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  1. Call me anal but, it is Dzingel, not Dzingle We may as well get it right before he plays his first game.
  2. Left handed shots are much more common.
  3. BBreb

    2019 Draft

    Good pick.
  4. Thanks Dave. It is good to see a familiar name if you're the same Dave from the old Canes forum days. I used to post there all of the time but stopped when all I could hear was my echo.
  5. I may as well add my opinion. Jeff Skinner has talent but was a high price to pay for a forward that had to be hidden on the third line to keep him away from playing against stronger players. He either couldn't or didn't want to play the defensive side of the game and didn't seem to make his line mates any better. He played with passion (at times) but that passion often made him look like he was still in juniors and hadn't yet started to shave regularly. Not to mention the no trade clause. He controlled where he was going to go and the Hurricanes wanted to get value for an asset that was dropping in value. I'll miss watching his highlight goals in a Canes jersey but it was time for him to move on.
  6. Hurricanes have just traded with the Blackhawks for the rights to Scott Darling.
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