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  1. Wait, are we talking Trip Tracy humor or Mike Maniscalco humor? I'd say i'd like to meet some of you this friday, but Star Wars comes out, sooo, i'll be able to watch it on the dvr..So perhaps on the 31st. I see a few groups on the east side of the lot t'gating, anyone here? i usually park closer to Carter Finley.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I've seen my share of fareweather fans for the Canes, Bruins, and especially the Hawks as of late, but, even if we're not a "market" like those (which i disagree with, as our team has been here almost 20 years and its clearly been established), I will always support my team(s), Win or Lose. I'll take bad hockey in Raleigh over none. So if a few years of bad contracts and rebuilding is needed to once again be a top 10 team, Challenge Accepted. In the meantime, i'll just go to the games, enjoy my self, and keep my hockey collection going!
  3. Hello everyone, Name: Chase Location: Fayetteville, NC Intro: Long time reader of the forums, recently registered and decided to introduce my self. I'm a shared STH with my Aunt. She's been a Full STH since '07-08, so i just added some seats on her. Long time Bruins fan (Yes, let the hate comments commence! Lol) untill, the Canes came and I pulled for the home team. Anyways just looking to say hello and see how the rest of this season plays out. So hello from 316!
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