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  1. Anyone else getting calls/voicemails from their “personal account rep” with the Carolina Hurricanes? I think there was banter on this forum in the past about it. I suppose if you purchased tix in the past via Ticketmaster you are on their call “list”. I’m sure the call is to commit to purchasing more tix, but was curious if anyone has engaged with these folks directly.
  2. No doubt the PP was on their off-season punch-list things to address. I’ve been burnt too many times playing armchair coach/GM/owner so alas, I should assume nothing. Smart things were done this offseason so I will give them the benefit of the doubt this area was closely studied for improvement.
  3. I really want to see TT maximize his potential and we have seen what he can do
  4. Now that my Sunday’s are free from NFL, time to talk hockey. It will be interesting to see if the PK is solid again this season, and if the PP is any better. Goal or no goal, from what I saw there was better puck movement and setting up on the PP, but a long way from impressive. Granted, I haven’t seen all preseason games. If I am missing anything glaring that gives us hope on the PP, I’m all ears ?? (or eyes ?)
  5. Now it's time for the real deal fellas ?????
  6. Beautiful breakaway by Slavin but he draws the PP
  7. Glad someone else knows what I have to listen to ?? Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati are OK guys but it's the Caps...
  8. You may be right. You'd think someone would have scooped him up by now. I still think he can contribute to a team until we see notable drop-off.
  9. Any wagers going on for where the Ageless Wonder will sign, if anywhere in the NHL?
  10. We were definitely the aggressor in this frame. As hag eluded to, passing not as crisp. Tempo picked up with intermittent sluggishness
  11. I wish someone would clock Tom Wilson
  12. I'm sure BP will be examining the pairings on D hard and heavy
  13. Still too many empty seats but I'll do my part next Saturday night ??
  14. Reminds me a little of Tampa Bay's style (sans the Tripplets). That speed will serve us well as the season wears on.
  15. We just need a Mike Commodore look-alike on the team to cycle full circle!
  16. Did I ever mention Williams looks better in our red than theirs?
  17. Caps announcer keeps harping on Caps young guys playing against Carolinas starters. Welcome to the big leagues kiddos!
  18. There was a game in the 2015 Cup finals when Ben Bishop and Scott Darling were in their respective nets at the same time. The announcer asked "Which tree will fall first?" Don't see too many like them netminding.
  19. Yeah he is a big fella. Kind of resembles Ben Bishop in frame
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