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  1. Aisles led the Caps 4-1 going into the 3rd... and then lose 6-4. Massive collapse. Should be an angry bunch coming to Raleigh 😂
  2. Things stink right now but we're still in the mix. Not where we want to be but by no means done. I have my homer hat on right now, so whatever... We'll get things turned around. I think the adversity will serve us well in the long run. Ebbs and flows of a typical NHL season...
  3. It goes against everything in me to root for Detroit but LGRW tonight 😶
  4. Sometimes some adversity can give a team a kick in the rear it needs. Not ideal though...
  5. Let’s build off this. Roast duck 🦆 tonight
  6. Still stuck in Caps territory. Give em hell for me if you’re at the game 😎 👍🏽
  7. We’ll win. I won’t get sucked down the negativity drain. Let’s go boys!!! 😡
  8. Pretend Columbus is a Central Division team and we got this in the bag 👍🏽
  9. Not sure which Canes will show up these days. It’s a new day so lets kick some *edit* out there 👍🏽
  10. Donuts 🍩 tomorrow morning in tribute to Petr 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  11. Hopefully this is a sign of good and stable things to come 👍🏽
  12. This was as ugly of a win as they come but this one alone can be the difference in breaking out of a funk. Make no mistake, those glaring issues need some attention
  13. The desert 🌵 dogs 🐺 knocked off Florida so that will be another tough one.
  14. Lightning score 9 goals, the total of this game 😬
  15. That would have been a uber deflating loss but disaster averted
  16. Wish we didn’t give Philly a point but we got our 2 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Can’t get down here. Go get that point. It belongs to us
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