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  1. Right now we just need more bodies, BUT...ones that dont F this good thing we have going.
  2. I know there are some differing opinions and I respect that. I still think he is serviceable in the ranks.
  3. Its OK, there are some simmering Central Division rivalries on this board. 😄
  4. Im still rooting for a strong Ferland return. Im still not calling this series over, but if it should extend or we play Boston, we could use hitting.
  5. Im no Stars fan but I hate St. Louis almost as much as I love the Canes. I'll take a Stars/Canes finals....but my original request of Canes/Sharks is still alive. Fingers crossed
  6. Im not against that at all. McE is getting it going. He has earned his keep. BTW, go Stars!
  7. I second the extra day for rest! If any or all three where to come back, that would be a massive boost.
  8. Can’t take our foot off the gas. NY will be ****** off on Wednesday evening and we have to counter with a Caps Game 3 performance.
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