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  1. I know the kid felt terrible. I did see it a few times. Glad his captain showed some love and consoled the guy. I'm sure he'll never forget that though .
  2. Colorado 1 Montreal 10 Final Habs finally took that beatdown they got from Columbus earlier this year out on someone. Avs are bottoming out. They were promising.
  3. surfzone365


    From the album: Surfzone365

    Steeger and Slavin pre-game - 12/26/2015 New Jersey 1 Canes 3 Final
  4. surfzone365

    Drink Time

    From the album: Surfzone365

    Enjoying a "Hurricane" at Backyard Bistro after a Canes win
  5. From the album: Surfzone365

    Edmonton 1 Carolina 4 - Thanksgiving Eve 2015
  6. From the album: Surfzone365

    Well-preserved in all its wrinkled glory... I hope to add a few more of these to my collection
  7. This is going to be a crazy week for me, so not sure if I'll be online much. I just want to wish each and every one of you fellow Caniacs and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. As crazy as we are about sports and our teams, it is important we keep life in perspective and be thankful for many reasons. There are many out there who are less fortunate and I hope this time of year we are able to come together to help out brothers and sisters in need. We are a truly blessed country and I hope we all can stop and reflect on those things in our life which are dear to us. Love each other, love yourself, and work diligently to make this world a better place! I'll be in NC, and unfortunately the Canes will be Canada while I'm down. Just my luck... I hope to catch one or two games at one of the Canes "Cool Bars" and hopefully experience something I rarely get to, some fellow Canes fans to cheer with. Eat a lot of turkey and other high-calorie goodies, have some drinks, watch some football and hockey, and hug someone dear to you. Have a great week and God bless!
  8. Welcome DCRev. I too am in the DC area. Feel free to jump in the discussions, and join us in chat during games.
  9. What a way to get your first regulation loss. That was a beat-down for the ages, but the good news for the Habs and their fans once they recovered is this: it only counts as 1 loss. I feel bad for Montoya. Not sure why he didn't get pulled...is Price hurt again?? He stayed in there and took a beating like a man. That red light behind him might need a bulb change after tonight.
  10. You're right! No more sympathy. They could be on the way to being hated if they remain successful...lol
  11. I hope not. This Cubs team is built for the future so I hope to see a few more parades. Bartman is off the hook and forgiven (he never did anything wrong anyway in my opinion- I might have done the same had a ball come that close to me ....A guy can wish! lol
  12. My hometown Cubs did it!! Loveable losers no more!
  13. Welcome ironman87 and strap your seat-belt on for another exciting year.
  14. Great post! I'm well aware of Buffalo fans, as I work with a few..haha! I'm ready for the season! I also anticipate to see more seats filled at PNC. Great for the team, maybe not so much for my wallet. I'll take it though!
  15. Been a while since I been on the board. I'm super excited to see what this team can do with their new additions, and with a solid year under the belt for those who were there last year. As one who follows the Hawks as well, I was sad to see TT leave Chicago but glad he landed in Carolina. I can attest this guy is a great pickup, and I hope Bicks can find new life. He never lived up to his contract in Chicago. Go Canes!
  16. Glad to see another Caniac in DC area. There is nothing better than being back at PNC on home ice but those of us outside NC will do our part !!
  17. Those a great points. I look for Carolina/Raleigh to regain some steam as a desirable destination given the youth movement and positive upward trend of the team. I think we're in a better position than other teams going through similar growth or rebuilds. I get good vibes from Ronnie F., so I hope it's not all smoke and this offseason is productive. Him and a reputable skipper like Peters provide sustenance to the equation. Now, if we can get our old jerseys back since the current ones resemble the Red Wings too closely, that would be great!! I also look to see home attendance to go up next year (hope so!)
  18. Very interesting! Visiting every arena would be pretty neat! Given the East Coast is stacked with teams alone, not hard to get underway with that quest. I might bump this thread and let you know which road games next year I'll be at. If I had time and resources, I'd start a Canes Road tour bus to shuttle hardcore Canes fans to opposing arena to make our presence known...just gotta figure out those 6 winning lottery numbers..,
  19. Does anyone ever attend road games on a somewhat regular basis (or anytime?). I know our market is not known for a large road following like Original 6 markets, at least not that I am aware of. However, wondering if anyone else is out there like me has no fear of cheering the Canes on at First Niagra Center in Buffalo, or the Rock in Jersey. Would love to know this and forge alliances while in enemy territory. Games within my reach: - Washington - New Jersey - Philly - Pittsburgh - Buffalo - NY (Both Rangers and Isles) - Columbus
  20. Curious from you other Caniacs what free agents you would like brought into the fold this offseason? Fantasy GM opportunities here..lol Thoughts on David Backes or Kyle Okposo?
  21. Agreed. This is one of the few times I actually feel we got something going after a non-playoff season. The Tampa Bay Lightning got back to being a contender with their youth movement - of course they had some savvy veterans like Stamkos to build around. Hoping for a similar situation here. In addition to Faulk and Hainsey, I believe Nestrasil and Nordstrom will continue to be solid. Goal-tending is the trick here. Much debate has been made over this, especially Wardo. As much as I love Wardo and think he does have some gas left in the tank, management would be foolish to keep their heads in the sand over bolstering the slot between the pipes. I was familiar with Eddie Lack before he came to the Canes. He was solid for the Canucks, and I think he has proven himself worthy of at least a solid backup. Yes, this position needs some attention no doubt. Excited about next year though.
  22. Well, here we are. No more meaningful Canes hockey until October. A lot of ups-and-downs this season. It was both painful and enjoyable. I got to head down and see more Canes games at PNC that I thought I would. I love the youth movement going on and I hope this will get us back to where we need to be. Patience and growth pains, but I believe we're on the right track and I trust Ronnie Francis knows what he's doing.
  23. I know this is a VERY late post/response, but I was at this game and we kicked butt 4-1. Was hoping for Conner McDavid to play before he got injured. Hope you got to make it!
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