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  1. I'm still not sure either... thought he was a great fit. Only justification is could see was that it looked like he may be out a while, but he didn't miss much, and RB certainly could have used Fleury in the meantime.
  2. Showing how much of a relic i am once again, i prefer defensemen who can play defense. Not sure i've seen that part of Gardner's game. Agreed with c6 - we're not going to get prime return for a guy who isn't living up - but if he doesn't turn something around, i'd take the 4th-rounder or whatever with a smile on my face and give Fleury some ice time.
  3. Only for two periods a night. We could usually get the first one before he was done for the night.
  4. I wouldn't bet the farm on anything with Williams at this point, but it's as strong a possibility as him returning to the Canes this season.
  5. While it's glamourous to some to think Williams will play again, there are no real signs that it'll happen - and for that matter there's no agreement and/or guarantee that if he does play again, it'll be for the Canes. We can all wake up in the morning, open our laptops, and be immediately welcomed with a headline saying he's just signed for the remainder of the season with the Pens. Sure, i doubt that'll happen, but it's just as possible as a headline saying he's returning to the Canes. He is nobody's property and as such, can go to any team willing to throw a couple bucks at him should he choose to do so. He can even come down to Charlotte again and skate with the Chex for a couple weeks before joining former-longtime Checker Jamie McGinn in St. Louis, you never know. Best bet at this point is to count on Williams not playing in the NHL again and if he does return, maybe the Canes get him. Personally i wouldn't be surprised to see him go to the Caps, should they have a use for him and he feels he has a better shot at one last cup there.
  6. You do know what 'literally' means, don't you?
  7. So far i'd have to say outside of Haula, i was more-impressed with the committee's trades/signings last offseason than this offseason, and that includes Charlotte as well as Raleigh.
  8. If any city can support 2 teams, it's Toronto. I don't see it happening, though.
  9. I've only made it to 2 games so far this season, one game each from Forsberg and Ned, so my sample size isn't really big enough to speak for either of them taking Reimer's spot. Both looked decent enough in their one game. Ned took a loss while Forsberg got a win, but it was because he was pretty much the only Checker to show up for most of the game and he still managed to give his disinterested teammates a chance to win the game. He wasn't Hasek mind you, but at least he showed up.
  10. I've been to 2 games this season - Gibbons and Claesson had the As at the first game, McGinn and Bishop the second. I'm confused as well. His PTO was only with the Chex, right? Wouldn't have surprised me at all to see the Canes extend him an offer and give him a chance in Raleigh. Would it have been permanent? Probably not, but 2 games into it is pretty quick to give up on the possibility.
  11. That was quick. http://gocheckers.com/articles/transactions/checkers-release-jamie-mcginn-from-pto?fbclid=IwAR285l8i_tFppNCMIvAdS4XZbJOqUSHqMebrRki8azHbJa3X68Cf-v0hIHA
  12. I was down on the idea for a while - i think my exact words in reference to re-signing him at this point were 'let's not and say we did'. That said, i'm more on the fence now, especially if they're not going to give Bishop/Gaut/Geekie the chance to fill Nook's slot and would rather shuttle Gibbons back and forth (just read he's been called up again today - not sure why they bothered sending him down in that case) and/or run 7 defensemen and only play Fleury in the 3rd period. I have no issue with Gibbons but if they're going to hem and haw him instead of just putting them there, i'd feel more comfortable with Williams in that slot - at least then we know who we have. Agreed, though, he needs to be in game shape and the cost has to make sense.
  13. They did blow it, but Ned was the only reason they had it to start with. The rest of the team only showed up for about 20 minutes, 18 of them at the start of the game and the other 2 at the end. Ned didn't get a lot of help the rest of the way.
  14. I never understood either of them, to be honest.
  15. Possibly. They showed him on the jumbotron and he waved. I couldn't tell where in the stands he was. Seemed like every time the Checkers got anything going at all, they ended up in the penalty box. Jamie McGinn (i had actually forgottten about that signing until seeing him in warmups) didn't even make it through the first period before picking up a non-reciprocated 5-minute major and game misconduct. Wish i could have seen that one a little better because it looked like a good hit from my perspective, but we were high up this time and i got little from the one just-as-high replay they showed as well. Nobody really stood out in any fashion good or bad except Ned, who gave the guys a chance to win despite facing 42 shots, including 24 in the 2nd. Team was sharp to start but after losing McGinn, they were fair-to-middling. Finally turned it back on in the last 2 minutes with Ned pulled for the extra attacker, but too little too late. Actually thought it might happen but Kuok lost an edge and lost possession of the puck and the Phantoms cleared the zone, the end.
  16. Not sure i see the shaming, at least in that article. People 'rallying to defend' him, but what are they defending him against? Where's the so-called trashing?
  17. It's partly due to the Canes having played more games than Buffalo, Colorado, Edmonton, and Boston, but they're back in 1st place in the NHL.
  18. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  19. I'm seeing a lot of concern for Aho's slow start here and elsewhere but in his 4th season in the league he's had what, one season where he didn't start off slow? I don't think it's time to schedule an intervention just yet. He'll warm up.
  20. Small sample size but he looked good in Charlotte last night. May bring some chippiness as well. Wouldn't have been my first choice but i'm not shaking my head over it either.
  21. Full agreement with this post. 7 defenders wouldn't surprise me either with TVR being activated, and if they do call someone else up, Geekie and Bishop are the obvious choices IMO. I missed both the Friday and Saturday Canes games, though, so i can't really speak for Gauthier's Canes outings. We pretty much know what Bishop brings to the Canes, while i'd love to see Geekie get a shot. Kid has the energy and the shot, for sure.
  22. First Chex game of the season for me tonight, 4-1 over Bridgeport. Pretty chippy for much of the game, particularly Sheppard, Horvat, and Gibbons. 2 goals for Geekie - obviously he was the highlight tonight. Bishop looked good as well of course, as did Eetu. No cherry-picking from Kuok tonight - he was getting into the play on both sides of the puck, though he didn't really stand out in doing so. Schilkey missed an absolute gimme but since he's with Bridgeport now, that was just fine with me. McKeown looked good when he wasn't in the box but 3 or 4 minor penalties didn't do much to contribute to the win. Sheppard and Forsling looked good on D while Bean had a rough night outside of about 2 plays - there was definitely a 'Jesus, Bean' moment or two. Claesson actually looked good as well, while Priskie was mostly invisible. Forsberg in net and he was solid - allowed one but on a missed assignment from Bean. 3 stars 3 Gibbons, 2 Forsberg, 1 Geekie,
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