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  1. 1 minute ago, caniac6 said:

    Just finished watching the replay, and am very impressed! It doesn't seem like too long ago when this team might have thought it was a good road trip, and not fought back after getting behind. This team has a lot of fight, and guts. Brindy has been a great coach, and DW has put together a really good combination of talent and grit. I don't know what the final results will be, but it sure is great to watch this team, again. I almost feel like last season was a combination of a bit of luck, and getting hot at the right time. Last night, it looked like hard work, and a refusal to lose.

    I’m not one to get ahead of myself, but right now we look elite. That’s not the Canes homer speaking. I have watched highlights of the last few games and this road trip has really done something excellent to this team. I’m almost wishing we play more road games.  There is a chemistry and effort that is being noticed league-wide.

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