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  1. Just left the game... uh, Canes won!!!
  2. The Carolina Hurricanes we’re heavily boo-ed 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Make no mistake.... this will be a physical, chippy game. We’re not flying under the radar anymore. I expect lots of hits and statement plays, especially by the Caps. I also expect us not to back down and I expect Dougie to grow a pair and not get pushed around like he did in the playoffs. It’s going to be a brutal game but we will get it done ✅ 👍🏽🏒💪🏽 Big boy hockey in the Nation’s Capital.
  4. Returning to the scene of the crime ( at least Caps fans think so...) Love it! I’ll be there cheering the boys on for another big win in enemy territory!! 🙌🏽
  5. Definitely need to clean this up but we know the chemistry won’t gel overnight. Let’s continue to refine this machine! I have no doubt Rod will do just that.
  6. That’s 2 points boys and girls! Can’t wait for the Caps game Saturday!
  7. We beat the Wild in a SO in the 2017 opener. Can we do it again??
  8. Let’s get that extra point. Need every one possible.
  9. Wheels fell of there but we need to get back at it and grind away. I’m sure Rod will get them ready for a strong finish.
  10. Love the toughness. Not shy to mix it up and maybe drop the gloves.
  11. Great first period. We spent a lot of time in the DZ but are ahead where it counts. No quit!
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