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  1. I certainly want them to stay. When we finally get to move to Raleigh I want the Canes there. I won't be coming to root for other teams.
  2. Does the league really see it that way though, or is it just the media? I've gotten to where I don't trust any of the media stories anymore. They'll say that nobody follows the Canes, Coyotes, etc, but the league and Canes executives keep saying they aren't going anywhere, they have a PNC lease through 2024, there is a strong core of fans in the area, etc. And when I read Coyotes boards they have a stronger following than the media indicates, it's the owners putting the team out in Glendale instead of in the areas where the core fans are that's caused the issues. So I'm skeptical about stories that they're down on Raleigh as a hockey area.
  3. LakeLivin, I only think they should use other team's objectives to influence the price. I for one would not allow other teams objectives to influence mine unless it directly benefits mine.
  4. Thanks! Hated losing to the Rags last night...
  5. I wonder which other teams are also interested in Drouin, and if the Canes would win out over those.
  6. Hello. Canes fan in Indianapolis. Probably the only one here. We hope to relocate to Raleigh someday when I retire, hence my fandom! Nowhere to go but up, right?
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