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  1. Perhaps the Canes got an early start on daylight saving time change
  2. Well here’s our stinker. Maybe we can still get some points out of it 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Only wings I’m concerned with are the Old Bay ones I put a hurtin on.
  4. Yes, perhaps from last year I understand. We are generating some buzz to begin the season based on our start and last season’s success, but it’s dropping off a bit which is fine with me. Let the Caps and Bruins have the spot light.
  5. Right, and that’s why we need to nab this low-hanging fruit now. I’m looking forward to a tough test to see what we’re made of with this squad. It’s our chance to be the punisher on a regular basis.
  6. Yes, that was an enjoyable game for the most part. I’m hoping we can stay under the radar a bit. This stretch of winnable games is just what we needed, and I think we can nab some needed points if we keep our heads right.
  7. It’s ok, we’ll get it back
  8. Terrible comparison man. We got this .
  9. We’re going to pummel these clowns tonight. It’s a done deal ✅
  10. Good vibes and winning hockey 🏒. We can be even better 👍🏽
  11. A good “surge” 🌊 should douse the flames 🔥 tonight 👍🏽
  12. No reason we can’t run the table, but I know how it goes. There’s a stinker in there somewhere. Detroit seems to give us fits no matter how bad they are 😶
  13. We have a stretch of very winnable games coming up. No jinx intended here. We have to take each one serious and play lights out. Favorable schedule though coming up.
  14. The guy wearing the suit who made that happen will probably join him on his way out. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. If the Canes lose to the raging dumpster fire 🔥 known as the Hawks, I’ll join AWAC I’m ripping the Canes a new one! Need to get back on track today!
  16. Hawks are a complete dumpster fire and if the Canes manage to lose, then AWAC can have a field day ripping the Canes! 😁
  17. Rod won’t let this BS go on too long. They guys know it. It’s a tough stretch and we’ll have more, count on it. We’ll kick someone’s *edit* soon
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