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    Born and raised in Chicago, Ill and growing up as a devout Blackhawks fan, I took an immediate interest in the Canes when they (Whalers at the time, of course) came south while I was living in North Carolina. Also, I am an East Carolina University graduate...go Pirates! I fell in love with NC hockey and shifted loyalties my fellow Chicagoans would not approve of!

    I am a hardcore Canes fan living in the greater Washington D.C. area. I attend every game I can when back in the Tarheel state, or even on the road. Whether it's reliving the "Shock at the Rock" moment on YouTube, or recalling them raising the Cup in 2006, or my man crush for Mike Commodore, I can't get enough Canes! Huge Michael Ferland fan. Repping the Caniancs in Caps-land!

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  1. I like Skinner and I wish him nothing but the best personally, but I think Buffalo is and has been in a panic mode trying to hold on to/obtain any decent players. They are going to great lengths to make this happen, and I think this recent Skinner deal points to that.
  2. There is definitely a new and fresh winning pedigree surrounding the franchise between the recent success of the Canes season and of course the Chex success. This in itself is a major boost for maintaining an upward climb. Feed the fire 🔥!
  3. Great showing by the Chex! 👏🏽👏🏽 It’s not quite 2006 but it will do for now. Canes will be drawing from a championship pool from Charlotte!
  4. No time for the Chex to hang their heads. Gotta ante up and get back on the horse this evening. Go Chex 😎
  5. Yep, that was a doozy. Those pesky 2 goal leads are killer across all leagues
  6. Storm delay in St Louis and eagerly tracking the outcome of this one.
  7. There’s rumors of another hockey game tonight. Anyone know anything about it? 🤔
  8. Following live nonetheless. Go Chex!
  9. Kicked off my hockey offseason by watching my Cubbies spank the Nationals 14-6 at Nats Park. Baseball isn’t doing it right now though. Already missing the greatest show on ice #TakeWarning
  10. I think we have a good thing going. Tweaks and some reasonable additions/subtractions? Sure! Any major overhauls? Not really unless we get the right fit for the areas of need. Don’t need to make any big splashes for the sake of it. I like the direction we are going but yes, we need improvement in the known key areas.
  11. Who’s on the hot seat but in a great way:Coach Rod B. 😎
  12. Well my Caps buddies wasted no time last night commencing the trash talk. This series is personal and ranks up there with 2006 Edmonton. Here’s to hoping the Canes do a 2009 Boston series, and Caps channel their former selves and lay a first round egg.
  13. I still haven’t gotten over this. I’m usually not a sentimental guy but this brought back lots of good memories. Here’s to a bright future 🍻 Enjoy this guys and gals, now let’s back to work for our final reg season game and playoff opponent! 😎
  14. What a great feeling. I think it will really register tomorrow morning.
  15. We’ll make the playoffs but like anything with this team, it won’t be easy on us fans. Keep your heads up 👍🏽😎
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