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  1. 4 minutes ago, bluedevilcane said:

    Have not read the game day thread, but does anyone think rolling Eddie out tonight was an audition for backing up Cam when games back up afte the 5 day break? Right now, 4 goals on 20 shots is not looking great. Of course it would help if the team scored a goal. As things stand, winning the #8 WC gets us a series against ..... the Caps, who have been pounding us. But I'm wondering if more than Duchene, RF might see a need to try to pick up a more reliable 2nd goalie before the deadline. Not sure who might be available or at what cost, but after Saturday, we can't expect to play Cam every game.

    Yes I was thinking the same thing. Eddie is in the storefront display window in many facets. He was thrown into the fire tonight. Facing the Caps on your first night back is one hell of a task.

  2. 5 minutes ago, remkin said:

    Go Vancouver! Also see that Slugs are playing so we get them back to back vs us rested. Can't wait.

    This could be a three-fer...If the Nasty Nucks can hold on, the Lightning soften up Buffalo (a game I'll be at), and if Edmonton keeps New Jersey off our tail.:crossfingers:

  3. 3 minutes ago, legend-1 said:

    Useless info but I'll be at the Columbus game the 21st, first time being an away fan. :blink:

    If the weather permits I may make the drive to Columbus.  Going across the mountains in the winter from DC to Ohio can be super tricky in January. Don't let anyone give you a hard time on the road.  Have fun, be friendly, be respectful. expect some good ribbings, don't talk crap in their house, but be tough. Have fun, and maybe I'll see another Caniac there!!

  4. This is going to be a crazy week for me, so not sure if I'll be online much.  I just want to wish each and every one of you fellow Caniacs and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving. As crazy as we are about sports and our teams, it is important we keep life in perspective and be thankful for many reasons.  There are many out there who are less fortunate and I hope this time of year we are able to come together to help out brothers and sisters in need. We are a truly blessed country and I hope we all can stop and reflect on those things in our life which are dear to us. Love each other, love yourself, and work diligently to make this world a better place!


    I'll be in NC, and unfortunately the Canes will be Canada while I'm down. Just my luck... :huh:  I hope to catch one or two games at one of the Canes "Cool Bars" and hopefully experience something I rarely get to, some fellow Canes fans to cheer with.


    Eat a lot of turkey and other high-calorie goodies, have some drinks, watch some football and hockey, and hug someone dear to you. Have a great week and God bless!


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  5. What a way to get your first regulation loss.  That was a beat-down for the ages, but the good news for the Habs and their fans once they recovered is this: it only counts as 1 loss. I feel bad for Montoya. Not sure why he didn't get pulled...is Price hurt again??  He stayed in there and took a beating like a man. That red light behind him might need a bulb change after tonight.

  6. On 11/3/2016 at 10:06 AM, JonKerfoot said:


    Now what are the Cubbies gonna use for inspiration? No goat curse, no Bartman, no century-plus dry spell...


    10 hours ago, JonKerfoot said:


    Yeah, and now they're just like any other team in MLB. Can't talk about having not won a World Series in over a century, can't complain about curses that never existed, can't even credit those who left offerings at Johnny Evers' grave. :lol:

    You're right! No more sympathy. They could be on the way to being hated if they remain successful...lol

  7. I hope not.  This Cubs team is built for the future so I hope to see a few more parades.  Bartman is off the hook and forgiven (he never did anything wrong anyway in my opinion- I might have done the same had a ball come that close to me ....A guy can wish!  lol

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