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  1. I think the boys came out of the gate with purpose and poise. Can’t let up.
  2. This is going to be a tough one. Another shot to see if we can hang with the big boys.
  3. Thinking more about this, yeah it’s easy to make Jake the fall guy for this game. We love to really nail someone who tips the balance in the other team’s favor when. It’s human nature. Halak isn’t Patrick Roy, and if we can get pucks in nets maybe the situation isn’t so fragile to where we have to be beyond perfect to have a shot at winning. The point is, accountability is team-wide, not just on one guy. This tidbit is for sure: Optimus Reim has been showing up!! 👍🏽
  4. We're dropping off in terms of hanging with the big boys in the NHL. Need to nab some more quality wins, especially within the division.
  5. This team is hexed from an offensive standpoint. This is 2016 style offense. No excuse
  6. Since the Canes didn’t play last night they should win
  7. Whew boy that was close. A win is a win!
  8. Just got off the train in DC and can’t follow live, but totally loving this score. Don’t let up boys!
  9. OK!!! Absolutely no way we lose three in a row 😡
  10. Not impressed with Staal. Needs to hang the skates up with JW.
  11. Just like my breakfast here in NY, some schmear to go with that bagel 🥯 the Canes made.
  12. Trying to pump this team up in vain 🤬
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