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  1. Understood. That post was partially sarcastic but resonates some truth and credence now. I personally was OK with BP throughout most of his time in Raleigh but I think many will agree, his shelf life was up.
  2. I agree, Bill Peters was an a-hole. He coached us to many losses and caused lots of fan discontent in Carolina 🤬🤬 😎
  3. The countdown for the other shoe to drop continues... oh the suspense!
  4. Babcock is a defensive coach that encompasses hard playing, physical play and heavy hitting.... something I want to personally see with the Canes. The Toronto mgmt wants a more wide-open finesse style. Don’t see them breaking their Cup drought on that path 😏, especially against teams like Boston and Washington who eat teams like that for lunch.
  5. Babcock will land somewhere better. Toronto is a pressure cooker of expectation with a long fruitless streak 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Need to do a Canes crew road meetup somewhere. Washington is an obvious choice geographically and division-wise. I’d like to propose Buffalo, Montreal or Toronto for the future. Thoughts?
  7. I know some really excellent folks from Buffalo who are devout Sabres fans and they are not part of the revolting crowd many of us Canes fans have experienced. For them I feel (a little) bad. Nonetheless, I recall getting into a heated exchange with their rowdies at PNC as recent as 2016. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed but I came to dislike the Sabres more actually in recent years than in 06. So I still love to hate them despite records 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Poor Buffalo. After a taste of victory against Ottawa, they almost let a rookie score a hatty on them in a 4-1 loss in Chicago to return to losing ways. Chicago is 15-1 in the last 16 games vs Buffalo, Carolina has a 10 game win streak vs the Slugs, and who knows how many other teams own them. So does Caniac nation have sympathy for this wayward franchise ??
  9. Although I can’t stand the Bruins, Caps, Blues, and Ducks.... those teams have a history of being physical, aggressive, and punishing on their opponents. That in itself goes a long way toward success.
  10. I’m in good company then 😎
  11. Update: I’m still ****** off about that game
  12. No reason we can’t run the table, but I know how it goes. There’s a stinker in there somewhere. Detroit seems to give us fits no matter how bad they are 😶
  13. Yes, thoughts 💭, prayers 🙏🏼 , and best wishes from the Caniacs and the NHL family. 👍🏽
  14. It should be a delicate balance of continued auditions for the young guys/new-comers, and getting down to business now that these games count. I think we're going to see some real growth along with a Stanley Cup season. I expect nothing less than a chip-on-our-shoulder demeanor and to kick *edit* in the Metro.
  15. The real hurricane season is about to start.
  16. Grew up watching the Hawks when there were at the Old Stadium, but it was usually when they were getting bullied and beaten soundly by the Red Wings, North Stars, and Oilers. Regarding the Canes, it brings me joy to see fellow other Canes fans on the road. Now that we’re filling our home arena, no reason we can’t start making a presence in other rinks. Would love to start a road gathering here in DC area. Be loud. Be obnoxious. Be heard. 😎 Thanks for bringing the Canes presence to Florida 🙌🏽
  17. I think we’re going to hear a lot of different viewpoints and angles about Jake. This is a solid move in general. I’m hesitant to over-analyze the matter until we see how he fits into our system. As some folks have mentioned, I think a change in venue might be just what the doctor ordered for him. That bodes well in one thing that you can’t coach: motivation and fire.
  18. This is definitely NOT a “sit on our hands” and stay the course summer.
  19. If he stays, our blue line is stacked. Not seeing anything out there in the interwebs suggesting anything else that we’re up to, but we do have a logjam. The saga continues...
  20. Gotta take the training wheels off at some point. Big boy hockey goes on and the young ones need to take the torch and run with it. The sooner the better.
  21. It was going to eventually come to this. While I would love nothing more to see JW skate for us again, it won’t last forever. Not trying to complicate the obvious but we can’t hang on to one guy forever no matter how instrumental they were. Next man up! With that said, I hope JW does what his heart and body tells him is right to do. Either way he will always Oh Captain My Captain 👍🏽
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