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  1. 32 minutes ago, beboplar said:

    I have been following this franchise since the '70's and the days of the WHA.  Ever since the day the Whalers joined the NHL, I have had a strong dislike for the Bruins, as they were a natural rival and I originate from Hartford.  BUT, I will grant them this;  they have always played a rough and tumble game, and they have always done well with it.  When the Canes had more toughness last season with players such as Ferland and Saku, they were moving in the right direction.  Adding "finesse" players such as Gardiner and Dzingel in the off season and losing those 2 was a step in the wrong direction.  Sure, we have seen some development of talent this season with the improvements in Svechnikov, Necas, and Geekie.  Let me not forget Fleury, who has probably taken the biggest step and provided the one memorable hit in this series.  

    The Canes will continue to do well in the regular season, but they will not get to the promised land without exchanging some softness for grit.  I have been saying this since on got on this website for years now, but if it's not apparent by now to you, you don't know how to watch hockey.

    To further illustrate your point, the Bruins swept the heavily favored Penguins in 2013. That’s just one of many series they outmuscled their opponents to victory. The B’s physical play was too much for the Pen’s finesse.  The B’s rely heavily on that but the only reason they haven’t raised the Cup with Rask between the pipes shows that physical play can get you far but no cigar (see Anaheim Ducks as well). And... Rask is no Tim Thomas 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Just now, iceman11 said:

    Canes definitely need to add some more grit to the lineup if they want to get by a team like Boston in the future.  The Canes are still young and building.  Still learning.  The Bruins have been there for a while now.  They’re a seasoned playoff team and one of the Cup favorites for a reason.  Canes are probably a few years away from being serious contenders.  

    If it’s not us for the whole enchilada, then seeing other teams lift the Cup on Boston’s ice in front of their smarmy fans will suffice.  I don’t blame Boston though. These losses are  on us.

  3. The Caps and Pens remind me a lot of the 2016-17 Hawks. Formidable regular season heavyweights with an aging core (or at least quite a few players in the downside of their careers) facing hot and hungry teams in the postseason that relentlessly punch them in the face.   Caps and Pens have had their time as block bullies, but there are some new kids moving in (we’re one of them 😡)

  4. 53 minutes ago, remkin said:

    OK things have boiled over on the politics. This is a very emotional and heated topic, but we're trying not to be twitter on here. It is impossible not to let political leanings creep into posts on this topic, but it IS possible not to take blatant swipes and naked attacks on a political figure or viewpoint. 


    So, I've hidden everything related to attacking Trump or any other political figure for the last few pages. I was slow to the draw. 


    Resorting to blatant political attacks is intellectually lazy IMO. Everyone on here is smart enough to make their points without going there. Please do that. 

    Can’t all this be solved over a Zoom ice cream 🍦  “social”? 🤷🏻‍♂️😎


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