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  1. The countdown for the other shoe to drop continues... oh the suspense!
  2. I did get her to say “Go Canes” twice (vs the Caps and vs Isles) so that’s as good as it gets on that front 😂😂
  3. Game day here in the Big Apple 🍎
  4. En route on the turnpike right now. Gotta win this!
  5. Just got home from NC. Literally walked through the door as the game ended. Looks like I missed a dandy. Thank goodness for highlights
  6. Not me... this game was a gimme. Too easy 😎
  7. No, but securing a playoff spot sooner than later and not making your fan base sweat 😓 really helps.
  8. I certainly see your point based on history, but this team has higher expectations now. Anything less than third in the Metro should be seen as unacceptable
  9. Let’s get back on track! I hope they worked on puck possession and passes during practice.
  10. Very disappointing...need our white jerseys from now on
  11. Puck handling absolutely SUCKS tonight
  12. Lets win this in regulation please
  13. We're going to have to get a gritty goal to tie this
  14. This is as frustrating as the Rangers game, except we had a 2-goal lead here....
  15. Puck looks more like a tennis ball out there
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