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  1. Get the butterflies out. Hit any black jersey you see
  2. Folks, we're getting closer and closer to glory. We have a seasoned team by now, so enjoy and lets start by getting this W.
  3. Yeah most of the O6 teams and fans hate each other. Any sense of brotherhood or common fanfare between them is 💩myth. Meanwhile Chip Alexander reached hero status in my book 👍🏽
  4. I believe Ferland and Nino get it going this series.
  5. Many of us from northern descent have come to love and call NC home. Fred is originally from Michigan so he is giving Bostonians further bad rep ( like they need it) with his douchebaggery. Us midwesterners don’t claim him. Even here in the DC area I sense more hostility as the Canes advance so I can’t imagine them being much nicer further northeast in general. Meanwhile the Canes are a smashing hit with Rangers fans after last series! 👍🏽
  6. Canes win the series vs Boston 4-1 Game 1: Canes 3 Bruins 2 Game 2: Canes 2 Bruins 4 Game 3: Bruins 1 Canes 5 Game 4: Bruins 2 Canes 4 Game 5: Canes 4 Bruins 1 😎
  7. I agree ☝️. Especially after this long of a draught. My expectations have been exceeded and we’re not close to being done yet! 👍🏽
  8. Thankfully there isn’t a single shred of negativity on this board!! 😏😎
  9. This team has shown it knows how to close it out and dish revenge back when it is due. This makes sitting in a half empty arena on nights when we were getting our butts kicked in years past worth it now!!
  10. Much needed rest coming, just don’t lose the mojo. 🙌🏽🙌🏽
  11. Again, I’m at a loss for words. Just soaking this up.
  12. Please finish strong and don’t get lazy and blow it. PNC is rocking!!
  13. Did I just see a PPG? Hello 👋 my friend, where have you been?
  14. Cant say enough about Nook's energy. Not sure he is the fire on the team, but def a contributor.
  15. I'll be in there area this weekend, so if I cant make the tailgate I'll personally keep Bojangles sales at record highs by (hopefully) celebrating a Canes sweep with endless chicken biscuits and gallons of sweet tea.
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