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  1. Toronto lost to a zamboni driver in case anyone forgot. Just sayin... 🤷🏻‍♂️😎
  2. Like many blunders here in the nation’s capital going far back, it was a self-induced f-up. They derailed their own train.
  3. I give Philly credit for a turnaround season. No shame there. Isles are poised but I believe Tampa is on a real mission.
  4. The B's have beaten the Canes three times in postseason play, however, not one of those times have they ever lifted the Cup. Thanks Tampa!!
  5. And a B’s loss makes this afternoon that much nicer 😎👍🏽
  6. Caps fans got what they wanted. To be fair, anyone stepping in to ATTEMPT to fill Trotz's shoes was setup for a fall. Quite honestly, the Caps caught lightning (no pun intended towards TB) in a bottle and its possible even Elmer Fudd (former coach Bruce B. ) could have coached them to the Cup. However, that wasn't how it went down. The bar was set high and returning to their usual first round exits wasn't going to cut it. With that said, I hope to be seeing the near end of the Caps and Pens. Both are aging and had overachieved with stellar regular seasons. New coaches often take time to gel with the new team/system, so here's to hoping they hire another dud!
  7. There are times when good sportsmanship is overrated, and I encourage every fan on this board to display ugly and hostile behavior at least 4 times a season. 😎
  8. I mostly feel the same way. I don’t have an inferiority complex regarding officiating or other teams. Matter of fact we were lovable losers for a while but an indicator of being a good team is drawing the ire of other teams and officiating. We should embrace it. I hope to see us partake in more bench-clearing brawls next season 😎👍🏽
  9. No, just good sportsmanship from a team of goons. I’ll give Chara a cookie 🍪 for that...
  10. To me, he is in Corey Crawford or Tukka Rask territory career-wise. Serviceable for a bit longer not a mainstay. As snake-bitten as the Caps fan base is, they’re turning against him isn’t surprising so I throw all that emotion out the window.
  11. Saw some banter on the Caps board (take that FWIW) that the Canes might be a potential suitor for Holtby. The feeling in Cap-land was last night was definitely his last game for DC. I’m not putting much stock into it nor am I hoping to dig up any past/duplicate discussions about it if unbeknownst to me. However, would love to hear other thoughts.
  12. That’s respect from one of the toughest guys to ever lace them up
  13. As much banter that goes on about this - foregoing any sense of naivity and any attempt of rationalization - I would really hate to think that there is that much bias against us. On the flip side, some who are not Canes fans actually feel we're NHL darlings. I guess it depends on who you talk to. Food for thought: If any team gets screwed at every turn, look to our buddies north of the border in the great city of Toronto. The Leafs fans have legit complaints IMHO...
  14. Fair points. Here is the good thing in all this. We have options now that we didn’t - especially at “thin” positions (not many good options in terms of rotation) than we have ever had. We’re a lot deeper and that affords us to make solid decisions. I have faith the brain trust of this organization will pull the right strings to foster further prosperity across all four lines.
  15. Never said or alluded to Sami as being the golden spike to getting the team over the hump. His value is TBD but I’m not throwing him in the trash heap just yet IF he sees any meaningful time on the ice again. Coach Rod made it public he’d have to earn his keep on the team. I know his potential if he is healthy and does become a viable cog in our rotation. So, my reference was merely mention. We’ll have to see how it pans out.
  16. There’s merit to that, but the lack of hitting paydirt with all our OZ buzzing puts incredible pressure on the defense/netminders for the team’s survival when we can only muster 1 goal. This is nothing new with this team. Although it’s an academic point, we have to put goals on the board to give Petr/Reims some margin of error (because it is inevitable).
  17. I’m interested to see how things are once Trochek and Skjei have had more time to acclimate to the team. Let’s not forget Sami Vatanen. I still don’t think the team had time to gel with the new acquisitions before the long break in action. Not making excuses, just a nugget to consider.
  18. Yes, we have a passionate fan base 👏🏽
  19. We’re going to go easy on each other tonight 👍🏽
  20. Be careful... I got snapped at for mentioning Mongo on this board 😂😎
  21. When you lose, everyone comes under the spotlight for criticism - just or unjust. That’s the way it goes. I’ll take the “problems” we have now any day over a few years ago. The bright spot: Postseason hockey two years in a row 🤷🏻‍♂️
  22. This was a good season. We all hate how it ended but some perspective is needed. I love this team and I think we’re just getting started 👍🏽😎
  23. As a former Hawks guy, I say no more Blues 😡 😂😂 (unless they play the Bs... I’ll sing 🎵 then)
  24. As long it’s another Western Conference team hoisting the Cup in front of them and skating victory circles 👍🏽😎 Hopefully in crushing fashion like 2013
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