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  1. 5 hours ago, AWACSooner said:

    Todd Rierden


    Caps fans got what they wanted.  To be fair, anyone stepping in to ATTEMPT to fill Trotz's shoes was setup for a fall.  Quite honestly, the Caps caught lightning (no pun intended towards TB) in a bottle and its possible even Elmer Fudd (former coach Bruce B. ) could have coached them to the Cup.  However, that wasn't how it went down.  The bar was set high and returning to their usual first round exits wasn't going to cut it.


    With that said, I hope to be seeing the near end of the Caps and Pens.  Both are aging and had overachieved with stellar regular seasons.  New coaches often take time to gel with the new team/system, so here's to hoping they hire another dud!


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  2. 14 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    I don't see it as bias against us specifically. I have never felt (though others do) that there is bias against us generally. Are we not covered as much as we maybe could be on NHL-run media? Sure. But I don't see that translating to the on-ice officiating in any sort of systemic or intentional way.


    I just think Roddy broke an unwritten, longstanding rule of coaching in the NHL: Don't criticize the officiating in the media, and that goes triple in the playoffs. And he didn't just break it, he crunched it up, threw it on the floor, jumped up and down on it, and then set it on fire. The $25k fine was a clear message to every coach in the bubble: "We're not kidding." And I think the calls we never got after he did it were the exclamation point: "This year has been bad enough without coaches adding controversy in an already-tense atmosphere, thanks to nobody seeing their loved ones for weeks. If you complain publicly about the officiating, you'll pay twice."

    I mostly feel the same way. I don’t have an inferiority complex regarding officiating or other teams. Matter of fact we were lovable losers for a while but an indicator of being a good team is drawing the ire of other teams and officiating. We should embrace it.  

    I hope to see us partake in more bench-clearing brawls next season 😎👍🏽

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  3. 3 minutes ago, gocanes0506 said:

    If Holtby is brought on for anything more than a cheap, 1 year contract  I will have lost all faith in the group's ability.  That guy has been on the down slide for 3 years.  Yay, he won a cup but he will be any team's whipping boy that signs him for 5+ million over multiple years.

    To me, he is in Corey Crawford or Tukka Rask territory career-wise. Serviceable for a bit longer not a mainstay. As snake-bitten as the Caps fan base is, they’re turning against him isn’t surprising so I throw all that emotion out the window.  

  4. Saw some banter on the Caps board (take that FWIW) that the Canes might be a potential suitor for Holtby. The feeling in Cap-land was last night was definitely his last game for DC. 

    I’m not putting much stock into it nor am I hoping to dig up any past/duplicate discussions about it if unbeknownst to me. However, would love to hear other thoughts.

  5. 2 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:



    I have no problem visualizing Bettman phoning up the head of officiating after that presser and saying: "The Carolina Hurricanes don't get past this round. Got it?" (Then again I'm a conspiracy theorist :) )


    As much banter that goes on about this - foregoing any sense of naivity and any attempt of rationalization - I would really hate to think that there is that much bias against us.  On the flip side, some who are not Canes fans actually feel we're NHL darlings.  I guess it depends on who you talk to.  Food for thought: If any team gets screwed at every turn, look to our buddies north of the border in the great city of Toronto. The Leafs fans have legit complaints IMHO...

  6. 1 hour ago, beboplar said:

    I would not bring back Sami, and here's why:


    1) We have the AHL defenseman of the year, who also happens to be offensive minded, ready to play in the NHL on an entry level contract.  He is a far better value than Sami and probably brings a similar game.


    2) We have other priorities to spend money on, so any money spent on Sami just detracts from available funds to pursue assets that will truly move the Canes towards the finish line.


    3) And, speaking of Finnish lines, if you want to bring back a Finn whose name begins with S and had 4 letters, better Saku than Sami.  We will get some power out of that return.

    Fair points. Here is the good thing in all this. We have options now that we didn’t - especially at “thin” positions (not many good options in terms of rotation) than we have ever had. We’re a lot deeper and that affords us to make solid decisions. I have faith the brain trust of this organization will pull the right strings to foster further prosperity across all four lines.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, beboplar said:

    What don't you want to forget about Sami Vatanen?  What I won't forget is that the value of his trade got manipulated by the league to arbitrarily comply with the covid19 pandemic.  The terms of the trade called for a minimum of 5 regular season games.  Not sure how it is legal to change those terms, even with the pandemic.  He did not play in 5 regular season games.  Now, with the moving target terms, the Canes have to add to NJ's pot by throwing in a 3rd round draft pick.


    Why would the Canes resign Vatanen?  Fleury clearly is the defenseman who deserves to be resigned.  Vatenen's role on the squad can surely be fulfilled by the AHL defenseman of the year, Jake Bean.  Plus, there is going to be $ necessary down the line to resign Svechnikov and Hamilton.  Vatanen will not bring the Canes any closer to the Cup.

    Never said or alluded to Sami as being the golden spike to getting the team over the hump. His value is TBD but I’m not throwing him in the trash heap just yet IF he sees any meaningful time on the ice again.  Coach Rod made it public he’d have to earn his keep on the team. I know his potential if he is healthy and does become a viable cog in our rotation. So, my reference was merely mention.  We’ll have to see how it pans out. 


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  8. 4 minutes ago, beboplar said:

    One other thing, Bergeron's series winning goal against Mrazek with moments left in the 2nd period was just a case of laziness on Petr.  That is an impossible goal if Petr is on his knees.  The only physics that allowed that shot to go in was to carom the puck off his skate.  



    There’s merit to that, but the lack of hitting paydirt with all our OZ buzzing puts incredible pressure on the defense/netminders for the team’s survival when we can only muster 1 goal. This is nothing new with this team. Although it’s an academic point, we have to put goals on the board to give Petr/Reims some margin of error (because it is inevitable). 

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