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  1. Saw today that Terrible Ted Green, Stanley Cup winner with the Bruins as a player and Edmonton as an assistant coach, passed away at 79. https://www.nhl.com/news/ted-green-obituary/c-310022744 He did have a tiny bit of a connection - he signed with the WHA Whalers in 1972 for three years, then played with Winnepeg for four before retiring.
  2. Getting in here late - computer problems, now mostly solved. @AWACSooner and his family are great folks, by the way. I figured we wouldn't meet up 'til we were in the arena - we had tickets in the same row of the same section - but as I was standing in the wrong line to get into the BOK Center (I should have gone to will-call first), a couple and a young lady walked up; the gentleman was wearing a Stars sweater and a Hurricanes cap, so I sorta figured that had to be him. Forsberg starting tonight, with Haula centering the top line. Should be interesting, since the Preds have already cut down to 26 players....
  3. Kochetkov is crap. His save percentage is only .896, and the fact that he's giving up only 2.41 goals a game means his team is keeping down the shot attempts against, but he's leaky.... 2019-20 SKA St. Petersburg KHL 5 2.41 .896 Okay, okay. Only five games...
  4. Obviously, their thought process is "if you can't afford a smartphone, you can't afford season tickets...." Or maybe it's "Hey, you could afford season tickets. Surely you can afford a smartphone!"
  5. The Jets do seem to need RH defensemen, and not having Byfuglien there makes their D corps significantly weaker. I'm not sure I could see Laine coming back, but how about young centerman Jack Roslovic? The only issue there is that he's not lived up to expectations there, so it wouldn't make sense to me to send Faulk+ for him. Maybe Faulk for Roslovic straight-up? I don't know a lot about Roslovic other than he's supposed to be very fast. A lot depends on his other skills, of course.
  6. Ah, cut Fleury some slack. 😉 He's still more than half-a-season behind the record for most NHL games played without scoring a goal. If you aren't aware of that record, it's held by the Hurricanes' own Steven Halko, who played parts of six seasons and a total of 155 games without scoring a goal. In college at U of Michigan, he was recognized as the CCHA "Most Outstanding Defensive Defenseman" for 1994-95, made the CCHA All-Tournament team three times (first team once, second team twice), and captained the Wolverines in 1995-96 when they won the NCAA title; Halko was named to the NCAA All-Tournament team that season.
  7. Saw on NHL.com that Anaheim has basically announced that Ryan Kesler and Patrick Eaves are out for the 2019-20 season, and maybe for good. https://www.nhl.com/news/ryan-kesler-patrick-eaves-to-miss-season-for-anaheim-ducks/c-309123038?tid=282066676 I wonder how their immediate need for two more forwards would impact the Ducks' negotiations for Faulk, if they indeed continue. If Kase stays healthy, he could replace some of the goals lost with Kesler and Eaves (though as older players, they're probably not first-line scorers anyway).
  8. It's an artificial construct. If you look at the numbers, with Gardiner's salary figured in, the Hurricanes are at $83,054,791. If you subtract $81,500,000 from that, you get the $1,554,791 number. I think what CapFriendly is saying is something like "if the Hurricanes can find $1,554,791 in long-term IR relief, they'll be under the cap with no other moves."
  9. JonKerfoot

    Pro contracts

    One thing I have to say in Zeke's favor (I'm not a Cowboys fan despite where I live, and I'm not much of an Ohio State fan since it's been 40+ years since I lived there) is he didn't say any stupid stuff like "I got to feed my family." He was quoted on Twitter as saying "Why did I want to be the highest-pair running back? Because I think I'm the best."
  10. I don't know who this guy is... 😉 Maritinook But I voted for him in the "should" anyway....
  11. Hm. Guess this means McKeown should seek his fortunes elsewhere. Are he and Maenalainen still not signed? Guess they won't get deals with the mothership, at the least.
  12. Well, according to the commenters on RMNB, the reason that cocaine isn't a probibited substance is because so many players use it... https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2019/08/23/evgeny-kuznetsov-receives-four-year-suspension-by-iihf-after-testing-positive-for-cocaine/#more-334602
  13. I'm pretty "meh" about the new whites. I still don't understand why they made the lettering red, then put red-and-black flags on the "C". The red outer part of the flags blends into the letter and the optical effect is lost. Now, if they made the letters black with a silver border....
  14. Man, that was quick! Two-year ELC because of his age?
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