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  1. I agree totally with thickburglar on the Checkers point. But, a lot could change in the next week. We likely need to win 4 of the next 5 to stay in the hunt. If we come up short, we will likely move into the category of sellers. That may not be the worst thing. We have numerous areas that need upgrading and clearly this is not our year. And, it would be great to audition some of the Checkers...Gauthier, Kuokannen, Bean, Priskie, and Nedeljovic, come to mind. Let's see what they can do in the bigs. We could try to jettison Haula, TVR, Dzingel, maybe Edmundson, and possibly one of our tenders, for picks and prospects. That would clear the necessary cap room to add the key pieces we will need for next season - a #1 Goalie and an major infusion of offence.
  2. When I heard about this trade last night, I was, indeed, perplexed. I was aware yesterday that De Haan's name was being connected with the Black Hawks, but I assumed we were trying to pry Brandon Saad from the Hawks. I started reading back reviews on Forsberg and Forsling and, by all accounts, both were blue chip prospects a few years ago. Seems they have not lived up to their advance billing. You might recall that both were key trade acquisitions by the Hawks, with a view to becoming important members of their team down the road. Fast forward to today and that has not been the case. Forsling becomes interesting depth though, battling Fleury for the 6 spot, but possibly in the mix for PP time. He was viewed as a potential powerplay QB in the past. Forsberg is solid depth, as well, and you never have enough quality goalies around. I fully expected them to move out someone on the "D' corps and, if we are going to re-up Faulk long term, De Haan is the best and logical choice. Saarela was well down the depth chart, so not a significant loss. So, maybe this starts to make sense, after all. I also think there is more to come. Don W. is not reluctant to make moves (a nice change from Ron Francis) so I fully expect he has something more up his sleeve. There are lots of interesting players available and more will become available as teams sort out their cap issues. We are in an enviable position with cap room and the necessary cash to take advantage of the opportunity.
  3. Looks like the rumours are starting to flow on UFAs and possible trades surrounding the Canes. Tough to tell if any are real but we've been connected with UFAs Mike Smith (Flames), Matt Duchene (Jackets), and Corey Perry (Ducks). Rumored trades have referenced Mrazak (Oilers), Faulk/Hamilton/Pesce (Leafs), and De Haan (Hawks) on our side and Ehlers (Jets) and Priskie (Caps) coming our way. Here are my thoughts on this. No interest in Smith, forget Duchene (not happening). Corey Perry, if healthy, might be interesting. Still think we should sign Mrazak as 1A, try to move Faulk for scorer, keep Pesce & Hamilton. Can only see De Haan move if we are going to extend/keep Faulk and the return is Saad. Would love Ehlers (but at what cost?) and Priskie is intriguing if we could sign him. My suspicion is that few, if any, of these rumors will come to fruition but interesting scuttlebutt.
  4. Not sure I can agree with this one. Get the fascination in Ehlers but Pesce is locked down at $4.0M long term and will only get better. No wonder he is coveted around the league. To me, Slavin and Pesce are the anchors of the "D". Definitely want to keep Dougie, too. Love his offence. But, still have major concerns around his body of work defensively. So, that leaves Faulk. Or, maybe there will be an opportunity to package prospects and draft picks for a top 6 forward, where we take on a salary as part of the deal. But, please don't trade Pesce.
  5. Top, I caught a number of Checkers games this year and stand in the middle on the Necas thing. Not as bullish is Rem but think he could be special over time. Necas has breakaway speed and great vision on the ice but still plays too much on the perimeter. Velluci worked hard with him to improve his game away from the puck and play a 200 foot game and there was definite improvement in the latter part of the season and play-offs, still a ways to go though. My sense is that he has a spot earmarked if he has a strong camp. The comments from Darren Yorke and Waddell at the draft were all about the ability for the draft picks to play at high speed. Necas is able to make dazzling plays at high speed so fits the mold. On the other hand, Zykov struggled with his skating, and playing a 200 foot game, and in todays NHL that just doesn't fly.
  6. So, sounds like initial discussions with Faulk did not go so well. More fuel for the media. The bigger problem is that we are investing major $s in our "D" and have not solved the PP quarterback problem. And, no, Hamilton is not the answer. Perhaps the reported interest in Chase Priskie fits into that. If he is, indeed, ready to play at the NHL level, this could be a low-cost option with potentially high return But, to me, it seems really strange for us to go after him following the Adam Fox debacle. I find it hard to believe that Donny W. would go into this without a very strong feeling he can get it done. Yes, we have Bean and Fleury as lefties able to contribute this year. (Bean likely needs another year in Charlotte).The only rightie of note is Rollie McKeown, who seems to be ready, but for some unknown reason is a forgotten man. So, in fact, our dept on defence is not a strong as it first appears. Perhaps the wildcard in all of this is Jesper Sellgren. He is probably a year away also but really showed something in the Checkers run to the Calder. So, where does that leave us. We need another top 6 forward (a center would be ideal) and a PP QB, for sure. Maybe a tender, too, depending on what happens with Petr. And, by all accounts, Faulk is our best currency to help make that happen.
  7. CanesTR

    2019 Draft

    Like you, Rem, I was not so happy about trading down when players like Hoglander and Lavoie were still around. But the more I thought about it, it started to make sense. We have a boatload of top prospects in Charlotte, who will compete for jobs starting next season, and others like Luostarinen, Drury, Martin, and Filipe not far behind. I'm sure there may be others. Jesper Sellgren is a good example of that. He really impressed in the Checkers' run, but wasn't even on our radar. A number of these drafted folks are likely 2-3 years out and with 2 first rounders next year, the cupboard will be full for years to come. A nice problem to have. We are just plain prospect rich. The balancing act will be giving these outstanding prospects a legitimate opportunity to crack the line-up.The plan started under Ron Francis, and continued by Don Waddell, to build from within is forming quite nicely. And, the deal to grab a first rounder in the Patrick Marleau trade was yet another strong statement for the good work that Don W. has been doing. The only fly in the ointment for me was the announcement that Tony MacDonald and Bert Marshall are retiring from our scouting staff. I, for one, have always appreciated Tony's contributions.
  8. A successful day one at the draft with the selection of Ryan Suzuki. Today could be a lot more interesting. We might get a sense today if DW has some deals in the works to shore up our offence, likely around one of Faulk or Hamilton for a top six winger. Or, maybe he looks at Puljujarvi for picks. He is an interesting wildcard based on his history with Aho. A big-bodied winger with good wheels. That would help, for sure, but the bigger problem remains 2C. Not sure there is all that much available, maybe we take a flyer on Carter or Turris. Or, go all in for Nazim Kadri. We also need to figure out who our tenders will be next season. Jonathan Quick is an interesting option if Petr decides to seek greener pastures and can likely be had for picks and prospects. Lots of moving parts right now.
  9. CanesTR

    2019 Draft

    Very pleased with the selection of Suzuki. He was rated higher in all mock drafts that count and has a history with Svech. Has elite skill, just needs to add consistency and grit ot his game. Also, Dale Hawerchuk, his coach in Barrie, has mentored many quality players currently in the NHL. Today should be interesting with Kaliyev, Lavoie, Hoglander, and Leason still on the board. Kaliyev, in particular, has some warts but could be a major steal. A big winger who can score in bunches. It also wouldn't surprise me to see us look for another nugget in Finland, as well. Joni has been integral to our drafting the last few years.
  10. Thanks, OBXer. Agree we should move him if no deal to be made. It's early days in the negotiations. The media is glomming onto anything interesting. Have to fill Twitter! Now, word is Aho is on the block. Silly stuff.
  11. Newcomer to this forum. Really enjoy the knowledgeable folks here. I guess I'm in the minority on this one. I thought Faulk's play was strong the second half and play-offs and took off when he was paired with Pesce. He is one of our few tough defenders and frequently made it tough on opposing forwards around the net. Sure, he made gaffs from time-to-time, but nothing compared to Dougie. Hamilton can get away with it because he drives the offence so well. I would be happiest to keep the core group of D, Faulk, Slavin, Pesce and Hamilton, heading into next season. They all contributed offensively and made our goalies better. The thought of any of these folks leaving and having neither of our goalies locked up is very concerning. Also, I'm not so bullish on our defence prospects as most. Fleury is a work-in-progress, good potential but not ready to carry a big load yet (evidence the lack of confidence Brindy showed in the play-offs), Mckeown seems close but has no NHL experience, and Bean oozes potential but needs to bulk up and gain more experience in the "A" before he can assume a full-time spot. I like to think that the rumours we are hearing about our issues trying to sign any of Mrazak, McElhinny, Faulk, Ferland and Aho are just that and that cooler heads will prevail, allowing us to work deals with the key folks here, at least. We have lots of prospects and draft picks to trade. That should be our focus for deals. Why let walk our key UFAs or trade strong contributors to our success last year. We made good progress last year and were looking to add to that group. So far, the signs are pointing in another direction.
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