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  1. No... I don't have Comcast service thankfully. The Caps play on Comcast Sportsnet which my provider gets. I still come out ahead if I don't feel like braving D.C. traffic to get to Chinatown (Capital One Center), paying $200+ per ticket, and being overwhelmed by crazy Caps fans ?
  2. One of the more encouraging aspects is seeing what BP can do with the assets he has now... the possibilities of the line change-ups and mixing/matching options. Last nights game had a decent flow and I hope the more time these new guys have to gel will serve us good.
  3. Maybe it was just me but Faulk looked rejuvenated... different body language
  4. All Caps games come on Comcast here so I'm guaranteed at least 4 Canes games a year for sure ...
  5. Like what I see with the development. I got to see the game televised here, so one of my rare glimpses of how things are coming together. Still some work in progress of course...
  6. Preseason or not, always great to beat the Caps. Justin Williams with some extra salt.
  7. Just to see Justin Williams in the scoring column for us...very nice
  8. What's up crew! Glad to be discussing games again. Can't see tonight's action but keeping track at the gym. How we looking other than just tied 2-2?
  9. Well, on a lighter note there isn't as much buzz here in the D.C. area about the Caps this year ....a tequila hangover that has not ended
  10. I think we're going to show some people who the candy canes are this year and it won't be sweet for them ??
  11. Top, the winters are better in Raleigh tho ??
  12. Always love it when the Canes and Hawks hook up. Prospect game one-sided tonight.
  13. Greetings top. I hope you've had a fun and prosperous summer. Hoping when the blades hit the ice, some of us will be able to hit the road (or skies). I wanted to make it to Barclay's this year but not sure if the Isles have a home yet??
  14. If I recall, you made that game last year right? Other than us losing, how did you like the Dallas experience? I know that arena gets inundated with opposing teams' fans too. I can't think it was a hostile crowd.
  15. Wanted to re-kindle this thread to see if any fellow Caniacs have road plans this season. New Jersey was fun last year. I'm hoping this year's visits to Capital One (formerly Verizon Center) are more competitive this season. I'm hoping to make one of the Buffalo games since they are on weekends. Would love to know if/when/where others might make any trips for 2017-18.
  16. Well, got my opening night tix against Minne-sooota for the family and I. Can't wait! Very excited about this team.
  17. Don't see why we won't win the Cup this year ?
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