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  1. 12 minutes ago, OBXer said:


    I sure Dundon has a plan, I'm sure Waddell has a plan to implement the Dundon vision. I;m just having a problem seeing what the plan is. The team feels incomplete to me but I'm hopeful it works out. I just listened to the SXM  interview with Brindy from a couple of days ago. Sounds like there is a little uncertainty on how we will shake out but maybe thats not a bad thing, Brindy interview

    No doubt! There is a little more uneasiness this season compared to previous campaigns. In the past we were suppose to be on the cusp of making the playoffs with familiar faces and a familiar system. The crayon box has been shaken up and turned upside down and we’re all wondering how this picture turns out. I’m still with some optimism (albeit very cautious) for the reboot. Oh the suspense!! ?

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  2. 6 hours ago, OBXer said:

    I read a piece by the Hockeywriters that said our future was coming into focus. I must need new glasses because it is still a little fuzzy to me.

    Like the Titanic, this ship was steered in a whole new direction with not just the personnel, but the so-called culture change. Like it or not, this is the course we’re locked into for a bit and we’ll see how good our iceberg detection system is!

  3. On 8/3/2018 at 9:19 AM, top-shelf-1 said:

    Except that he had to okay it. I think he's happy to get a fresh start and the chance to build something with one of the best players in hockey.

    Yeah I get it...it was an attempt of humor at the moment. I respect opinions of others and there may be some validity to us needing to part from him. Also I understand he wants/needs a fresh start. From a business standpoint this is a **** ? of a deal and I agree with many that Buffalo took us to the cleaners on it. You know, whatever. It is what it is and we’ll move on. I’ll reserve any further feelings on it after we see how things pan out.

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  4. On 6/6/2018 at 1:37 PM, raleighcaniac said:

    For whatever reason Southern teams just don’t get into the rivalry thing.

    Simple. Southern teams haven’t been around long enough for the franchises and fan bases to be crappy toward each other. In addition, the dynamics are different. I welcome the day we can be a thorn in another team’s side. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, reelpirate5 said:


    Lots of contradicting feelings.....on the one hand I get really hopeful and start dreaming big regarding the rest of the roster after the draft and trades.......and then I remember we don't have a goalie.

    Yeah, I’m still trying to process this. Chicago expects Crawford to come back healthy this year and need a decent backup without breaking the bank. J F Berube and a couple other netminders they had last year were pure garbage. Wardo makes sense behind CC. 


    For us this spells total buy-in to Darling. The die is cast and Darling has no one to bail him out. This is an excellent opportunity for some other options like Ned. We had to move on from Cam eventually. I kind of feel indifferent and somewhat optimistic.


    BTW... go Pirates!

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  6. I know some folks are commenting on the "blandness" of the front logo.  Nothing is worse than jersey that is on the "busy" side that prompts seizure warnings (see Coyotes throwback) or makes you reach for the barf bag. I get the comments on the should area though.  Not a bad jersey...perhaps could be better but could be worse.  Some of the other prototypes were promising but it is what it is.  Keep it simple, keep it black.

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