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  1. Ain’t that the truth! I support this team through-and-through and like many here, we are hard in our criticisms (much of deserved) because we care. Sometimes you have to call it like it is. We’re a soft team that, I believe, Rod is trying to make tougher. That’s why I comment in delight when I see us being the bully. When my Original 6 friends and family ask if I’m still pulling for the “Candy Canes” I want to reach out and touch them 🥊 but haven’t been able to argue with the term when many times I see our guys shy away from a scrum or refuse to work the corners along the boards for pucks. Most of us who grew up in environments where weakness and soft play draws ire and disdain don’t like seein our teams be that way... I want to see them rough the Leafs up Wednesday.
  2. I felt we were fairly physical with NJ last night. I think that also kept them just enough off their offensive game such that it prevented them from scoring the equalizer. Surely many would agree that the more physical we are, our odds of winning go up noticeably. You can’t always sustain that type of bruising physicality over long stretches but you can apply it at the right times. That should be ingrained into our mentality. Nothing is more shameful than a soft response when the opponent is smashing your players.
  3. Put game attendance in the “ugly” column
  4. One thing is for sure, Q will never have to buy his own drinks ? and meals ? in Chicago along with a couple other guys.
  5. There is some sentiment that Q lost the locker room. This seems very familiar to LA’s departure with Darryl Sutter sans all the drawn-out dramatics. Anytime something this major happens you’re going to have a wide array of theories, conspiracies, and opinions. Fact remains Q is one of the best in the business and I’m sure he’ll prosper wherever he lands next... if he decides to continue coaching.
  6. Watching Buffalo vs NYR right now. Not many more teams and fanbases I dislike more than the slugs.... but the Rags are in the Metro and direct competition. Skinner looks terrible in that Buffalo uni. Update: Buffalo outshoots the Rags 40-21 and still lose by 2 goals. That seems awfully familiar ?...
  7. Whoa! Another Caniac in Caps-land? Glad it’s not just me! Sorry for the late response. Belated welcome, my friend. ???
  8. Belated welcome 2ndsacker ???
  9. Welcome Sportsfan. Glad you’re officially on board. Please join our banter on the GDTs during games.
  10. I hear ya... too much blue for my liking but I want to be a good soldier and rep the team in enemy territory whenever possible. Maybe we’ll get our first win in forever at the Garden then, if not on the 1/15 meeting. I’ll be there with a particular Rangers fan so I’m sure she will get her share of abuse being seen with me.... with or without my Canes sweater on ??‍♂️?
  11. Just secured our tix for Canes at Rangers on Feb 8, 2019. If any Caniacs plan to be in Manhattan for that game, give me a shout.
  12. Yeah wxray, don't be a cranky old man...? ?
  13. I love this guy. I want to see more hate shown from our guys! ?
  14. Just got my road white - Svechnikov #37 - delivered today. Fits perfect and can’t wait to wear it to road games. Still at mental tug-of-war over the traditional red or the alternate black for home games. Decisions ?...
  15. Imagine a Canes vs Seattle Stanley Cup ??
  16. Reading more about this in the Seattle Post today (actually an Oct 2 publication). I really hope the process is smooth and all goes well. I am seriously planning my trip to The Northwest when the Canes make their first visit. Great city and an exciting NHL future.
  17. Any way we can get Ron Hainsey back just for PKs? ?
  18. Buffalo is going to drag Skinner down. He'll be in the Western Conference as soon as he can get out of there.
  19. Always great beating the Caps, preseason or when it counts!
  20. And that has me angrier than Hartford folks being poked in the eye with Whaler gear in Raleigh. Respect the Whale ?.... respect the donut ?!! ?
  21. Many of the Hartford faithful are fired up and upset about this. They see it as a knife-twist 21 years later. You’d thought they were losing all their Dunkin Donuts up there! ??‍♂️
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