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  1. Have to laugh a little.  Was hitting the blogs, Instagram, and some of the other feeds out there on the interweb.  The doom and gloom I see from some Canes fans over losing our first game would actually make most of us rational fans roll our eyes and chuckle. Not sure if it is "pie in the sky" thinking, lack of fandom experience (lack of winning), or just smoking illegal substances. 


    Not preaching to the choir or anyone in here, but WE WILL have some stinkers this year.  Last night was one. There will be more.  Im just a little amazed that there are some "fans" that think we should go 82-0.  It's almost not even worth posting about it but I thought it might provide some of you a chuckle as well.  I'll say this, I want us to stay as away from that Pres Trophy for obvious reasons.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, MisterDobz said:

    Ain’t no gimmies in this league.....  well...  except maybe the Blackhawks!

    Yeah the Hawks are pretty pathetic. Jackets are gutted from the offseason but I never count any Torts coached team totally out.

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