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  1. Time to bump this thread again. Got tix for Oct 5 game in Washington.  Will be crazy since it is Caps home opener, and against the team that ended their season in dramatic fashion. Hope to see some more Canes fans turn out in enemy territory.

  2. 2 hours ago, AWACSooner said:

    I actually think that all three NYC teams make it to the playoffs next season...as well as the Craps and Canes.  I think the Pens will be on the outside.  Philly will barely miss as well...and the BJ’s will be a dumpster fire.

    Doesn’t matter. We’re taking the Metro this season 😎👍🏽

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  3. Just now, RickD_99 said:

    What do you guys think about going after UFA Valtteri Filppula? Yes I know he’s getting up there in age (35) and he only registered 31 points this past season but his overall play really caught my eye in the Isles series. Seems like a Brind’Amour kinda player to me...

    A stud in Tampa Bay...a key part of that 2015 Cup finals "triplets" team. Philly and NYI...meh.  Serviceable veteran but it could go either way now.

  4. 1 minute ago, Danimal38 said:

    What do you find exciting about it so far?  the Erik haula trade?  Or trading Darling for an aging goaltender?   I'm not to excited yet,   so far we have the same team minus goaltenders and J Williams and add Haula.  Hoping we do a lot more with forwards and get Mrazek and Aho signed right away. 

    I think we'll be OK without DeHaan and I like the Haula trade.  I'll take a bag of chips for Darling, I hate to say.  My intent of that message was that we're trying to make moves to get better.  Even if some transactions backfire (i.e. Darling 2017), I'm OK with it as long as we tried.  Win some, lose some.  If anyone has a crystal ball in how a new addition to the team will pan out, I wanna party with you!!!  We're not done yet, so hold on...

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  5. Just now, realmdrakkar said:



    Forsberg couldn't even crack the Hawks' lineup last season - his most-recent NHL action was in 17-18.  #4 on a depth chart that featured Ward at #2.  Ack.

    Im being patient on this one before I sound off much more.  Hopefully when this plays out it will have been part of a larger strategy. I know Chicago is getting serious this year now that hated STL has the cup.  I know cap space and some strategy is at work on the Carolina side.

  6. I think we have a good thing going. Tweaks and some reasonable additions/subtractions? Sure! Any major overhauls? Not really unless we get the right fit for the areas of need. Don’t need to make any big splashes for the sake of it. I like the direction we are going but yes, we need improvement in the known key areas.

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