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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for all your tips. They came in handy. Here are my first impressions of hockey. A. I'm not THAT John Edwards. I've heard he's a pretty nice guy though (once you get past him having a love child while his wife battled cancer). B. First the positives: Hockey is a great sport, especially when viewed live ,and I definitely plan on coming back. I love the fast paced nature of the game, the lack of ticky tack penalties that are ruining the NFL, and the grit of all the players. If I lived near a rink I'd learn how to play. C. The negatives: It feels like whoever controls the game screens and music is stuck in the 90's, which coupled with the lack of attendees, gives off an amateurish vibe as if I'm at a minor league baseball game not a professional match between two televised teams. Seriously, big bombastic words like "noise," with power-point '07 transitions? Who is that hyping up? D. Overall I enjoyed my experience. It doesn't beat a Panthers game, but it's a great time and I've gained an appreciation for Hockey, the Canes, and all the fans. I'll be back.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've never watched hockey before but I'd really like to get into it, so I'm taking my girlfriend to the game this saturday against the Canadians. I have a few questions for all you die hards. 1. Do people tail gate? If I bring food and beer will there be a community of other people doing the same in the parking lot? 2. Are there any canes chants or unspoken rules I should know of? thanks everyone, John
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