Justin Williams - who, like Brind'Amour, raised the Cup here. Had the Canes kept Markov and not gotten Williams, would they have raised the Cup? No way to know, but again i'd say that trade didn't hurt the team much in the long run. Granted i still refuse to endorse the Dumoulin trade, but even there he's hardly proven to be a franchise defenseman. I'm with you completely - i want that legit blue line - but man, there's a lot of depth there and if just one of them can be traded for the next Brind'Amour to go along with the rest of the depth there, dude, i'm there...
  17. Well, keep in mind he's only been "the guy" this week - last week it was Fleury who was being most-heavily hypothesized. But yeah, beyond that, what others have said.
  18. Yeah, that. Not the greatest signing, but they probably didn't expect Hanifin, Pesce, and Slavin to all take hold like they did, and it's just a year. If they were all having growing pains, we'd be appreciating Jordan's deal after Wiz went out 47 second into the season. And at least Peters doesn't feel like he absolutely has to use the guy. If that's the worst contract Francis ever offers, this team will be fine once we get past the JR humdingers. Time still has to tell how good or bad Lack's contract is, mind you. Hey, i know.... let's give him a shot and find out...
  19. No, but expect to check the street tomorrow with Ward still sitting there but the $20 missing. You seriously think we can get a Versteeg and a 2nd for Ward? I'd be surprised to get either. I'm still thinking more like a 7th or 8th. Period.
  20. I can't speak for anyone else, but i think it's safe to say you;re thinking the exact opposite, on two counts. I think it's pretty safe to say nobody thinks this team will make the playoffs - which is why trades for the future are being discussed - and i don't anybody wants to trade Faulk. But i think we all agree that the defense is much more-set for the future than the offense, meaning the best way to quickly upgrade the offense is to barter some defense. Have to give in order to receive...
  21. As long as Peters will stop riding the Cam horse. When he finally decides to utilize Lack, Ward can go. As long as he continues to rely on Ward, i don't see it happening. I repeat myself when i'm distressed... I repeat myself when i'm distressed... I repeat myself when i'm distressed... I repeat...
  22. Dobby was freaking terrible last year. Not quite as bad as Ward has been this year, mind you, but man, talk about low standards... Lack played well enough last night to win. Without Ward's golden egg, Hurricanes could very well have taken that one.
  23. I hope you're right. I just sink a little more every time Ward gets another start, and more so when it's coupled with the 'best chance to win' verbiage.
  24. Just looking at stats and noticed this. Ward's career-best GAA in the NHL was last season's 2.40, which would put him at #29 in the league right now. His career-best sv% is 2010-11's .923, which right now would put him tied for #22. Career-bests, for the 6th-highest-paid in the league. Yet he somehow proves to be utterly irreplaceable in this organization...
  25. I agree with everything, rem, aside from the goaltending situation - with every passing game, i'm more and more convinced Francis is going to re-sign Ward for $4-5M. I still hate it, but i'm seeing nothing that makes me think otherwise. Wouldn't surprise me to see Lack traded at this point, honestly. The braintrust still thinks we have a better chance to win riding a 31-year-old horse with a sub-.900% who allows a soft goal pretty much every game. Faulk is an excellent offensive defenseman, but i'm still skeptical about his defensive abilities. For that reason alone, if he can be traded for a long-term 1C, i'd be all in. I'm not into players who i think are in it for the money (which i think of Johansen), but meh. Though personally i'm still stuck in the RNH/Eberle trap...
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