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  1. 13 minutes ago, Gejustin said:

    We're apparently in talks with Vegas about Marcus Kruger.



    I've had a chance to watch Krugs over the years. An underrated 4th line center with Cup experience and the ability to get to the net.  Not a great scorer but is extremely durable in that he hasn't missed many games due to injury (yet). Pretty decent on the PK.

  2. 19 minutes ago, super_dave_1 said:

    Having a legit goalie may also make the Canes appear as a better landing spot when negotiating with free agents.  It's one variable taken out of the equation.

    Bingo! It's more than just getting players that can puck really good. Other aspects like making Raleigh a desirable location for FAs and rookies has unspeakable value among other intangibles.

  3. One thing to note, and perhaps it may have already been mentioned....if all works out with Darling, he'll have a young, faster, solid defense with a pretty good PK (even though PK dropped off at the end of the season).  In Chicago, Darling had an old, worn-down, and slow defense in front of him. With a shaky D and a TERRIBLE PK, Darling - along with Crawford -directly won games the Hawks had no business winning.  


    My hope is that his solid net-minding and a good D in front of him will be refreshing and will work hand-in-hand keeping the puck out of our net. That GAA stat should improve.

  4. 20 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    I was hoping for this move.  Now RF just has to finish it.


    I think the biggest unknown is how well he can handle a #1 grind.   I'm less worried about the "oh his numbers are good because look at the team he played on" problem, simply because the Cane's defense is up and coming.


    As for coming here... Who knows?  His dream was to play in Chicago.  Despite his birthplace, he's a Chicago area boy.  Everyone knows Bowman's cap issues, so it shouldn't be a surprise he was picked as one of the sacrifices.  That Chicago-team dream is fulfilled and done, time to look to the next dream.  Let's hope it is to help rebuild a team.


    Darling's trip to the NHL was rough.  He's had to overcome a lot of personal adversity.  He knows the South, having played in lower leagues including the SPHL.  The Canes have a lot of character guys that I'm sure would also support him.  Here's to hoping. 


    I was in Chicago a lot in 2014 and heard a few interviews with him.  I was really impressed.



    Don't worry, as a Chicago native that now considers NC home and rooted with the Canes, I'll personally chat with Scott and make sure he stays with Canes for a long time LOL ???

  5. I hope it all works out. Darling was a phenomenal backup to Crawford in Chicago, and had very high success during stretches where he (Darling) started. Hawks would probably have not won the Cup in 2015 without Scott's great play, so that speaks to the quality of a goalie with recent postseason success.


    Works out for both teams...Darling had made his intentions known he wanted to be a starter, in which that notion is well-deserved. He earned that right. Instead of losing him for nothing as he is an UFA, Chicago re-captures a third round pick from last season's Thomas Jurco deal.


    The Canes get a crack at a quality netminder in Darling which was obviously a serious agenda item to address for RF. What that means for Lack and Wardo will be interesting to see.

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  6. Congrats to the Duke Blue Devils for bringing the ACC tournament championship home to Durham. Won 4 games in 4 nights against very worthy opponents.  You can never count that program out. 


    We'll see how the big dance goes for all teams involved. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, playruffcaniac said:

    We need big physical players.  Just look at Toronto, Edmonton, and few other teams that haven't made playoffs in a while.  Toronto>Matt Martin, Edmonton>Milan Lucic, Zack Dassian, Patrick Maroon. The Caps have Tom Wilson who plays on the penalty kill and pitch in with some goals.  Nashville was floundering around up to mid season and trades for Cody McLeod and Nashville took off and in the playoff race. These are kind of players that will go to the net and screen the goalie.  The Canes players now very seldom will do that and we don't a big defense man to clear out in front of Ward also.  Hockey is a physical game and we need a few big physical players. 

    I've echoed this in the past in my case for us to get more physical. This doesn't mean we become goons on skates. These are the teams that go far into the playoffs and can handle physical play thrown back at them. I wanted us to nab Francois Beauchemin from Anaheim before the Avs nabbed him. We could use a Lucic or Dustin Byfuglien style player too. This would compliment our speed and make us better rounded.  Either way I see us as a pretty soft team and we should address that.

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