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  1. It is amazing that Doc Emrick is only making 500k. I don't know if any sport has as good of an announcer has Doc. You are right if John is making $350k in a small market like Raleigh all I can say is good for him. However he really can't expect the owner under the current nightmare that we are in to pay up based on past revenues etc. The future right now for teams financial bottom lines does not look good. There is nothing that tells me that it is going to get any better for the next 1-2-maybe 3 years. Everyone has lost a lot of money and after all Dundon has to make a business decision .... period. I have met John Forslund a couple of times through the years. What a class act. I have no clue what the issues are but I would hope that he reconsiders and at least makes a deal that takes him to a place where we can get back to "normal". Right now nothing looks normal......Nothing !!
  2. I am completely bored and lately have been catching some old hockey games on FSS. Some of the games I don't remember the outcome so it's almost like watching a current game. But I must say that the one thing that I enjoy just as much is the bantering ( I guess that would be a nice word for it) between remkin and top-shelf-1. You guys are what keep this forum active. Thanks for the entertainment. I really have no clue who is right and who is wrong and often times it really does not matter. You know what they say about opinions. Facts in today's social media world are even harder to come by. We have this new verbiage today.....alternative facts.....whatever that means. So anyway keep the information coming because being retired and living a pretty laid back life (for now because I have to due to covid-19) I really enjoy reading this forum. Y'all stay safe and remember.....In the final analysis we are all just doing the best we can!!
  3. Could you please give more details. Is he going to the bigs? Has the owner canned him? So what's the scoop?
  4. I have pretty much given up on the idea that rational people make rational decisions. What is so important about any sport that you would risk lives just for the sake of entertainment........and lots of money? I get it - the show must go on but there comes a point when putting on the show is not only a bit risky but dangerous. Come on NHL use some common sense here and call it a season. Heck in 2005 we cancelled the season due to a labor dispute. Let's go ahead and cancel this season and be safe. This idea that we test every player and staff every day is outlandish. Talk about wasting time and money. We are talking about billionaires and millionaires and even many of the staff members are probably doing just fine financially. So it can't be about the money can it? O.K. - I'm done. God I wish this nightmare would go away !!
  5. I just don't know how we got this way as a society. I just read this on NHL Morning Coffee "the U.S. Acting Director of Homeland Security has signed an order indicating professional athletes are considered essential workers." I wonder if while they were unemployed if they were able to get an unemployment check or were they eligible for the stimulus checks? It never ceases to amaze me how my government controls the narrative. We had a restaurant where I live that was fined $100 last week because they opened the restaurant too soon. The way the seating area was set up was far safer than any of the athletes getting together to play any sport. The owners reason for opening was that he could not financially wait any longer or else he would go belly up. This really bothers me the way this is playing out. It really is about the money and how much influence those that have it control much of the decision making process. Like an old buddy of mine told me once. That we live by the "golden rule". He who has the gold make the rules. Anyway....stay safe and yes I will be watching every game regardless.
  6. https://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/317017544/binary-file/file.pdf This is so complicated that each team should have a designated lawyer (word merchant) to ensure compliance. This sounds like the league is making sure that their butts are covered just in case the virus decides to not play nice ?? I'm sorry but this is so extreme that I am not sure how the executives can look themselves in the mirror and think that they are doing anyone a favor. It's amazing how money talks.
  7. My wife and I are dog lovers so I understand missing a dog even after 5 years. We have had to put to sleep our last 2 dogs. There won't be a 3rd time. It took a long time to get over our last dog. Even having moved to a new house I still sometimes think I hear my dog's collar jingling when I come home and open the garage door. Thanks for the explanation of why you used the word "regulars".
  8. I for one will never agree that it is good for the game and especially the players to play under the conditions that they will have to play under. I would hope that all the players were surveyed to get an idea if this is really going to be worth the effort that it will take to keep everyone safe. I just don't see it. Don't get me wrong because if this really does happen I will be watching most games. But me.....I really don't care if they finish the season or there is a cup winner this year or not. I would rather the league spend their efforts on starting the 2020/2021 season even if it means starting without fans for a month or two until we see what really is going to happen to this virus once the flu season gets here. These are really scary times and no sport is worth putting peoples lives a risk. If one player tests positive all hell is going to break loose. And on a Root Admin note - don't close the thread because a couple of folks are political or throwing barbs at each other. So what? We are all grown ups here. I don't know about the rest of y'all but I am pretty thicked skin and kind of enjoy the bantering. It kind of keeps the blood moving (ha) !!
  9. How old are we forum regulars? 32 members have voted The banner just above 1. How old are you ? The main subject line does say What's the age distribution for readers of this forum? and....then there is this cute dog in front of the banner. but where we put our age it says what I said.
  10. The younger generation does not like being challenged on social media and this forum is sort of a social media platform. I know of two younger previous co-workers that used to post on here but got tired of the perceived challenges to their posts. As an example (an example) if I post an opinion then someone might say "what's your source". Heck I don't know I just heard it somewhere. Then all of a sudden the bullies come out and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.....Note again.....this was an example. Don't atttack !! Now I may be wrong but at my age (66) I have become an expert (in my own mind) on everything so I don't mind going to battle with you to defend my position. The younger generation not so much. So the age distribution here does not surprise me at all. By the way the headline still reads "How old are we forum regulars?". You see y'all think you own this forum. When someone new sees a forum regular with 10,000 posts all of a sudden he/she must be the forum expert right? I rest my case.
  11. I just watched on FSS the OT between Carolina and Boston game 7 2009 where Scott Walker scored with a little over a minute left. It was his 1st playoff goal in his career. If my memory serves me his wife had been battling cancer during this time. As his teammates were congratulating him he was tearing up pretty hard. My wife and I met him at the airport in Raleigh after that season ended. He was having breakfast with his wife and he took the time to talk to us. Later he saw my wife again in the waiting area and talked to her quite a bit about hockey and what a great team the Hurricanes had. He was as down to earth as they get. I sure do miss live hockey games but it is fun watching some of those great moments of the past. Here's to hoping the NHL does not jump in too soon and put all these top athletes at risk just for the sake of a Cup. I would rather we cancel the season and figure out how to start the 2020/2021 season. Just my humble opinion !!
  12. This is a good idea. Keep this poll open until we get back to "normal" whatever that is going to look like. I am kind of surprised at the age group on here. I thought I was dealing with a younger audience. Now I get why y'all are so set in your ways (just kidding) ?
  13. O.K. - This has to win some kind of award. This is the LOL post I have read in awhile. I can't wait for the nightmare to be over !!
  14. I like the "readers of this forum" as a better title. I am not a regular but have been reading these message boards for years. Just recently started posting some thoughts. I have only posted a bit over 100 times but my goal in life (age 66) is to live long enough to reach 10,000 posts (lol). I just hope we win another cup before I am done.
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