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  1. I’m at a loss for words about Tampa. This isn’t the old and slow 2017 top-seed in the Western Conf Hawks being swept by Nashville. Even the Caps who choked all those years after winning the Pres trophy didn’t do as bad as Tampa. Expectations were through the roof this year! Lots of questions! Beer and Kleenex in high demand in Tampa tonight
  2. I get lots of comments and questions from the a caps folks up here about our attendance .. some cool and truly interested and some very snide and sarcastic, which is no different from other fan bases. Last night shattered any disillusionment as to whether they love hockey in Raleigh. Most knowledgeable Caps fans remember the 2002-2009 Canes era and don’t question us, given their history of collapsing in the postseason. I still get some shock up here that I’d drive 300 miles to see a Canes game rather than attend a defending Stanley Cup Caps game 30 miles away in November and February 😂
  3. We couldn’t have asked for a better game. Caps faithful commented and impressed how loud PNC was, but no surprise to me. The Caps were shell-shocked as were their fans, but I expect them to rebound strong. They are going to really come at us in Game 4. If we can sustain and counter with the energy we have shown thus far in the series, I like our chances. One game at a time.
  4. I’m consoling Caps fans now... they are a little stunned. Will comment later 👍🏽
  5. Watching this game with some Caps fans... guess which one out of the crowd is happy now?😎
  6. So we’re in agreement it doesn’t matter who we win the Cup against? 😎
  7. Pulling for SJ so there is still a possibility for a Sharks 🦈 Canes 🌊 Cup. 😎
  8. That’s fine as long as St Louis remains cupless at the end of the day.
  9. Ah the Bolts!! If Caniac Nation needs a lift in spirits, here you go!
  10. By no means am I throwing the towel in on this series. To do so would not be only foolish, but would require me to have my sports fan card revoked indefinitely. However, I am keeping this year's playoffs realistic. I'm seeing this postseason run as a "coming to age" for this (fairly young and inexperienced) core. We're not the 2006/2009 Cardiac Canes (yet) and unfortunately, there is a natural tendency to draw parallels from. We're going to have to pay our dues, regardless of how this series (and subsequent ones) go. The Caps maybe to us what the Pens were to the Caps for many years. While I'm bummed and ****** about being in a 0-2 hole, I'm giddy about what lies ahead and would be remiss if I didn't mention we will be a Metro force now and going forward. Living in the here and now, we win Game 3 and get this 0-6 monkey off our back against the Caps, this will be a turning point. There's plenty of hockey to be played, so let's see what being on home ice does for us. Keep the faith.
  11. Stop allowing multiple goal deficits and we may have a shot...😶
  12. Box score following today but I like the 2-2 I see in the score column 👏🏽👏🏽
  13. Boys among men... need to take notes here. Still time left but 0-2 looking more realistic.
  14. Gotta win this. People here definitely not taking Canes seriously and if I was a Caps fan I might not either. I don’t blame them. We have to force respect like we always have had to. That starts with a W today.
  15. If two games in, you tell me Carolina would be in better position than Tampa Bay, I wouldn’t believe it. Here we are...
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