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  1. 4 hours ago, remkin said:

    It's good to stay within eyesight of Washington and the Islanders, but at the moment I'm looking more behind us. We put one point between us and Pittsburgh, and two between us and Philly. We can open the lead on Philly to 5 points tomorrow. 

    As long as we keep pace. I’d like to think the Caps and Isles will hit a rough patch so we can make some ground or at least don’t have to be perfect the entire season just to keep in the hunt

  2. 7 minutes ago, Derailed75 said:

    While true I would lie to see nashville get moved to the Met when Seattle enters the league and realignment hits. DC is just never going to be considered "Southern" and a Nash-Canes rivalry would be fun

    Here’s an interesting dynamic. Washington couldn’t  care less about Carolina as a rival .... the same way the Pens couldn’t have cared less about Washington pre-2018. Now, we keep being a thorn in the Capitals’ side it will fester into a rivalry no matter how much the Caps try to shoo us away. Doubt we ever develop anything with Nashville in the foreseeable future.  Chicago is the last dominant Western franchise ( back when the West was best) now that the East has been beast Cup-wise in recent years

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