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  1. 18 minutes ago, Canes06cup17 said:

    Go Canes! Crappy news on Haula. 😐 I love Snoopys hot dogs and Shortys in Wake Forest. Mustard and chili are a must and slaw if it’s good. 

    The good (or bad) news is there is plenty of tasty artery-clogging goodness from both locations to please the tastebuds. Let’s hope the heartburn doesn’t come in the form of an “L” tonight 😬

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  2. 3 hours ago, remkin said:

    More pity than sympathy, maybe a whiff of melancholy. This was a once reviled fan base for me after the ECF en route to the cup. But in a healthy way. I liked to dislike them. But now, I can only pity them. I'd probably feel more sympathy if Skinner hadn't gone there and lit it up last year, but then it's back to pity after they signed him to that massive overpay. Just sad really.

    I know some really excellent folks from

    Buffalo who are devout Sabres fans and they are not part of the revolting crowd many of us Canes fans have experienced. For them I feel (a little) bad. Nonetheless, I recall getting into a heated exchange with their rowdies at PNC as recent as 2016. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed but I came to dislike the Sabres more actually in recent years than in 06. So I still love to hate them despite records 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Poor Buffalo. After a taste of victory against Ottawa, they almost let a rookie score a hatty on them in a 4-1 loss in Chicago to return to losing ways. Chicago is 15-1 in the last 16 games vs Buffalo, Carolina has a 10 game win streak vs the Slugs, and who knows how many other teams own them. So does Caniac nation have sympathy for this wayward franchise ??

  4. 3 hours ago, coastal_caniac said:

    Listen to the Canes fans in that building after the OT winner.  Am I hearing things?



    Not sure if it is Cinderella bandwagoners that like what we did last year and/or did the whole “Jerks” mania, but there is some showing of Caniacs on the road in my experience.  

  5. 1 hour ago, remkin said:

    Man I love just winning! 2 points is better than 1 is better than none. 


    I think we will still tighten up our D game. Very cool to keep winning while we figure that out. 


    The Metro is nuts. Keep thinking Pittsburgh will drop with the key injuries. Is Philly for real. Washington seems to be after the President's trophy, and the Islanders just keep defying my expectations. As mentioned by others, just keep winning.


    Fun to see Toronto struggling. If they miss the playoffs but stay out of the basement we might get a nice draft pick out of that deal. Right now we'd pick around #13. Since it's top 10 protected, that would be pretty good. I know it's crazy early, but just a fun little thing. Speaking of draft picks, Adam Fox is on game 18, and seems a lock for us to get NYR's second rounder. 


    Svech. 37 goal, 90 point pace. Just imagine when he peaks. Thank you ping pong balls. 


    Oh and Necas is on a 57 point pace. Given that he will probably get better, pretty good rookie campaign so far. 


    Svech, Aho, TT, and Necas will form a star forward foursome that will be very good for very long.

    Good times! We need to work on keeping leads. A blown lead here or there is no biggie but it’s a trend with us. That is fixable though. We’re on a good path and grabbing 2 points most importantly. 👍🏽

  6. 49 minutes ago, bluedevil58 said:

    I'm just stating g this team severely lacks grit.

    Although I can’t stand the Bruins, Caps, Blues, and Ducks.... those teams  have a history of being physical, aggressive, and punishing on their opponents. That in itself goes a long way toward success.

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  7. In a "MILD" State of Hockey...

    Canes.thumb.GIF.3789dcffb941b9c94490c64bfefb6bc5.GIF  Vs  Minn.GIF.69eed18cee81d36b5a0c527dad2dfcd6.GIF





    Xcel Energy Center

    Minneapolis, MN


    image.png.752509a58abbd8e5968c906f2d5982e7.png  image.png.f8356248cf9ddac6936265e1ca36b140.png

    So the Canes (11-7-1) kicked off a three-game road trip in Buffalo on Friday night that provided as much drama as any hockey fan could want/stomach/tolerate in narrowly escaping with a 5-4 OT win.  Now the Raleigh skaters are in the "state of hockey" to face the Minnesota Wild (7-11-1) in a Saturday afternoon matinee.  A once promising Wild team has declined in recent years, but like their Eastern Conference equivalent (Buffalo Sabres), they can still scare the crap outta ya.  This is a(nother) team Carolina will not want to take lightly, as they should have learned during a recent four-game debacle vs "lesser" teams.


    Now that Carolina has some momentum back, the opportunity presents itself for a solid two points.  Also, the Canes get good news on the return of Jordan Martinook to restore some much-needed grit.


    Minny beat the Yotes 3-2 Thursday  night.  Carolina took both meetings last season.  The Canes nipped the Wild in Minneapolis in OT 5-4 on October 13, 2018.  They also won the game in Raleigh on March 23, 2019 in less dramatic fashion by a 5-1 tally.


    I'm going full Terminator mode during this road trip ...



    Hope our guys will leave the Twin Cities with a "W" ... Hasta La Vista, Baby 😎


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