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  1. That works. Time for the Canes as a team to grow a pair...you don't make the playoffs by playing nice... J. Staal isn't fit to be the Captain either now or going forward. To be a Captain means to drop the mitts when necessary to look after one of your guys so they know you got their back, (ie Jerome Iginla, David Backes, Jonathon Toews), or just to set the tone for what the Captain wants to see from his team; grit and heart. Staal can't even look into a camera let alone another players eyes to force respect or an element of fear. They just blow him off because they know he is incapable of becoming mean physical. Unless you're a Syd Crosby level of player who can carry a team on his back which Staal can't, then fighting does not have to be a component of a Captains game.
  2. This team is full of youngsters looking to bust their butts to play in the bigs. They don't need a Captain to provide them motivation, they have plenty already. Just give 3 vets A's for home games and another 3 vets A's for away games. Been done before and it works. Maybe by early March you name a C. Not a big fan of Raffi but he's exactly the swagger this bible belt always fan friendly team needs. Playing with a little nasty is good for any team, any level. Whether or not he makes the team who knows but players better not be looking down at the puck as they headman it up the ice in Camp or head down take a pass in the neutral zone. When Ronnie was winning rings in Pit along with his 3 Lady Byng's he knows 100% he could not have done it without the darker element on the team that took care of business giving him the chance to do what he did best as a finesse player. Would rather see Raffi wearing a Canes sweater than any of our Metropolitan rivals.
  3. This team is sooo young. Every one of these young guys is subject to being run at by the opposition because the Canes have NO-ONE to push back. Lindholm got slapped around like a redheaded step child last season and all the Canes on the ice just watched and did nothing. No surprise he had zero confidence last season playing against men - no-one had his back the entire season. Whats Peters going to do? Send Hainsey over the boards to fight? That will really make the other team respect us. We could have maybe got David Backes, but he's too old everyone says...well someone has to watch over the flock of Canes chicks while they grow and as of right now if I am rough customer on another team playing the Canes it would be easy to intimidate or beat up any Cane and no-one on the roster would do a thing about it or if they did they too would probably get their face filled in. The Canes need to step out of their boring fun, family environment comfort zone and find a couple of players with a % of snarl and reputation because right now its 100% meow and meow doesn't get you far in this league. Kane would sell tickets pulling his weight doing some nasty work while being a 20+ goal scorer. He would help some of the kiddies in the locker room gain some confidence to play like men. Comparing him to Manziel, an addict desperately in need of help, who's professional and private life is a total train wreck, is a ridiculous comment.
  4. I can partially agree with you that yes speed and skill is a larger part of Dallas and Pitts game but they bring the nasty when needed where the Canes can't; a necessary ingredient to win the tough/physical games. Dallas has Antoine Rousell a bona fide in your face player, Jamie Benn Captain plays mean in front of the net and will drop them against anyone, Jason Demers is a rough customer on D to name 3. Pitt has an approach to the game to play anyway necessary to get the win. Finesse, check. Edgy, check. Dirty when nedeed, check. The amount of penalty's Pitt took in 2015-16 throughout their roster far exceeds the Canes; meaning nasty is a big component to win Cups. Thats what the Canes don't have at least as of this writing. Bleacher Report has an article on where Evander Kane could/should be traded. Carolina is one of the 5 teams mentioned. I have no idea what they would need to give up to get him but he is the bona fide level of nasty and edge the Canes could use while having solid skills and speed to play Peters system. He plays like a Wayne Simmonds another edgy player that no-one likes to tangle with. Maybe Kane's matured and we could be the beneficiary. The kids tougher than anyone on our roster. We are just not a tough enough team to play against. PNC is not a hard rink to play in for the visitors. Just my .02.
  5. Hurricanes are still too clubby a franchise signing the nice guy types. As a team they lack the necessary attitude and swagger that gets teams deep into the playoffs. Fighting is losing steam in the NHL but not meanness. Maybe this season a killer instinct emerges, maybe not. Until they show some bona fide nasty in their game PNC will not be a hard rink to play in for the visitors.
  6. Every water purifying company's worse nightmare; Kinetico will now extend Bills contract.
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