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  1. The End of the Road...

    canes1.thumb.png.d1b62978d5ac84639932b7fcb285cb51.png   Vs   avs1.thumb.jpg.45c7b02e3105408479c9ac568b3ab2e2.jpg

    image.png.3c3ed7526533f015bd59ba8cd0fed7a7.png                                              avslogo.thumb.GIF.3e90e1641aa1614e8c718376d97d1e48.GIF






    Denver, CO - Thursday December 19, 2019 - 9:00 PM EST






    Well, aren't we all giddy over this current road trip!  One can argue (and I LOVE to argue!!) that this is one of the most dominating road trips we have seen in some time.  There probably wouldn't be much rebuff to that statement based on recent results.  The mighty Carolina Hurricanes (21-11-2) hope to bolster that claim as they finish up their western swing against the powerful Colorado Avalanche (22-9-3). Two forces of nature collide...something has to give.


    Carolina is coming off a spectacular, highlight-filled 6-3 victory over a formidable Winnipeg Jets team. It was as close to complete domination as we have seen, although the Edmonton and Calgary results could certainly compete with this latest performance.  The Canes look to keep the good times rolling as they take the ice at Pepsi Center on Thursday night. Carolina is clicking right now. They are playing with purpose and determination. They are playing for each other. They are playing for their coach. They are playing for the win.


    svech.GIF.da8cd6cf2d22d2231fbd74872211e486.GIF                    canes3.GIF.cade1970fc1e812672f7ed3b38ed8394.GIF

                                                                                                                                         Source: Carolina Hurricanes Instagram


    This will be yet another match where the Canes' opponent has a comparable record to them.  The Avs are tough, they are skilled, and they are good. The visitors will need to be on top of their game to exit the arena victorious. Every indication so far tells us there is a solid probability of it happening.  Colorado comes into Thursday night's contest on a back-to-back situation. They played in Chicago on Wednesday night.


    Carolina and Colorado will be locking horns for the first time this season.  Both clubs split the season series last year: the Avs wining 3-1 in Raleigh on October 20, 2018 and the Canes blanking the Avs 3-0 in Denver on March 11, 2019.  Colorado will be at PNC Arena on February 28, 2020.


    Things are fun right now.  The team is playing at a high level, and there are good vibes around.  Word of a possible Erik Haula return in the foreseeable future strengthens morale for the team and fans.  As savvy fans, we understand this sport has ebbs and flows; win some lose some, etc. The Canes are collecting valuable standings points here before the holidays, and it could pay dividends as the Metro meat-grinder of the season churns.

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  2. 51 minutes ago, beboplar said:

    Gotta agree to disagree.  Not only does JW not present a chemistry problem, JW is a chemistry solution.  This team has made large strides the past 2 years.  Who residing in the locker room has ever gone anywhere in the playoffs?  JW is practically a Derek Jeter or a Mariano Rivera when it comes to post season play.  The team needs his knowledge, experience, and battle tested fortitude to move to the next plateau.  This team would be crazy NOT to welcome JW back with open arms.

    Hope to see him at New Year's.

    Fair enough. Those are very astute points you make and to a degree I have no qualms about them.  Nonetheless, post-JW reality is setting in, and if he does come back it will be more of a surge (no post-game win celebration pun intended) effort more than being the cornerstone of the team.  If he does come back, I certainly hope he adds all this and more.  You certainly wont hear me rooting against him.

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