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  1. All good points. Along with the team doing their job on the ice to keep the visiting fans from cheering, no harm in making sure those fans don’t get too cozy in our quarters. ??
  2. That’s going to be a lot of cameras and that cost is going to get passed right along to the loyal fans. Speaking of cost, does parking still cost the same as a game ticket?
  3. Agreed. Especially the Original 6 ticket prices are out of site expensive, those fanbases can take a week’s vacation to Raleigh for warmer weather and squeeze 2 or 3 hockey games in with our prices. It’s cheaper for me to travel to Raleigh for a Canes game than it is to go to a Caps game.
  4. The subject of allegiance is a touchy one and I see valid points from both sides. Hometown allegiances die hard. Here’s my thing... plain and simple... if you’re going to go into anyone else’s house and pull for the away team, show some class and be cool. Show respect and don’t be a jackass. Sports is like any other business...it’s about money. Pens or Rangers fans dough ? is just as welcome at PNC as Canes fans’ hard earned bread from the administrative point of view. If you can’t behave yourself and be cool, you should be banned from all sports venues. Ill add that it’s up to the organization as a whole to fill PNC with OUR red and black by putting a good product on the ice.
  5. If you recall, Nashville has an open policy to try to prevent Hawks fans from invading Bridgestone Arena. It was called “Keep the red out”. Tampa Bay had a similar policy during the 2015 Finals. Again, I’m all for encouraging the Home crowd. I am also annoyed by visiting obnoxious fans from other fan bases, especially those who go out of their way to show their true colors. A run in with Buffalo fans in 2016 while trying to enjoy a Canes game at PNC comes to my personal recollection. I just hope we don’t stoop to Nashville’s level in that regard. That is actually embarrassing to have a ticket policy because you can’t fill your own barn with your own fans.
  6. I agree with the general sentiment here but I also don’t believe in gimmicks to “wooo” fans. You have to make the hardened and bold decision to become a fan. No rewards, no pats on the back, no “atta boy”. Raleigh (NC in general) is a transient place. Like Tampa, Dallas, Miami, we face the uphill battle of defending our arenas and that’s just the way it goes. I made the choice to shelf my Blackhawks jersey and apparel for Canes gear but I won’t/can’t expect the same from other transplants. I have lived in the DC area since 2004 and Capitals threads have never touched my skin nor will it ever. So I find myself as the enemy screaming for the Canes at the Capital One Center and being seen as a traitor for not adopting the Caps. Friends and co-workers say I live and work in DC so I should support DC teams. No amount of discounts will cause me to hang up my Canes sweater for an Ovi shirt. Irony my friends... i want to see PNC full of Canes fans like anyone else, and as we have exhausted this point in many other threads, winning will help... not discounts or free pizza.
  7. I just had an opportunity to really read up on this topic. At this point I’m all for what shake-ups need to be made. I like RF but my loyalty to the overall team/franchise trumps that of one or two men. We’ll see what other messages Dundon drops and what this all leads to.
  8. I too echo the sentiments here. I can't imagine the tragedy the family is dealing with now. My thoughts and prayers for the family.
  9. Until we are mathematically eliminated I can’t give up hope. Yeah I know... wash, rinse, repeat. Not being a homer because I’m all about reality, but all we can do is hope ??
  10. I think it’s going to happen but the question is ... how soon? Not sure what sign he’s looking for to pull the trigger. What gets lost here is that this may benefit Scott just as much instead of it being a punishment
  11. On a personal enjoyment level, was happy to see my old home team curb-stomp the Caps 7-1 tonight ??
  12. Glad you folks down south are getting nailed for a change ??Enjoy!
  13. Merry Christmas to all! ??????Hope everyone is enjoying time with family, friends, and eating/drinking merrily. Here’s to good hockies ? the rest of the way! ??
  14. I have yet to post on this topic because I'm trying to digest the magnitude and what it means. I think we are hearing all the right things but the cynical part of me takes that for face value. Glad this phase of our franchise is done. Maybe we can see some dividends as fans from this purchase.
  15. I think the upcoming road trip may be just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully the team can go out west to get some Vancouver rain and California sun, and to focus/bond as a cohesive unit. It just means more coffee the following morning for those of us on this side of the continent.
  16. LA won Stanley Cups as the 8th cede in 2012 and the 6th cede in 2014. He simply lost his team beginning in 2015... partly due to injury and partly due to legal trouble (see Voynov). He is certainly a capable skipper if you don’t mind his quirky “Sutter-isms”
  17. I usually do the very upper part of the 100s levels (I.e row XX or WW) It is on the level of the lower concourses with very few steps to go up/down. Great views of the ice without being too high or at ice level where you can’t see as much. Prices are reasonable and you get decent discounts on games that fall on a “Family Night”.
  18. My Caps buddies and coworkers aren’t as confident about this year’s Stanley Cup campaign....
  19. Was reading more this morning about how/why Vadim Shipachyov didn’t go smooth in LV. Very unfortunate. I would have loved to see this guy in a Canes sweater should he had been on the market. He was determined to go back to Russia given the circumstances with the Knights.
  20. As far as centers, I like what Johnathan Marchessault is doing on Vegas’ first line. If I read correctly he will be a UFA in ‘18. I’ve also been impressed with Mikael Backlund (Calgary) over the last few years. Both are in their late 20s.
  21. If all goes well I hope to make it in town in time for the Rangers game Thanksgiving Eve. If anyone has ever been on I-95 on an afternoon before a major holiday when the entire East Coast decides to hit the road at the same time, you know what I'm talking about. The bad news is that I will probably be sitting with a couple of folks wearing blue shirts. Don't leave me hanging fellow fans!
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