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  1. Just secured tix for the Turkey Day Eve Nov 27 match at the Garden vs the Rangers. My last trip there we broke the MSG curse with a 3-0 win. Let’s keep the new streak alive!! Go Canes!!
  2. Thankfully many of the road games I want to go to are on/near weekends. Got the Isles and New Jersey again on the list. Many thanks to the schedulers 👍🏽
  3. Time to bump this thread again. Got tix for Oct 5 game in Washington. Will be crazy since it is Caps home opener, and against the team that ended their season in dramatic fashion. Hope to see some more Canes fans turn out in enemy territory.
  4. Doesn’t matter. We’re taking the Metro this season 😎👍🏽
  5. In addition, with Columbus falling apart losing key FAs, that’s perhaps one team that might be a little less competitive in the Metro next season. I don’t count anyone out. Another team could easily take their place but maybe those cannon blasts won’t be as annoying 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Its too bad. The last thing we need is mental baggage while we have a good thing going. Throw it in the Mongo bin of disappointments.
  7. Ferland with the Nasty Nucks. Maybe I'm one of the few who liked him (or the potential) for what he was "capable" of bringing. I understand the flip side as well. Wish him well back in the Pacific.
  8. First off, Happy 4th 🇺🇸 all. Glad we got Pete locked in. Been following the Canes news when possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more moves are in store. Still scratching my head over Montreal’s offer sheet. No-brainer for us 😏
  9. A stud in Tampa Bay...a key part of that 2015 Cup finals "triplets" team. Philly and NYI...meh. Serviceable veteran but it could go either way now.
  10. I think we'll be OK without DeHaan and I like the Haula trade. I'll take a bag of chips for Darling, I hate to say. My intent of that message was that we're trying to make moves to get better. Even if some transactions backfire (i.e. Darling 2017), I'm OK with it as long as we tried. Win some, lose some. If anyone has a crystal ball in how a new addition to the team will pan out, I wanna party with you!!! We're not done yet, so hold on...
  11. Exciting summer no matter how you look at it. At least our mgmt isnt sitting on their hands with illusions you get better by staying the course.
  12. When we win the Cup next season, this will all be trivial off-season drivel....😎
  13. Im being patient on this one before I sound off much more. Hopefully when this plays out it will have been part of a larger strategy. I know Chicago is getting serious this year now that hated STL has the cup. I know cap space and some strategy is at work on the Carolina side.
  14. Unless there is more coming from this, Chicago just fleeced the Canes. *edit*. Forsling is an iffy dman at best, couldnt help keep puck out of the net last year. Forsberg had some OK games, but they chose to ride dinosaur Cam Ward instead if that tells you anything.
  15. I like Skinner and I wish him nothing but the best personally, but I think Buffalo is and has been in a panic mode trying to hold on to/obtain any decent players. They are going to great lengths to make this happen, and I think this recent Skinner deal points to that.
  16. There is definitely a new and fresh winning pedigree surrounding the franchise between the recent success of the Canes season and of course the Chex success. This in itself is a major boost for maintaining an upward climb. Feed the fire 🔥!
  17. Great showing by the Chex! 👏🏽👏🏽 It’s not quite 2006 but it will do for now. Canes will be drawing from a championship pool from Charlotte!
  18. No time for the Chex to hang their heads. Gotta ante up and get back on the horse this evening. Go Chex 😎
  19. Yep, that was a doozy. Those pesky 2 goal leads are killer across all leagues
  20. Storm delay in St Louis and eagerly tracking the outcome of this one.
  21. There’s rumors of another hockey game tonight. Anyone know anything about it? 🤔
  22. Following live nonetheless. Go Chex!
  23. Kicked off my hockey offseason by watching my Cubbies spank the Nationals 14-6 at Nats Park. Baseball isn’t doing it right now though. Already missing the greatest show on ice #TakeWarning
  24. I think we have a good thing going. Tweaks and some reasonable additions/subtractions? Sure! Any major overhauls? Not really unless we get the right fit for the areas of need. Don’t need to make any big splashes for the sake of it. I like the direction we are going but yes, we need improvement in the known key areas.
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