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  1. One thing is for sure, we’re on the puck tonight
  2. If that doesn’t get your heart rate up.... 😓😓
  3. W’s and caffeine can make it all worth while 😎
  4. Glad this is an 8 PM game and not 10 PM.
  5. Jets are solid and what they did to Philly was serious. Hell I remember that 8-1 beating we took last year from them. With that, we will win this one ☝ 👍🏽
  6. I’m going to try to make that Cats game at home on the 21st. All else be damned, I’m determined to make at least one home game before the calendar year flips. 😬. Been wearing the white one too long and ready to Don the home black.
  7. I’ll let some else have the honors on that one. I got the Colorado GDT, so im sure there is plenty of other good mojo on the board to carry over to the Jets game 👍🏽. We’ll win
  8. Columbus kicks the Caps *edit* again, this time a 3-0 shutout. Of course Tim Wilson goons it up at the end by launching himself into Gavrikov along the boards. Wish nothing but suspensions for Tommy boy.
  9. Also hoping Columbus can cling on to their slim lead over Washington. That would be huge for Washington to lose in regulation 😬
  10. Watching that game right now. I’m openly rooting for Nashville (which I don’t like either) while the Rangers lady here is fuming mad at me 😂😂
  11. Just got home and get to watch highlights. I’m guessing based on the score I won’t see many Flames 🔥 highlights. It’s ok to be selfish during the holidays 😇😎
  12. Out and about with crappy internet reception here on I-95. Love the score so far! Don’t blow it!
  13. I feel good about this one. I think the guys are still smarting from the sting of losing a game like they did in Vancouver. They know they can put numbers up like they did in Edmonton. A combination of confidence and determination - ****** off from losing a hard-played game - can be the keys for a rebound performance. I think we win this.
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