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    Born and raised in Chicago, Ill and growing up as a rabid Blackhawks fan, I took an immediate interest in the Canes when they came south while I was living in North Carolina. Also, I am an East Carolina University graduate...go Pirates! I fell in love with NC hockey and now have competing loyalties my fellow Chicagoans would not approve of!

    I am a hardcore Canes fan and attend every game I can when back in the Tarheel state, or even on the road. Whether it's reliving the "Shock at the Rock" moment on YouTube, or recalling them raising the Cup in 2006, or my man crush for Mike Commodore, I can't get enough Canes! Huge Lee Stempniak fan! Repping the Caniancs in Caps-land!

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  1. It feels good to win (somewhat) comfortably in regulation doesn’t it?
  2. Cam made some clutch saves, especially in the 3rd with the game in the balance, that he may not have made last year. Hats off to the veteran!
  3. That, my friends, was a fun game. Yes, we need to work on the shot disparity but I liked what I saw tonight overall. We responded and weathered some amazing pushes by Edmonton. Last year we blew these games. Quality road win even if there is an Oil leak in Edmonton...
  4. I expect Brossoit to leave the net very soon if the score remains
  5. Put this game away with a PPG
  6. BOOM!!! Slavin!! Much needed goal
  7. No time to get rattled. Show some resolve.
  8. Hey we go boys and girls....buckle in and hold on!
  9. First 5 minutes of the 3rd will be huge/ They will hit us hard and play with urgency to get back in the game. I agree, a goal to put us back up 3 can stem some of that final rush.
  10. Can't sweat giving up one goal. Go back out there in the 3rd and get it back. Use the last 20 minutes to your advantage, and don't play to not lose. Stay aggressive.