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  1. If ever we needed a shorty ...
  2. Not a good time for a penalty
  3. Canes need to establish dominance as the aggressor
  4. This is going to be a grind down the stretch
  5. If we can eke our 1 point from this it will be a win.... 2 points all the better
  6. So much drama .... tie game
  7. It’s quite possible we absorbed LV’s best and still only down 1. Time to turn the jets on in the 2nd and take the fight to them.
  8. Getting on the board is the boost we need 👍🏽
  9. I think the common denominator is that donut 🍩 on then scoreboard for us. Gotta fix that.
  10. Mrazek must be in net right? 😏
  11. We’ll win tonight. Better vibes on the road with this team at times.
  12. Excellent, now if they could only make the short trip to DC! 😎
  13. Good vibe going into the weekend. Some payback to LVGK awaits 😡
  14. We got a regulation W, my friends 👍🏽😎
  15. Goodness this will be a test
  16. Survived an onslaught there.... let’s finish this!!
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