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  1. No worries, gocanes. Player-wise, it comes out the same - Drew signing from the KHL, Devin not getting a qualifying offer as an RFA in Columbus....
  2. I thought Ned's last contract was for one year of a two-way deal and one year of a one-way. Lemme check.... Yup, it is. 2019-20 was a two-way deal, $70K AHL/$725K NHL with a minimum of $125K, 2020-21 is a one-way, $750K deal with $737K cap hit. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/canes-re-sign-alex-nedeljkovic-to-two-year-deal/c-308111566 Does this mean the Hurricanes can't stash him in the AHL? I assume he'll have to clear waivers if they try.
  3. Minor correction here, gocanes. It's Drew Shore, not Devin. Devin is three years younger (drafted by Dallas in 2012) and is a UFA after not receiving a qualifying offer from the Blue Jackets.
  4. Oh, I saw this the other day.... https://www.nhl.com/goldenknights/news/vgk-sign-free-agent-defenseman-ryan-murphy-to-ahl-contract/c-318484012 I know cats are supposed to have nine lives. I guess first-round defensemen are sort of the same....
  5. Something tells me that Kevyn wasn't all that worried about those silly ol' boards. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/sabres-clean-house-and-gut-management-staff-during-nhl-pause Some 21 staff members, including the entire coaching staff and the GM for the Amerks, the Sabres' AHL affiliate. Also 100+ furloughed and 100 more asked to take pay cuts. If I were in the Sabres' organization, I'd dread a call from K. Adams - that's what he did last time he was hired there, fire people.
  6. Sending my condolences, too, coastal. Thoughts to his family and yours.
  7. Geez, is it me or does the Bassplayer's Guild have a strict policy on personal appearance? "On bass, Derek Smalls!" 😄 😂 👍
  8. No update here, but I'm preparing if the Wolves thing happens!
  9. I apologize, too, Lake, if I overreacted. I'm just a little sensitive about the whole "conspiracy theorists" line. Seems like that's a factor in where we are as a country - too many people on all sides buying into conspiracy theories, real or perceived. For my part, my conclusion about a possible move for the Hurricanes wasn't based on a conspiracy theory. Just a semi-clear-eyed view of TommyD as a 'practical' sort of guy who is going to make decisions based on business stuff like return on investment and what's best for the team and the owner. Just like now - new lease signed with the Authority, but with a limited term (team holds termination rights after four years) and with the more-than-implied/less-than-stated "I get what I want, re: new area or expensive remodel/revamp, or I look elsewhere." To expect Dundon to exclude that possibility is to take an unrealistic stance, IMO.
  10. I will. I floated the idea, along with a couple others whom I don't remember at this moment (and I'm not going to go searching the forums to out them). In light of the current info, it wasn't a possibility. In the future? TommyD says he wants a new arena (or a massive remodel) in the future. If he doesn't get it? Yeah, I could see a move. Don't appreciate the "oops!" emoji, though. That's a clear swipe at other posters, Lake. I didn't think that was allowed - at least, not 'til the Covid-19 thread blew up.
  11. Hey, if MLB can try to get players to refrain from spitting in order to get their season started.... 😉
  12. Well, the heads of the CDC and FDA have never run as big an agency in the past....
  13. Taking as much care as I can. Even managed to lose some weight over the past few months, so that's a plus. Working for what's been termed an essential business (I guess it is, but not the way it ought to be), so I go to the office five days a week. It's not bad - most of the IT staff and customer service are working from home, so there are only about 8-10 people on the two floors of our building and we can stay widely separated. I think the routine keeps me going. If I *had* to work from home, I'd probably end up sleeping half the time.
  14. Boy, I'm with you there, top. I turn 61 next month, had a heart attack in 2006 (probably stress-induced, as well) and a smaller one in 2015, but feel pretty good most of the time. I tell my sisters that some days I feel 18 and some I feel 80. It all averages out.... Glad to hear Mrs. Shelf is feeling better after her bout with whatever.
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