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    First, I absolutely must give a shout-out to my hometown Cubs! I still can't believe they did it and I'm still stoked!

    Born and raised in Chicago, Ill and a rabid Blackhawks fan, I took an immediate interest in the Canes when they came south while I was living in North Carolina. Also, I am an East Carolina University graduate...go Pirates! I fell in love with NC hockey and now have competing loyalties my fellow Chicagoans would not approve of!

    I am a hardcore Canes fan and attend every game I can when back in the Tarheel state, or even on the road. Whether it's reliving the "Shock at the Rock" moment on YouTube, or recalling them raising the Cup in 2006, or my man crush for Mike Commodore, I can't get enough Canes! Huge Lee Stempniak fan! Repping the Caniancs in Caps-land!

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  1. Going to miss Bicks. I wish him and his family well as the move to the next phase in life. Wishing him the best 2 games of his career coming up.
  2. Likewise, congrats to the Tarheels for bringing the NCAA title back to NC. Well-deserved! Despite the rivalries and bad blood that exists, NC is blessed to have some top-notch college programs
  3. Congrats to the Duke Blue Devils for bringing the ACC tournament championship home to Durham. Won 4 games in 4 nights against very worthy opponents. You can never count that program out. We'll see how the big dance goes for all teams involved.
  4. Just keep fighting...don't listen to the media or nay-sayers, never give up, never be intimidated by "superior" foes...
  5. Bada bam...Bada bing...bada bang!

  6. I've echoed this in the past in my case for us to get more physical. This doesn't mean we become goons on skates. These are the teams that go far into the playoffs and can handle physical play thrown back at them. I wanted us to nab Francois Beauchemin from Anaheim before the Avs nabbed him. We could use a Lucic or Dustin Byfuglien style player too. This would compliment our speed and make us better rounded. Either way I see us as a pretty soft team and we should address that.
  7. Really hate to see Stalberg. I felt the same way about Versteeg last year. Part of the the overall plan I suppose.
  8. CQ, welcome!
  9. If anything, posts like these bring out the much-needed sense of humor in us all
  10. You're spot on. Keeping that hard round black object out of our net is indeed a team effort. We've done it so well in any games. Tonight not one of them against a deadly opponent
  11. Yes I was thinking the same thing. Eddie is in the storefront display window in many facets. He was thrown into the fire tonight. Facing the Caps on your first night back is one hell of a task.
  12. Any other Caniacs going to be at the Verizon Center tomorrow evening?
  13. At least this topic doesn't mention relocation which at least means the Canes will be in Raleighwood for the foreseeable future.... glass half full
  14. Dammit!!! I was just at The Eye this past Saturday night!! I guess more reason to drive down to RaleighWood again for the Pens game...
  15. I really am rooting for Lack. He has put up some solid performances for us, mainly last year. I want to see what he can do after this bout. I know the timing in which we're fihting for a playoff spot is not the time for experimenting, but I hope he can get some reps.