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  1. I will. I floated the idea, along with a couple others whom I don't remember at this moment (and I'm not going to go searching the forums to out them). In light of the current info, it wasn't a possibility. In the future? TommyD says he wants a new arena (or a massive remodel) in the future. If he doesn't get it? Yeah, I could see a move. Don't appreciate the "oops!" emoji, though. That's a clear swipe at other posters, Lake. I didn't think that was allowed - at least, not 'til the Covid-19 thread blew up.
  2. So far, I've napped a lot. It's my weekend thing, and on a long weekend, all the better. I ordered some hockey T-shirts to replenish my supply, since some of the old 'canes ones are getting a bit thin. One David Ayres shirt and two "mystery shirts" from the Chicago Wolves. The Wolves have a deal where you choose the size and the type (man's, woman's, kid's) of shirt, they pick from their stash and charge $15 plus shipping. Congrats on the anniversary!
  3. Hey, if MLB can try to get players to refrain from spitting in order to get their season started.... 😉
  4. Well, the heads of the CDC and FDA have never run as big an agency in the past....
  5. Taking as much care as I can. Even managed to lose some weight over the past few months, so that's a plus. Working for what's been termed an essential business (I guess it is, but not the way it ought to be), so I go to the office five days a week. It's not bad - most of the IT staff and customer service are working from home, so there are only about 8-10 people on the two floors of our building and we can stay widely separated. I think the routine keeps me going. If I *had* to work from home, I'd probably end up sleeping half the time.
  6. Boy, I'm with you there, top. I turn 61 next month, had a heart attack in 2006 (probably stress-induced, as well) and a smaller one in 2015, but feel pretty good most of the time. I tell my sisters that some days I feel 18 and some I feel 80. It all averages out.... Glad to hear Mrs. Shelf is feeling better after her bout with whatever.
  7. I did a little poking around on the Internet on my lunch hour. It appears that more than half (about 18 or so) of the current AHL teams are owned by the NHL club with which they're affiliated (Vegas with the ex_San Antonio Rampage, the Iowa Wild owned by the MN Wild, etc.). That makes me think that TomD approached Michael Kahn, owner of the Chex and, supposedly, the owner of a small percentage of the Hurricanes, about buying the Chex from him and he said "naw, I don't wanna do that." TommyD then said something like "okay, we'lll look elsewhere for our AHL affiliate." This is just me blue-skying, of course. It would be rather funny, in an ironic sort of way, if the Hurricanes bought the Wolves and moved them to Charlotte, causing the Chex to move closer to the Panthers in order to make a better affiliation pairing. Odd, though, that the Chicago Wolves aren't affiliated with the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks AHL affiliate is the Rockford Ice Hogs, I believe. Rockford's not that far from Chicago in the big scheme of things, but to be able to call up a player by sayign "grab a cab, we need you here tonight for the game" would be the ultimate.
  8. Programmer here. Working currently for a small auto insurance company, so still considered an "essential business" and still going to the office, more out of routine than anything else. There are maybe 10-12 people in the office on any one day (most of the underwriting and claims people are working from home), and we're all spread out, Doing our best to serve and still protect ourselves. Economy is a bit of a concern, of course. The IT Manager (my boss' boss) sent out an email yesterday that mentioned that policy applications last week were down 60% from the same week a year ago. I can't make anything as beautiful as top and bebopular can, so I don't try. I'm trying to self-isolate when I can, so I'm picking up my amateur radio hobby a bit more, and dreaming of the day I can go out and launch high-power rockets again. Watching lots of old auto races, as well. Y'all have a great evening. Hope we can get excited about hockey again....
  9. Rem, Then it's a good thing my cat is afraid of the outdoors and doesn't go out to the cat nightclubs and mingle with those feline rogues who aren't taking precautions. 😆
  10. Huh, imagine, that. The military, essential. ;-) I hope things go well in Shreveport. I wouldn't love the heat+humidity, but that's me. I did live in Eastern NC for a while (civilian employee at MCAS Cherry Point), so I understand what the combination's like. Will you be able to get your live-hockey fix there?
  11. Hi, folks... Hope everyone is doing well. Still going to work every day here in northeastern OK. Apparently auto insurance companies are "essential business" in this state. Most of our employees are working from home, though. Since I live alone, just me and the cat to give each other viruses (and other stuff). Now I'm thinking about toxoplasmosis.... 😱 Just checking in, of course. I must be missing hockey pretty severely - I actually had a dream a couple nights ago about the Hurricanes. Jon
  12. Rem, Late add here, just a bit of info... VHL is the league just below the KHL. I guess it's the KHL's version of the AHL - in fact, there's been an effort to make the VHL like the AHL in the sense that each KHL team has a VHL affiliate to get player from, but it's not all the way there. The MHL is, as far as I can tell, the top Junior league in Russian and associated countries.
  13. Good to hear. I'm sure it'll take some time for him to recuperate, with it being abdominal surgery, but it's good to see that it's non-cancerous. Get well soon, Mike M.
  14. One thing that Rees has to clean up is his over-aggressive play. He was suspended for six games for a hit from behind... https://blackburnnews.com/sarnia/sarnia-sports/2019/09/27/rees-suspended-six-games-head-check/ But that's teachable, I hope. Otherwise, he's fast, aggressive, has decent hockey IQ.
  15. I wouldn't put it past TicketMaster, the Hurricanes, the arena, et. al., to have a thought process somewhat like the following: "Hey, isn't the new 'digital-tickets-only' policy discriminating against those fans who choose not to have a smartphone?" "Are you kidding? We came up with that idea for just that reason! People who can afford to spend $1000 on the newest, latest smartphone have way more disposable income. Latest surveys show that 96% of Americans own a cellphone and 81% own a smartphone, and for people who make more than $75,000 a year, its 98% and 91%, respectively. We need to concentrate on the people who have money to spend, not the people who collect aluminum cans to help finance their season ticket license.*" This hypothetical conversation based on the numbers from this survey: https://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheet/mobile/ TL;DR summary - the younger, more educated and wealthier a person is, the more likely they are to own a smartphone. Sounds like exactly the target demographic that retailers, sports leagues and, well, everyone who makes money off the general public is aiming for. *Yes, I knew someone like this. I worked with this person when I lived in Raleigh 1999-2004.
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