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  1. 36 minutes ago, Red_Storm said:



    Funny story about how buying one ticket can carry on:  We went to a Coyotes-Canes game in Phoenix in 2013, I think, and I bought our two tickets either from the Coyotes team site or whatever “official” channel they had (Ticketmaster).  Shortly after that purchase, I noticed I started to get Coyote emails and also would get calls from time-to-time, etc.  This year I got a call from some nice sounding lady saying she was my Coyotes assigned ticket representative for this season and she left a voice mail about all the promotions they were having, special events, info on package options and offered to provide me any assistance.  All this from buying two tickets to one game four years ago!  I’ve been a Canes season ticket holder member for 15 years and I don’t think I’ve ever had that informative a call from a Canes agent ever...and, yes, the Coyotes agent left her message probably at least a week or two this year before I ever heard anything from my Canes rep about this upcoming season...

    Very interesting.  I think you see this aggressiveness for teams hurting in attendance (see Carolina and Arizona the last few years). I doubt you see this in Chicago, New York, Detroit, etc.  I look to see our numbers at PNC swell this year though. 


    I did e-mail my "personal account rep" back. I told them I'm about 300 miles from PNC, but if they can arrange free and speedy transportation for me I will be there front and center every game.  I'm anxious to see their response. I will add that it was in friendly exchange and I did appreciate them contacting me. 

  2. Anyone else getting calls/voicemails from their “personal account rep” with the Carolina Hurricanes? I think there was banter on this forum in the past about it. I suppose if you purchased tix in the past via Ticketmaster you are on their call “list”. I’m sure the call is to commit to purchasing more tix, but was curious if anyone has engaged with these folks directly.

  3. 12 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    What you missed over the off-season here (in addition to the usual nonsense) was some of us wondering whether Roddy could be an early victim this season if the PP was no better than last year. Thus I found the EDM announcers' reference to Smith running it interesting. Williams being back and Cole coming back as an arena ambassador makes it very hard to take Roddy off the bench, methinks.

    Gracias my friend ??

  4. 1 hour ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    It surprised me when during the first EDM game, their announcers said Steve Smith is running the PP this year. Smith played for the Oil, so I'd think those guys know each other pretty well. Maybe Roddy's getting a coaching clinic?

    No doubt the PP was on their off-season punch-list things to address. I’ve been burnt too many times playing armchair coach/GM/owner so alas, I should assume nothing. Smart things were done this offseason so I will give them the benefit of the doubt this area was closely studied for improvement.

  5. Now that my Sunday’s are free from NFL, time to talk hockey.  


    It will be interesting to see if the PK is solid again this season, and if the PP is any better. Goal or no goal, from what I saw there was better puck movement and setting up on the PP, but a long way from impressive. Granted, I haven’t seen all preseason games. If I am missing anything glaring that gives us hope on the PP, I’m all ears ?? (or eyes ?)

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