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  1. Blackhawks are the biggest winner. Ladd, Fleischmann, and Wiese are already paying dividends. Ladd and Fleishmann have already scored goals. Stan Bowman is a wizard with putting pieces together. Biggest loser: Brooks Laich - to go from a powerhouse contender with the Caps to languishing in Toronto is a MAJOR buzzkill. Feel sorry for Brooksie.
  2. How do you all feel about Nordy and Steeger's future with the team? I thought they were great pick-ups from the Stanley Cup champs Chicago last summer have had brought experience and contributions to the team.
  3. Well, if the play they way they have the last couple games, I think attendance would improve. I'd love to be down there more to support them.
  4. Has attendance at games gotten any better? I came down for a game in November right before Thanksgiving and one in December right after Christmas, so not sure what is a "normal" crowd these days. Decent crowd but not full. My hope is that seats start filling up again as this young squad gets going.
  5. A shiny black traditional Darth Vader helmet with the alternate logo on it, to be in line with the black alternate unis, would be cool. Perhaps some may see that as too original, or even over-the-top, but cool in my book!
  6. Just the words "North Carolina" and "hockey" together....love it!
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