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  1. Glad for Jake tonight. We really need him to play well and. You never know what a goal can do for confidence and overall motivation
  2. Wow... hate SOs but I’ll take this 2!
  3. Some good games tonight.... Evil Empire West wins 4-3 in Boston in OT, Minny wins a thriller in TB.
  4. Tom Wilson would be proud of that
  5. Big 3rd here. Nothing but 2 points will do.
  6. There’s a difference between expecting less of capable offensive players... those you just named... and them and others putting on big boy pants to step up. I understand we are limited right now but they need to earn their paychecks, and part of that is putting pucks in nets. We should expect more out of everyone, even the water boy
  7. No excuse... we still have capable playmakers. Other have to step up
  8. Gardner got the OT winner in Washington on Oct 5 and made me the happiest person in Capital One.... happy ice again. Go Jake!
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