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  1. We cut the deficit to 1 or better before the break, we have life. Gotta net something now though.
  2. This will be a painful but necessary step for growth.
  3. Tonight is do or die for real. Let’s go Canes!
  4. This was embarrassing and I’m ******. Don’t let it happen again...
  5. I still think the Caps were/are better than Boston. We can do this.
  6. Not much to say. We got the dogs*** beat out of us and the only way is forward. One game at a time now. Caps series all over again.
  7. If you’re going to embarrass yourself, might as well do it in grand fashion Canes! 🤨
  8. That’s ok.. we need to be the bully and the aggressor before they are.
  9. Hoping the Blows’ luck runs out against the Sharks. 🍻
  10. I hope we come out in full-throttle mission-mode and punch these suckers in the mouth. Set the tone for the series now.
  11. Im right there with just about everything you said. I use to be one of the biased ones and once I adopted NC as my home, I got a taste of what I once dished out. Karma got me good. Those of us in the picture you painted above find ourselves fighting the good fight as we pull for a non-traditional market team. Chicago treats Nashville and Dallas hockey/fans the same disrespect the way Boston treats Carolina.
  12. I think there is a little more panic in the "Big Bad Bruins" locker room than meets the eye. I give them their due respect, but we need to put these old dogs out to pasture once and for all.
  13. Not overly concerned about things. Having personally experienced my sports teams throughout my lifetime comeback from 0-2 and 1-3 series deficits to win series, including my years as a Canes fan, I think we're in OK shape. We should have won Game 1 but we hurt ourselves. Officiating sucks both ways and we cant whine and moan about it. Refs suck...always have has and always will. We need to own the Game 1 loss and use it for fuel for Game 2. I think Coach Rod knows how to do just that. I had a feeling this series go more the way the Caps series went and still think it does despite my homer optimism. The resiliency of our organization from the top all the way down is amazing. Not a sermon though...
  14. When we win this series, all this adversity will be a notch in our belt.
  15. Gotta dust ourselves off and get back on the horse. We'll get 'em.
  16. Boston having a hard time keeping up with us, and adjusting to our speed. Good signs.
  17. Capitals were more impressive....given Bruins dont have #8 camped out in his usual office
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