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  1. You mean the Slugs finally beat us in something?
  2. Can you blame him? When you see an opportunity, pounce on it!
  3. The pros and cons of old faces vs new blood for coach are now at war.
  4. Nothing unexpected here. I express my gratitude to Bill in that he tried and worked with what he had for the most part. He made the right move for him and the best of the team and for that, I can respect. I wish him the best. I am with a sense of relief in that maybe we can turn the page and get a new energy with the team. A new bench boss doesn’t solve all problems but it is a cornerstone to a new direction. Im just catching up on news and the message board posts, but any mention of Daryl Sutter? I like Rods passion and also think he is a worthy candidate.
  5. A helping factor in that is the Central is nowhere near what it use to be. STL, Chicago, Dallas are sitting at home this April. However, mucho credit to the Avs though. Once/if perennial Metro powers like Washington and Pitt decline, I think the Canes have a better shot.
  6. Just read about this. Really puts life and our priorities in perspective. Thoughts and prayers indeed.
  7. Kind of hated these guys and often jabbed them the "Sedin Sisters", but with lots of respect noted, these two guys were dynamic and the league has been better with them haven taken part. They were good for the Canucks and good for the NHL. Wishing these guys the best of luck and hope they stay close to the game. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/23002860/henrik-sedin-daniel-sedin-announce-retirement-vancouver-canucks
  8. I’m not sure what this team is getting wrong. All they have to do is put the puck in the other team’s net and stop it from going into ours. This isn’t rocket ? science ??‍♂️
  9. Amazing that a guy can be in office attire and then have a goalie mask on hours later.
  10. Going to Rangers Caps game tonight at the old phone booth. This should be fun as a neutral bystander. Large tub of popcorn ?, M&Ms and a bladder-buster size drink.
  11. I'm not sure if these guys give the vets on the team a kick in the rear by playing hungry, but maybe it will break up some of that laissez faire, half-assed mentality we see at times. Entertainment value, if anything, goes up along with their development.
  12. If this year is going to be a flop then there is some gratitude seeing what Charlotte has to offer. One thing is for sure, you're going to see some bona-fide effort from those guys. They have their shot on stage, so show us whatcha can do!
  13. Yep, the next year auditions are in full swing. It's an annual event this time of year.
  14. This is what losing does to a team and and to a person at an individual level. There are “plans” alright but they include him probably not being here next year.... among others.
  15. So in other words things are looking promising??
  16. That is a fair and down-to-earth assessment I think many of us can identify with. We certainly have some positives to reflect on. This was suppose to be the year that the pieces of the puzzle would come together and vault is into the playoffs. Many of us fans came into this season with a “playoffs or bust” attitude. It doesn’t look like it’s happening, so this season stings more than any other recent campaign. Us loyal fans are still here and will support the franchise. The slackers and fair weather fans have already come and gone. We’ll still be here. To better and brighter days ahead...??
  17. ⭐️The People's Committee demands changes!!⭐️
  18. That Zykov kid...I like him. Good news!
  19. I have to say this is one of the more humorous and interesting threads on this board, bar none. ??
  20. All good points. Along with the team doing their job on the ice to keep the visiting fans from cheering, no harm in making sure those fans don’t get too cozy in our quarters. ??
  21. That’s going to be a lot of cameras and that cost is going to get passed right along to the loyal fans. Speaking of cost, does parking still cost the same as a game ticket?
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