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    Born and raised in Chicago, Ill and growing up as a rabid Blackhawks fan, I took an immediate interest in the Canes when they came south while I was living in North Carolina. Also, I am an East Carolina University graduate...go Pirates! I fell in love with NC hockey and now have competing loyalties my fellow Chicagoans would not approve of!

    I am a hardcore Canes fan and attend every game I can when back in the Tarheel state, or even on the road. Whether it's reliving the "Shock at the Rock" moment on YouTube, or recalling them raising the Cup in 2006, or my man crush for Mike Commodore, I can't get enough Canes! Huge Lee Stempniak fan! Repping the Caniancs in Caps-land!

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  1. The Carolina Blackhawks
  2. Sometimes in life the cards stack up just right and you get a good hand. I would say goal-tending gets a resounding checkmark off of RF's postseason punch-list of items to address. Now, we need to see it work.
  3. Just saw the news on Mike Bales. Nice! We got pieces from the last 2 Stanley Cup teams. RF is certainly not sitting on his hands this summer,
  4. Haven't had the chance to hit the boards much this offseason, but want to echo the sentiments for Hainsey. I'm happy he gets to touch the Cup. Throw darts at me if you want, but I'll take the Pens as champs any day over the Caps. People here in the DC area have PTSD over anything black and gold, and all the "Rock the Red" and "This is our year!" bragging Ive had to listen to for 2 seasons is silent. Still, nothing cures the severe hockey withdrawal many of us are feeling now .
  5. Preds looking like a team destined to do it this year. Happy for Coach Lavs. Good times for the folks in the Music City.
  6. Sens with the Game 1 steal! Good game for Bobby Ryan.
  7. I've always been more of a Western Conference guy until the Canes came into existence, so I go for Preds or Ducks for the Cup. I think either can beat Pitt.
  8. Realm, you sound like you're all in on the Pens! Don't fall in love with them too much
  9. YINZ did it again! Buh bye Caps!
  10. Edmonton with a TD and XP. Rodgers Place must be off its new foundation right now.
  11. Bingo! It's more than just getting players that can puck really good. Other aspects like making Raleigh a desirable location for FAs and rookies has unspeakable value among other intangibles.
  12. The fun thing about sports sometimes is taking some risk. Those afraid to do it will never win. Some people get hung up on wanting a sure thing all the time.
  13. Ducks are not only a savvy veteran team, but seem to have the hunger and passion of a younger team. That's dangerous. I see them as quite possibly the Western Conference rep in the Cup. Also, they don't have Bruce Boodro holding them back. That was a devasting loss for Edmonton but those things happen to young teams learning their way when they don't play a full 60. If they are smart, they'll learn from that. Oilers have a bright future though.
  14. Getting this deal done quickly was smart. Next on the agenda...
  15. I get it. Got to give props though to another ageless wonder and former Cane, Matt Cullen, for a shorty last night. I personally hope Hainsey's playoff ride lasts at least a little while. He deserves it.