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  1. I wonder if it is too late in Jordan Staals' career to make him a defenseman vs. a center. He is good on the PK and is really tough once he has the puck. But he just can't seem to put the puck in the net and his passing ain't all that. He could still take faceoffs and maybe start a trend of a defenseman in the faceoff circle. Something has got to give with Mr. Staal. He is definitely struggling yet he still gets lots of ice time which I suppose the team is trying to get its monies worth.
  2. I will always remember game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against Edmonton. My wife and were there and had some awesome seats about 5 rows from the ice on the end where our team shoots twice. So every time we play Edmonton it takes me back to that great time. There were a few Edmonton fans at the game and let me tell you they were a class act. Shaking our hands after the game in congratulations. By they way it is really good to see Necas back. That kid is good. I hope Gauthier does well because we could really use his size. That guy is huge. Let's go Canes. GREAT job on starting this thread. Whoever has the next one is going to have to step up their game.....(just kidding)!!
  3. Bettman's statement is pretty strong language. You can say all you want that this is a soft society etc. and in some cases maybe true. But if is really too bad that physical abuse is only a one way street. It would be nice for a player to be able to punch a coach out for hitting him. But....he would be immediately banned from hockey for the rest of his life. But if a coach hits a player oh....that's o.k. There is a fine line between encouraging strongly and abuse. I for one am glad the culture is changing. As far as the issue with Aliu - I could not even imagine how hard it has been for him to keep his mouth shut all these years out of fear. I have to give it to the league - they are not messing around.
  4. We don't need Taylor Hall especially at what it would cost for a long term contract. He will probably be in the 10 million plus category. We have some pretty good depth in our system and I hope that some of these players step up to the plate. These young guys at the NHL level have so much upside that I can see a few of them becoming better than Taylor Hall. Anyway.....I vote no.
  5. I will say this again. Please do something with Gardiner. He changed the entire momentum of this game....period.
  6. Would someone please take Gardiner out of the lineup. He always seems to be late to the party ??
  7. sleekfeeder......As my little daughter would say, this was a stinky boom-boom. Now that's funny. LOL !!
  8. I would be very happy with a draft pick for Gardiner. He is not very good. I don't know why we keep benching Fleury and keep Gardiner who is at a -14. At the very least bench Gardiner and bring in Fleury every other game. I don't think we are doing Fleury any favors always keeping him as a healthy scratch. If I were him I would request a trade and I personally think he would be justified. He is only 23 years old and his upside is very good. Play the guy for goodness sakes.
  9. The Jeff Skinner discussion along with Justin Faulk is interesting. I met Skinner at an event at the PNC center. He lights up a room with his smiling personality. Justin Faulk is also one of the nicest, grounded guys you will ever meet. I am sure that they have very easily moved on with their lives. Neither one of them have the skill set to carry the entire team on their backs. Both were just a small part of the team as a whole. The thing that really jumps out at me as a sports fan is how much money one person can command and the willingness of teams to pay it. Hockey is one of the lesser paying sports. Other sports high paying players get gross amounts of money and many of those players fall way short of expectations. The Hurricanes are doing just fine without either player but I also have to think that we would be doing just fine with them. The current coach to me is the difference maker.
  10. I agree that Staal is hurt or something. He just don't seem with it .... at all !!
  11. Something has got be wrong with Staal. He is looking very lost lately. He is a huge body and can't seem to win puck battles in the corners. His passes are off the mark and the puck keeps bouncing over his stick. Last night he had a 38% face off stat and zero points against one of the bottom teams in the league. When they show him on the bench he looks like a deer in headlights...not talking to anyone just breathing heavy and looking straight ahead. I personally think he missed his calling. He is really good on penalty kills and maybe should have been a defenseman. The team as a whole last night finally showed up. That was a fun game to watch. Let's keep this going....please!!
  12. Holy cow!! Did not see this one coming. I don't know what happened to this team. This is starting to get seriously pathetic. Is something wrong with our leadership group? Can't believe that any leaders on this team worth their salt is allowing this type of play to continue. Someone needs to step up to the plate and scream out......"We can't take this anymore." The big boys.....i.e. Jordan Staal looks like a lost puppy. O.K. - back to The Curse of Oak Island.
  13. What on earth is happening here? Teams have figured out if they put relentless back pressure on the Hurricanes that we don't handle it very well. New Jersey did the same thing. Our "structure"....whatever that is does not work under these conditions apparently. Wow I am not believing what I am watching. Well on to the movie channel to see what's on there.
  14. I had to keep changing the channel to McFarland, USA in order to stay inspired about sports. This game just plain sucked. NJ was the #30 team in the league and now they are #25 thanks to us. I don't know how such a good team like the Hurricanes can let this happen. I was so ticked off that I decided to take the trash out at 10 o'clock at night. I hate to say this because y'all will think I can't stand Staal but I never seen one player turn the puck over so often. O.K........time to move on.
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