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  1. I think it’s going to happen but the question is ... how soon? Not sure what sign he’s looking for to pull the trigger. What gets lost here is that this may benefit Scott just as much instead of it being a punishment
  2. On a personal enjoyment level, was happy to see my old home team curb-stomp the Caps 7-1 tonight ??
  3. Glad you folks down south are getting nailed for a change ??Enjoy!
  4. Merry Christmas to all! ??????Hope everyone is enjoying time with family, friends, and eating/drinking merrily. Here’s to good hockies ? the rest of the way! ??
  5. I have yet to post on this topic because I'm trying to digest the magnitude and what it means. I think we are hearing all the right things but the cynical part of me takes that for face value. Glad this phase of our franchise is done. Maybe we can see some dividends as fans from this purchase.
  6. I think the upcoming road trip may be just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully the team can go out west to get some Vancouver rain and California sun, and to focus/bond as a cohesive unit. It just means more coffee the following morning for those of us on this side of the continent.
  7. LA won Stanley Cups as the 8th cede in 2012 and the 6th cede in 2014. He simply lost his team beginning in 2015... partly due to injury and partly due to legal trouble (see Voynov). He is certainly a capable skipper if you don’t mind his quirky “Sutter-isms”
  8. I usually do the very upper part of the 100s levels (I.e row XX or WW) It is on the level of the lower concourses with very few steps to go up/down. Great views of the ice without being too high or at ice level where you can’t see as much. Prices are reasonable and you get decent discounts on games that fall on a “Family Night”.
  9. My Caps buddies and coworkers aren’t as confident about this year’s Stanley Cup campaign....
  10. Was reading more this morning about how/why Vadim Shipachyov didn’t go smooth in LV. Very unfortunate. I would have loved to see this guy in a Canes sweater should he had been on the market. He was determined to go back to Russia given the circumstances with the Knights.
  11. As far as centers, I like what Johnathan Marchessault is doing on Vegas’ first line. If I read correctly he will be a UFA in ‘18. I’ve also been impressed with Mikael Backlund (Calgary) over the last few years. Both are in their late 20s.
  12. If all goes well I hope to make it in town in time for the Rangers game Thanksgiving Eve. If anyone has ever been on I-95 on an afternoon before a major holiday when the entire East Coast decides to hit the road at the same time, you know what I'm talking about. The bad news is that I will probably be sitting with a couple of folks wearing blue shirts. Don't leave me hanging fellow fans!
  13. Impressive and understandable at the same time. Not going to preach die-hard fandom here. Hang in there and don't lose heart. Tough times but we'll get through it,
  14. Yes, if anyone thinks we have attendance woes, Arizona has us beat. I had good interactions with their fans and wish the Yotes the best except against us. It’s good for the sport overall if all teams can fill their barn.
  15. I don’t think the shots from the TV angles give good perception of the crowd. I was there for both games last weekend - Friday night vs STL and Sunday 5 PM vs ANA. Both games were comparable to what I saw in person last season. I knew people wouldn’t be packing PNC right away until they see some trend this franchise is serious about winning and... actually doing it. Sunday I sat upper deck and the empty seats are glaringly noticeable. Disappointed but not deterred...
  16. You can’t think that way, my friend. At some point you’re gonna see win #2 and I think we’ll get the job done at Gila River Arena, which I will say is a cool venue last time I went. It’s worth the visit.?? Also, Arizona is use to being inundated by opposing teams’ fans so it is not a hostile game night experience if you’re rooting for the guys in white.
  17. Alain Vigneault is on the hot seat in NYR and I wouldn’t be surprised if the other shoe drops on him before long. However, not sure he would be a good fit here. He has had some talented Canucks teams with the Sedins and Rangers teams to work with. With that said, I’m not totally sold on BP being done here, but for the sake of this topic I believe AV will be available soon.
  18. I’m open for parking alternatives ( free or cheap) given I won’t get towed. If I don’t have to pay for parking, I might be able to afford a bottle of water at the game! ?
  19. It is amazingly how a few points can completely alter that standings picture. Ebbs and flows of the season... Those teams above us are good and I always give credit where due, but none of them have that frightening powerhouse aura that the Caps had last two regular seasons. Tampa and Toronto ( not in the Metro of course) will be forces to reckon with in the overall East picture.
  20. Echoing some sentiments on here...Not a fan of the $20 parking either. Been to three Canes games this year and while I try my best to support the team via attendance, parking price at PNC is a gouge.
  21. Anxious, as many are, to see what Stemp can do this season. He was an integral part in the few mini win streaks we had last year. Last season’s 16 goals and 24 assists are not paltry numbers.
  22. Since we’re desert ? themed here and because I don’t know what other header to put this under... congrats to the Yotes on their first win tonight! They maybe be the polar opposite of the Vegas team to the northwest but worth mentioning... bad taste for the Flyers I’m sure
  23. Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you bounced back. Our health without a doubt is top priority.
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