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  1. Need to do a Canes crew road meetup somewhere. Washington is an obvious choice geographically and division-wise. I’d like to propose Buffalo, Montreal or Toronto for the future. Thoughts?
  2. I use to be a whiny Hawks fan too (for different reason than current Hawks fans) .... since 1997 I became an angry 😡 Canes fan win or lose 😂😂
  3. As long as we keep pace. I’d like to think the Caps and Isles will hit a rough patch so we can make some ground or at least don’t have to be perfect the entire season just to keep in the hunt
  4. Just raw emotion.... they aren’t brawlers. 2 regulation points 👍🏽
  5. The Hawks go through the motions when losing, the same thing we do when leading. If that holds true this will offset both aspects and be a boring third period in which we have nothing to worry about.
  6. Unless we meet those teams in the Cup Finals a few years in a row, I doubt that happens 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I don’t think rivalries need to be regional. I enjoyed our brief rivalries with Buffalo and NJ, and hope we can wiggle our way into another Metro bad blood rivalry elsewhere. winning helps with that
  8. Here’s an interesting dynamic. Washington couldn’t care less about Carolina as a rival .... the same way the Pens couldn’t have cared less about Washington pre-2018. Now, we keep being a thorn in the Capitals’ side it will fester into a rivalry no matter how much the Caps try to shoo us away. Doubt we ever develop anything with Nashville in the foreseeable future. Chicago is the last dominant Western franchise ( back when the West was best) now that the East has been beast Cup-wise in recent years
  9. Disagree... they are the Metro villians. Pittsburgh and Chicago have won their Cups , and are now old and irrelevant. We need to focus our against on a new foe.
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