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  1. I ended up just getting NHL.TV, and it's been top-notch so far. Also, it's nice being able to see every NHL game out there. Fortunately, I live in Virginia, so only the Caps are blacked-out, not the Canes. Also, the subscription only cost be $90 or so with a student/military discount. Appreciate you trying to help though!
  2. Hoping to see if someone can help me with this - when I had Time Warner Cable, I could watch every game with the Fox Sports Go app last season. Now, we have Google Fiber, and while I can still login, it's not showing any of the Canes games. Any ideas?
  3. So living out of town, I usually only make it to a handful of games a year (I watch all the others on NHL.TV). Since I want to have tickets in-hand before going to games, I've traditionally bought them on StubHub. I'm starting to think I should support the organization more directly by going to the box office. The ticket prices on the Canes' website for the bronze games are a pretty good deal for upper-level. Am I correct in saying that buying tickets on TicketMaster supports the org, but StubHub does not?
  4. My only concern is if PK will "allow" us to be a cap team? We have the guys who are worthy of signing, but will we do it is another deal... Is there the possibility that PK won't give RF the money to pay all of our guys if we get closer to the $70M range?
  5. For what Slavin brings to the table, it's a fantastic contract, in my opinion. He's 23 years old, so keep in mind this contract carries him all the way through his prime at 30. I also wouldn't classify "little O" as 34 points in his sophomore season. He was also a +23. When was the last time (other than Pesce) we had d-men with those stats?
  6. Just throwing this out there, but looks like we just have two spots open - one up front and one in back. Defense spot is Fleury's to lose though... Worth nothing that I could see the top 9 shuffling around all sorts of ways: Williams-Rask-Skinner Aho-Staal-Lindholm Stempniak-Ryan-Teravainen (OPEN)-Kruger-Nordstrom Slavin-Pesce Faulk-Hanifin Fleury-TVR (Dahlbeck) Darling Ward
  7. I know it's been discussed that TVR would be flipped for more offense, but I think this quote from RF shoots that theory down: “As a right-handed defenseman, Trevor fills an immediate need in our lineup,” said Francis.“He has obviously already experienced success in Chicago, and now will be another good, young piece on our blueline.” Don't see why RF would produce a quote/comment like that for TVR otherwise. Who knows though...
  8. I would die if we landed Kovy - see my username, as a reminder... I could actually wear my Thrashers jersey to games and not be ridiculed like back in the late 00's haha.
  9. I know I read somewhere there was a quote from Darling that essentially said he was genuinely excited to see a team show so much interest in him to make the trade - that's got to be a great sign for us to be able to lock him down, right?
  10. Love this move. Takes all the pressure off, and the competition away, of signing someone on July 1st. I could definitely see RF making more trades for that top-six forward and 6th defensemen we need, as opposed to waiting until free agency.
  11. All I ask (and I don't think it's too much) is that we grab one of either Fleury, Bishop or Darling. Those are the best goaltenders available, in my mind. Then, let's sign one top-six forward and a veteran d-man for the 5/6 slot, and we'll be good to go!
  12. Crazy to think that they have approaching $30M tied up in four players through 2022. Lombardi did help them win two Stanley Cups, but I understand what you're saying.
  13. I understand what you're saying, but all of those contracts are more or less terrible, and would hinder us moving forward to sign our young guns. Quick is signed for $6M per season through 2023, and he's already 31 years old. Kopitar is signed for $10M per season through 2023, he's 29, and barely had 50 points this season. Brown is signed for $6M per season through 2022, and is a borderline 3rd liner at this point. Gaborik is signed for $5M per season through 2022, is 35 years old, and had 20 points in an albeit injury plagued season. As I was typing these out, it made me realize even more how screwed L.A. is moving forward. I honestly don't think they'll be able to do a rebuild even if they want to!
  14. Not that there were in the past, but I specifically single-out next year as there being NO excuse for a slow-start. Enough is enough with digging ourselves into a hole in October.
  15. Small item on my wish-list for the remainder of this season is to just finish above where we were in the standings last year (i.e. exceed 86 points). At least that would show improvement in all three successive seasons for the RF-BP era. And next year, let's get closer to 100 points (wishful thinking!).
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