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  1. I don't get it, either. The Hurricanes went 31-12-2 from New Year's Eve to the end of the regular season with basically the same attendance, right? It didn't seem to affect the players one way or another, did it? Maybe AC was channelling the Canadian fans or the fans of the Northeast teams, who seem to show up for their team's games even if they're having a bad year. I think a lot if the attendance thing has to do with psychology and geography. I only know about a part of the Midwest, really, having grown up bouncing between western PA, Ohio, West Virginia and Southeast Michigan, but it seems like there, people are more invested in their "local" pro team - heck, even my maternal grandmother was a Pirates fan way back when. In North Carolina (and, to an extent here in OK as well), there's more attention paid to college sports for whatever reason. Oh well.
  2. I have no doubt. For a 10th-round pick, a 674 game/202 goal/219 assist/229 penalty minutes career is pretty darn good. He had some talent....
  3. It's no wonder you don't remember. 10 games at the end of the 2006-07 season (don't want to remember that one, anyway), grand total of one goal, no assists and two penalty minutes. In 2007-08, he was released from a tryout with the Oilers (he'd played for them for a couple of seasons), then played 15 games in Switzerland before calling it quits. He had a decent career elsewhere (600+ games in the NHL, 200+ goals and 200+ assists). Hurricanes got him at the tail-end....
  4. EXCELLENT GDT, Hag, and a tip of the ol' beer cap to The Big Guy. Maybe I'll break down and pick up one of the fine brews produced here.... https://prairieales.com/beers/
  5. Now *that* might be a sweater that I would bid on.....
  6. That's the real sad thing about this - as a developmental league, the AAF didn't pay much, compared to the NFL (all players were on standard, three-year $250K contracts, as I understand it), but they did provide housing and medical insurance. Now, those players are unemployed, presumably without the insurance that was promised to them, and without the safety net of a huge contract to cushion the impact of injuries. The real issue, one that maybe the Ebersols and the other founders of the AAF should have thought about, was trying to start a developmental league in the current environment. The recent attempts to start alternative football leagues have been pretty dismal failures, mainly because the NFL is the 900-pound gorilla in the room. Yes, the CFL exists, but I can't see them chipping in much to make a developmental league stable (even though many of the AAF players might be able to make a go of it above the border) since they're barely stable themselves. That leaves the NFL, and you just know that the NFL owners would rather have college football be their developmental league(s) so they don't have to spend any money on player development. Unless something smacks the NFL in the face and gets their attention in a way that affects the league and the owners personally (like in the pocketbook), nothing will change.
  7. Okay, whatever. All people can do is make a decision based on past results. At the time of the incident you mentioned, the Hurricanes were pretty bad. They started off okay (the first few games were great, then they tapered off for a while), the Rask-for-Nino trade was way in the future, and Waddell's record of past success was pretty spotty. In addition, before the 2005-2006 season started, remember that the pundits picked the Hurricanes to be at or near the bottom in a woeful Southeastern Division. If you'll pardon the pun (and what an appropriate pun this season), the 2005-2006 Hurricanes captured lightning in a bottle. Last of all, if GMDW doesn't want to hear fans complain, he can stay in his office or sneak into the arena the back way, or give up the job so he doesn't have to put up with it.
  8. For what? For caring enough about the success of the team to actually speak to the GM in a public place about it? As I recall, the person who posted about it didn't "lay into" GMDW, just said that the committee's decisions didn't look good at the time....
  9. That point, that they weren't going to get the rights to NFL practice-squad players, should have been patently obvious to anyone with the few minutes to check with a sports lawyer (they have 'em, you know, and TD as an NHL team owner probably has a few on staff) to see if that point was in the CBA. To me, it seems like that would have been the first thing TD asked the AAF founders. If he didn't, he didn't do his due diligence properly. If he did, it sounds like he saw an opportunity to obtain some asset if the league came to no good end. Otherwise, why insist that one be given ownership for one's investment? The idea of "silent partners" who invest in a business but don't take part in managing it isn't exactly a new, revolutionary idea.
  10. Yay! Congrats to the players, the coaches, the staff, the fans.... I'm looking forward to the playoffs!
  11. Played one more AHL season, about the same numbers, then left for the Russian Super League.
  12. I think GMDW could have said "we'll do all we can to get him signed after his junior year", and that would have been good enough for me. Now it just looks like DW has soot on his face after the whole deal backfired on him a little.
  13. But will waiting work? If I were the GM of one of the other 30 (31?) teams, I'd be tempted to wait it out. Why give up anything if he says he's gonna go back to Hah-vahd and test free agency? Fox would be rather dim to put out rumors like that and expect TD and GMDW and committee to not remember that next year. He was a third-round choice by the Flames, so it's not like he's Werenski all of a sudden. Too bad we can't trade his rights to Seattle and watch him stew while he waits for them to start playing in two years....
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