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  1. 33 minutes ago, Derailed75 said:

    Dont they usually have divisional opponents for the outdoor games? Jackets would be a good one since they also have never played an outdoor game

    Well, the Kings (Pacific) and Avs (Central) just played outdoors and they are not divisional rivals. The Blackhawks have played Pittsburgh and Boston (cross-conference) in outdoor series in recent years.  I don't believe there is any specific convention or relationship required between opponents.  I would love for us to play a totally unexpected opponent.

  2. Got a chance to see the highlights and this was a solid effort from start to finish.  As mentioned previously on here, we took care of a team we should have and never gave them much of a spirited chance.  Not looking for trends right now.  Just keeping taking one game at a time until we claw our way back to where we want/need to be.  Glad for Petr to get the W

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