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  1. Man, that was quick! Two-year ELC because of his age?
  2. Sorry (not!) for the multiple quotes. I have very mixed feelings about this subject. I normally give kids the benefit of the doubt at sporting events, thinking that the parents are doing them a favor introducing them to sports in general. However, it works a heck of a lot better if the kids are well-behaved and not disturbing those around them. Case study - last season's Stars/Panthers preseason game in Tulsa (AWAC, you gotta make the trip over this season. Sept. 21st, I think it is...) - I was sitting near the top of Section 116, I think it was, sort of between the faceoff dots and the goal line. My ticket was one of the more reasonably-priced ones in the lower deck - $55, I think I paid. Sitting in the row in front of me were an older couple( grandma and grandpa, apparently) with two early-elementary aged kids. No worries, I thought before the game. Well, let's see. The little boy alternated between three activities all game long - 1) playing a game on a cell phone, noisily and without headphones, 2) eating, noisily, and 3) bothering Grandpa (do I need to say "noisily?") The little girl also alternated between three activities all game long - 1) calling Momma on Grandma's cell phone, noisily (and basically snatching the phone from Grandma's hand at one point, I noticed), 2) eating, noisily, and 3) bothering Grandma, likewise. Scary as it seems, I was able to deduce from all this going on that Momma and Daddy were "on a date" at the game, sitting in some other section of the BOK Center, so they fobbed the kids off on Grandma and Grandpa who also wanted to go to the game. tl;dr summary - I don't mind kids at sporting events, usually. I do mind it when people seem to think that the rights of the kids to not behave somehow supersede my right to enjoy the game as I prefer to enjoy it.
  3. Dude's a huge crybaby. Second-round draft choice, won a gold medal in a World Championship, has one Stanley Cup ring and was in the finals one other time, 484-game career and made decent money, yet he screams and cries about Mike Babcock "screwing him over" in 2002-03 by not playing him in favor of another player. Funnily enough, that player named only played four games in the AHL in his career. So missing four games in one season in the AHL is enough to hate a guy so bad that you call him "a piece of ****" and "hope he gets hit by a truck"? That feud continued, at least from Commodore's end, when MC signed with the Red Wings in 2011. He claims that the only reason that Babcock played him was because Ken Holland (the GM) insisted, and that Holland traded him to Tampa "because he felt bad." He said that Babcock misled him by saying that the Wings wanted a physical presence, and that's the only reason he signed the contract. He also claimed that Scott Arniel, the coach that came in when he was with Columbus in 2008-2011, hated single guys who were making lots of money, and that's why his playing time dropped off in 2009-10 and 2010-11. Of course, he never said a single thing about this until he retired. Said retirement came after he couldn't hang with AHL teams in 2012-13 and only played 31 games with a KHL team in 2013-14, scoring a grand total of six points. I mean, really. We have fans and commentators and commenters savaging people like Nylander and Puljujarvi for saying publicly that they're not going to play if they don't get a new contract or that they are demanding a trade. Is what Commodore's doing any better, really? tl;dr response - if MC can call Babcock a piece of excrement and publicly say he hopes Babcock "get hit by a truck", I'm completely in my rights to say that MC should die in a fire, right?
  4. Well, hag, we all know he doesn't show it to hockey snipers, right? 😉
  5. I no longer consider Mike Commodore a "happy little tree." 😉 IMNSHO, he can be burned in a forest fire for all I care....
  6. Politely beg to differ, bebopular, particularly with the sentences I highlighted in bold above. To preface, I don't decry the Whaler history of the Hurricanes. They won the Avco Cup in the first season of the WHA (1972-73, I think it was), and they were moderately successful at getting to the playoffs though not so great at advancing. The logo and colors are great - one of the best in the NHL, I would say. That said, 39 players were listed on the Whalers' roster in 1996-97. https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/HAR/1997.html. Of those, 23 made the transition to the Hurricanes' 1997-98 roster, but more than a few were not huge contributors to either team (even Geoff Sanderson, who had a nice long career in the NHL, was traded by the Hurricanes mid-season in 1997-98). https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/CAR/1998.html Other posters to these forums have discussed what happened in Atlanta regarding the Thrashers. Though they were plagued by attendance problems and financial issues, that was mostly as a result of crappy ownership who didn't really want them around (they were owned by Time Warner when they came into the league, then were sold to a group called Atlanta Spirit in 2003) and a legal scuffle amongst the Spirit ownership group (One of the ownership group claimed that the other seven had breached their contract, which would allow him to buy them out at cost. The other seven claimed that they had the right to buy out the 30% he owned). True North Sports and Entertainment bought the Thrashers in 2011, then moved them to Winnipeg. If you asked me, I think the two Whalers who most influenced the Hurricanes in the early days were Ron Francis - of course - but remember that Eddie "JR before JR" Johnson traded him to Pittsburgh in 1991 (then left to become the Pens head coach two years later. Like I said, J. Rutherford before J. Rutherford) and RF didn't come back until he was 35. The other, which may seem odd, is Robert Kron, who played 272 games in his career with the Whalers and 237 with the Hurricanes, then went on to become a scout for the Hurricanes in Europe (and is now Director of European Scouting for the team).
  7. Very true, but I might point out that what the team wears on or off the ice has little to do with the front office, and I daresay, as top said previously, that any moves that Emile Francis or Paul Holmgren or Brian Burke made as GM of the Whalers 30-40 years ago have nothing at all to do with how the Hurricanes are constituted in 2019. I don't think that Cff was originally trying to quash or ignore the existence of the Whalers in his original post. I think he was merely describing what he thinks of the GMs that the Hurricanes have had since PK bought the Whalers in 1994. P.S. Interesting factoid - the last Whaler to be playing in the NHL was J-S Giguere, who was drafted in 1995 and retired in 2014. The last Whaler to be playing professionally was Robert Petrovicky, who retired from a career mostly in Europe in 2016.
  8. Ah, now I understand. If a player's great, he can do whatever he wants - demand a trade, hold out for a new contract, etc. But if he's a young player who has been stuck in a bad situation, toss him to the curb with the rest of the trash. Do I like players going public with demands to be traded? No, but if nothing else has worked, then why not use that last arrow in the quiver?
  9. Oh, I'm definitely dead. The top three scoring players born on my birthday (not birthdate - all those guys are dead now), according to hockey-reference.com, are probably Bryan McCabe (played for six teams over 12 seasons), Mike Cammalleri, and Thomas Steen - not what I would call household names. The starting goalie for the Stanley Cup champions in 1977, when I graduated high school - Ken Dryden of the Canadiens. Montreal swept two of three series on their way to the Cup that year, including sweeping Don Cherry's Bruins in the final. I'd be better off picking Rob Ray as my NHL skater. He couldn't score worth a darn, but at least he could beat the stuffing out of Dryden. 😉 1977 Stanley Cup trivia. Latter-day hockey broadcaster Brian Engblom played two games with the Canadiens during the Stanley Cup playoffs, but none in the final (and none in the regular season), and didn't get his name on the Cup. Engblom was on the team that won the Calder Cup that same season, as were two others added to the post-season roster for the Canadiens.
  10. Google Translate also says that the Russian is pronounced "Uragany", which I find *far* too scary. Considering the agony that hurricanes (the weather phenomenon) have caused in the Carolinas and elsewhere.... On that note, I remember "back in the day" when I still lived in Raleigh and the news broke that the Whalers were moving to the Triangle and changing their name to Hurricanes, there was a radio commentator who was completely outraged at the name Hurricanes (for the reason named above) and at the mascot (for a reason named in a previous post about it labeling the states (two Carolinas, remember!) as backward rural farmer types).... I don't remember who it was, but I can't say in retrospect that I disagree with him....
  11. That's why I would want that redesigned. Make the outline black or red on the "whites", which would draw the eye (pardon the pun) more and make the crest look bigger. Then again, that would probably mean the team would have to apply for copyrights/trademarks on the new-look sightless eye as well as the old one, but I think it would be good to have a little variety there. I don't know if the NHL would like that - do they require the crest to remain the same on the home and away sweaters, but not on the alternates?
  12. What's the team's official color palette? I read somewhere that is it red, black, silver and white. How about, instead of white sweaters on the road, they wear silver as the main color? It would require a little messing with the sightless eye, replacing any silver on the logo with white, but that should be a pretty minor change. Of course, that would all depend on whether the NHL would accept something light-colored in lieu of white.... I may have to go over and read the old sweater thread to see if anyone came up with that idea. TD, are you listening? 😉
  13. Nice pick-up by the Hurricanes. Two-year deal brings him to the Seattle expansion draft. If he works out for the team, sign him to an extension next summer as an RFA. If not, leave him exposed and Seattle will probably take him as depth scoring and speed.
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