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  1. Yep, things will change. Things have changed. We’ll get through it though. Keep your heads up and stay positive
  2. Just checking in. Hope everyone is doing well out there. 👍🏽😎
  3. Couldn’t find the full game in honor of tonight’s not-to-be opponent... but this will do
  4. NBA 🏀 postponed until further notice. While watching the 2nd intermission between the Hawks and Sharks tonight, the NBA news was discussed and what that means for the NHL. Hearing NHL postponement is on the table and a statement will be made as soon as tomorrow 3/12.
  5. Let’s do this! Back in winning white shirts tonight 👍🏽. We’re the superior team, so make it happen boys!
  6. Stay humble, stay hungry. These were two very solid divisional road wins and we need to build on them as the catalyst to get us the rest of the way. No time to get complacent
  7. We are just better on the road. No more PNC arena games until we clinch
  8. Amazing how the complexion of a game can change so quickly
  9. Penalties galore. Lessons not being learned
  10. sorry, away from home... do we win?
  11. Big potentially season defining 3rd coming up. Act like you want it boys!
  12. My sources say we got this game. Fret not. 👍🏽
  13. I think we extend our streak over NYI. We’re their Rangers
  14. Actually almost bought tix for this game as I want to see a Canes game at Nassau. Maybe next year. Gotta win this game . No win since Dave Ayres, no bueno 😐
  15. I tried hard not to blame injuries on our current state, but this is a logical and realistic result. Is that an excuse? No... but it is an irrefutable contributor. Still need to find ways to overcome and gel with the new guys
  16. I’m not arguing that. I can own up to when any team I root for sucks, I call it like it is and I’m often not kind about it. I suppose last year’s miracle bought us a little more patience but we may be repeating our old ways by striking out the season after a playoff run
  17. This team is just overwhelmed - too many key injuries and not tough enough to step up despite new capable additions to the team.
  18. That was unfortunate but he has been on point until that. He needs a W for some confidence
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