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  1. I don’t believe we’re done. However, they have to show some gusto out of the gate. If we get it to a one goal game by the end of the 2nd, we win.
  2. No bueno!!! Let’s get back in it in the 2nd
  3. Cool! Tro gets his first penalty as a Cane!
  4. Don’t worry guys...we’ll win
  5. Completely overwhelmed by all that has gone down today.... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! Get home from work and half the team has changed! Got lots of catching up here! 😶
  6. LOL...sorry, had to give you a difficult time. All in good fun 🤣 Great vid! What a meltdown. Ive lost my cool before but this is on another level 😂
  7. AWAC, is this you in a Toronto jersey or your long lost twin brother?? LOL 🤣
  8. Imagine if we played D like we did in the third more often no matter who is between the pipes??
  9. @admins - we need to keep this GDT in the archives somewhere beyond the end of this season. Good stuff here.
  10. I feel better when we play on the road. We seem more focused
  11. How bout we hold on to this lead. I like is better on the road than at home
  12. I echo the sentiments that others have expressed, and that I have long lamented. We are a soft team. When we do play physical, good things happen. Stand up for each other! Hit someone! Make our penalties count. Put last night aside and take this game. No pouting or self-pity allowed.
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