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  1. Darling will be tested tonight for sure
  2. I get to watch the Caps broadcast tonight. Caps announcers have given the Canes due props last few times so I acknowledge that.
  3. Draisaitl with a hit...BP not happy ...boarding??....nevermind the 5 on 3
  4. Cam served his purpose well. No shame in him passing the torch. I'm past the nostalgic phase of him though.
  5. I'll say Canes 4-3 in OT tonight.
  6. Let's make sure the home games vs Pittsburgh don't feel like away games!
  7. Might as well line up and kick the XP.
  8. Hope we will do this when it counts
  9. I go away for a bit and miss a bunch of goals. Canes aren't messing around tonight.
  10. Love the agressive SOG disparity in our favor so far.
  11. Even though it's preseason, Darling should be well acquainted to Rogers Place. On Feb 11, 2017 he was stellar in a 5-1 win at Edmonton with 30 saves.
  12. No... I don't have Comcast service thankfully. The Caps play on Comcast Sportsnet which my provider gets. I still come out ahead if I don't feel like braving D.C. traffic to get to Chinatown (Capital One Center), paying $200+ per ticket, and being overwhelmed by crazy Caps fans ?
  13. One of the more encouraging aspects is seeing what BP can do with the assets he has now... the possibilities of the line change-ups and mixing/matching options. Last nights game had a decent flow and I hope the more time these new guys have to gel will serve us good.
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