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  1. Help me understand that if Skeij is worth us giving up our 6.25 million dollar 1st round pick why are the Rangers letting him go when they are only a couple of wins out of a wild card spot? I would think a defenseman of his caliber would be pretty important to a team this time of year. I am really good with us getting him but it seems like the price we paid does not add up. I wonder if he asked to be traded or what. The Rangers drafted him then in 2018 signed him to a 6 year contract worth 31.5 million. Just wondering ??
  2. Ayres was just on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert wearing his Canes jersey. Now he is playing the piano with his goalie gloves on. My wife tells me he is going to be on one of the morning shows. Talk about good PR for our team. This is great !!
  3. It’s crazy how some things come full circle in life. Extremely excited to join the @FlaPanthers and return to my hometown. Talk about following your dreams... pic.twitter.com/5IsRp7cozT — Chase Priskie (@priskie4) February 24, 2020 Looks like Priskie is about 15-20 miles to Sunrise Fl from where he grew up. Talk about good luck.
  4. In all due respects I hope his upside happens sooner than later. My issue is not with the player but with how much we gave up to get him.
  5. I don't get it either. Gave up a bunch for 1 guy that looks like a middle of the road player. Oh well !!
  6. Lehner is going to be a free agent this summer. I am not sure we want to spend the money on a goalie that rumor has it will probably get north of $7 million per year. The Hurricanes have always been somewhat of a budget team and although this has changed somewhat with the new owner that's still a good amount. Is he worth it? I don't know but I do know that he is 28 years old and has already been on 4 teams. That I don't understand. I sure hope we don't give up one of our 1st round picks in our moment of desperation. We paid a lot of money for Marleau to get a 1st and I would hate to see us have to lose that. I would not want to be the GM right now having to deal with the current situation. You would think we would at least bring up 1 or 2 from Charlotte or else what's the point of having an AHL affiliate? Anyway....what a mess in one game. Three players out. This could be a good rallying point for the team and like last nights' game they became relentless after Ayres came into the game. Let's go Canes !!
  7. There are no words to express what I just witnessed. I hate to say it but I damn near cried at the end of this game. WOW !!!
  8. In the words of Rosanna Rosanna Danna.........Never Mind !!
  9. I am pretty sure the game is Feb 20, 2021 which makes it the 2020-2021 season. I have received e-mails asking me if I am interested in buying tickets. Of course I said YES!! What an awesome experience that will be.
  10. Gauthier has 26 goals 11 assists and a +/- of -5. That's pretty good and he's only 22 years old. I guess if you haven't made it to the show by the age of 20 you get kicked to the curb. I hope he does well for the Ranger's organization. Having heard a couple of his interviews in the past he seems like a nice young man. Good Luck !! I thought we had enough D-men but that's probably why no one has called me for my input. Maybe something else is on the back burner but for now this trade makes no sense to me Whatever !!
  11. I would hope for the sake of his family that Bouwmeester goes ahead and retires from the game. He's had a great career and made enough money to keep him going for a few years....like the rest of his life. It's too bad that his playing days may be over because he does seem like a really great guy and would rather have it end on his terms. He is so fortunate that this happened when it did or he could have ended up dead.
  12. The way this team plays tonight will tell me a lot about the compete level. . I am not convinced that this team lacks motivation or does not care or just has players along for the ride. I think that this team lacks the skill depth necessary to run 4 lines needed to compete with the big boys. We have one great line the and rest are just so so. This is not going to get us anywhere this year. Our passing looks so bad here lately and keeping the puck in the offensive zone has gotten to be an issue in my book. At this point in the season the consistency of play should not be questionable. Come on guys take it up a notch. I am tired of turning the channel.
  13. Did Tripp just say Jordan Staal is fighting his offensive confidence? I think that was maybe a joke?
  14. This late in the season this team should have it together better than this.
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