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  1. If there are any tix left, I might actually make my first home game. Just made the white-knuckler down 95 (massive Holiday traffic This AM) and heading toward the Triangle
  2. I’m not one to get ahead of myself, but right now we look elite. That’s not the Canes homer speaking. I have watched highlights of the last few games and this road trip has really done something excellent to this team. I’m almost wishing we play more road games. There is a chemistry and effort that is being noticed league-wide.
  3. Yeah I think we’re getting hung up in that aspect. We’ll take down other metro teams in due time. Most of those metro losses came when we were in a funk of inconsistency
  4. Let Washington win the division and the Pres trophy, I think the isles will hit reality soon enough. Pittsburgh is on borrowed time. As long as we can be a thorn in the side of those teams long enough to punch our ticket we’ll keep them sweating.
  5. The good news, is that the other Metro teams feel the same way about us! 👍🏽
  6. This is just one of those nights. Still time to salvage something here. Not over by a long shot
  7. Some things never change. It’s like that song from the Jackass movie... If you’re gonna be dumb, then you gotta be tough”.... dumb penalties but tough PK
  8. Hawks beat the Jets 4-1😂😂. Jets used up all their frequent flyer miles 😏
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