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  1. Was too busy last night out on the town giving some Caps fans some additional grief and missed OT. Went back at watched what I missed, and if there was ever puck-luck I’m glad it was in our favor of the back of Lehner’s skate. I’ll take it. It wasn’t all luck though. Jordo made a skilled attempt.
  2. Escaped that frame. Definitely an uphill game tonight.
  3. We're weathering an all-out assault. Time for offensive zone play please!!
  4. Lets get a score here, and take a lead on the road for once!!
  5. Pretend Lehner still has a Buffalo jersey on and pelt his *edit*
  6. A fresh set of games. Nowhere near the stress as Wednesday night. IMO I think the Caps were a tougher opponent based in regular season, but silly me for basing playoffs in anything during the regular season. I think we build off the confidence from the Caps series and perhaps get one of our guys back at some point.
  7. This thread was sitting at 499 replies so here is one to make it 500 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏽😎
  8. Still haven’t come down from the high from last night. Shock, doom and gloom here in the DC area. Except for the handful of classy Caps fans I know, quite a few not making eye contact with me today with a Canes Jersey on. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Being in the DC area this is a personal Stanley Cup to me. I’m speechless
  10. Wearing my Canes jersey to work tomorrow and it’s gonna **** some folks off
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