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  1. Come on guys... one goal please. Pinging for a pulse...
  2. 20 mins left to get their 💩 together
  3. A lot of teams have come back from 3-1. I expect us to as well. We have the right coach to lead us.
  4. I hope the guys play with a bag of these on their shoulders 👇🏼
  5. I feels good to be p***ed off about a hockey game in mid August (kinda...) 😎
  6. To further illustrate your point, the Bruins swept the heavily favored Penguins in 2013. That’s just one of many series they outmuscled their opponents to victory. The B’s physical play was too much for the Pen’s finesse. The B’s rely heavily on that but the only reason they haven’t raised the Cup with Rask between the pipes shows that physical play can get you far but no cigar (see Anaheim Ducks as well). And... Rask is no Tim Thomas 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. If it’s not us for the whole enchilada, then seeing other teams lift the Cup on Boston’s ice in front of their smarmy fans will suffice. I don’t blame Boston though. These losses are on us.
  8. I just hope we don’t turn into the pre-2018 Caps in terms of choke Kong’s. If we’re going to suffer like this, hopefully it’s for the better in the long run.
  9. For those looking for an escape goat tonight, Reims ain’t it! Plenty of other things/people to point at for this debacle
  10. Canes choked. Hope they let this one burn when theyre leaving the bubble.
  11. The Caps and Pens remind me a lot of the 2016-17 Hawks. Formidable regular season heavyweights with an aging core (or at least quite a few players in the downside of their careers) facing hot and hungry teams in the postseason that relentlessly punch them in the face. Caps and Pens have had their time as block bullies, but there are some new kids moving in (we’re one of them 😡)
  12. This is the whole purpose of building depth. We have done good there. Key players can and will go down at any point. Here is a gut-check test for this team and time for that depth to show it’s purpose.
  13. Notwithstanding the loss of Svech, the team looked lifeless today after the initial moments of the game. I’m not surprised if they don’t take us seriously. Got to get it together.
  14. That and cardboard cut-out of “fans” at baseball games. Leave bad enough alone 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Korpisalo with 63 saves at the moment. Win or lose, Somebody buy my man a steak 🥩 and a beer 🍺 after the game 👍🏽
  16. I know a Rangers fan who isn’t very happy at the moment 😶
  17. Can’t all this be solved over a Zoom ice cream 🍦 “social”? 🤷🏻‍♂️😎
  18. Hey crew. Been a long time since I’ve hopped on here. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy-physically and mentally 👍🏽. Any rumor or chatter when when we’re going to be seeing NHL face masks/coverings? The NFL and NBA already have them on their respective online shop sites.
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