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  1. I hope Forslund gets the job but Kenny Alert will be a strong contender.
  2. Canesfanforever said: Carolina has had some headcases before in the past that we as fans could tell other teams fans about by warning them of what they might end up seeing . Skinner , Semin , Rutherford , Darling ? Do i need to go on ? I sure wish you would not include Skinner as a head case. He was a good guy that for whatever reason did not do well in our system. That sure as heck does not make him a head case. Just because a certain player doesn't play well on both ends of the ice does not warrant him being called a headcase. And Rutherford.....I sure wish that ship would go ahead and sail. He brought Hockey to NC. Brought us the All Star Game. Brought us a draft. Built a team that brought us the Stanley Cup. Then he goes to Pittsburgh and wins heck I don't know how many cups. And now he is in the Hall of Fame. That is one hell of a head case. Please give it a rest !!
  3. Does the committee offer English classes so those of us that are not gifted writers can continue on this board? Asking for a friend !!
  4. Great signing. The committee done good. Now who goes......??
  5. My wife and I met Justin Williams years back when he was recovering from a broken leg. He was such a gentleman to my wife and chatted with us a bit about his returning to play and other hockey stuff. When Kopitar was at the All Star red carpet gig in 2011 I asked him if he was taking care of Williams. He told me no that Williams was taking care of him (and laughed). Then he said that Williams was a great teammate. He is a class act and I hope somehow he ends up on the Hurricanes staff. Men and players of his caliber don't come around often and that is why he may be the only Mr. Game 7 for years to come.
  6. Of all the "not superstar" players that I think is just coming into his own and going to be a really good player is Foegele. He is really strong on the puck and he always looks to me like he looking to score. He is also a solid hit man. Fleury I can take him or leave him and I don't think locking him up long term is a good move. Of course the obvious priorities are Svech and Dougie. With the current situation we have no clue how long this COVID virus is going to effect the bottom line.
  7. Has someone already mentioned that Henrik Lundqvist has been bought out by the Rangers?
  8. Could you please explain. I don't know about Forslund owing TD an apology. Curious.
  9. Wow.....would have never guessed it ended this way. TD is starting to look ruthless. I can't imagine Waddell not even reaching out to a man who has been so involved in Hurricanes/Whalers history. Especially in the community promoting the team. I know.....TD can do what he wants. He's the owner. I get it. Maybe harsh is a good word. This must be how business is done in today's world. I have understood for years that loyalty in business is quite limited but this just stinks.
  10. He thinks Jordan Staal is one of the best players in the league.....TD says. I feel so silly not being able to understand that statement. I guess that's why I'm not rich (ha) !!
  11. Staal says frankly his final years in Carolina weren’t very good because the team was bad. Said going to Minnesota made him better because the team was better. Says he hopes they find success earlier than later in Buffalo. — Joe Yerdon (@JoeYerdon) September 18, 2020 If this is a true statement it really pi%$#s me off. This is exactly why he should have never been the Captain. It was his team to help make better. I'm not sure how Eric made so much money in Carolina and then has the audacity to bad mouth his former team thus his teammates. Wow what a classless ego. I actually met him a couple of times and been to his hometown of Thunder Bay Ontario. I am so puzzled because he seemed like a nice guy.
  12. I must not understand how hockey works. Edmundson played 68 games 7 goals 13 assists 20 points +/- at 7. Another player on the team whose name can not be mentioned because ...... well just because. He had 8 goals 19 assists 27 points +/- at 3 and he is making a ton of money. I am not sure why Edmundson would not be worth 3.5 million per year. What I wish we could have done was get rid of Jake Gardiner who is not only a physical presence but is also a physical liability. Just my humble opinion.
  13. I like the way you think. The answer is yes Buffalo needs a defensively responsible third line center. I know where one might be available but I must be careful in spilling the beans.
  14. I understand that totally. But in all due respects we don't need a defensive forward. What we need is an offensive forward....you know someone who can score goals. My personal opinion is so what. Face Offs don't win games.
  15. I am not sure I go after Askarov if he is still there at #13. There are going to be plenty of experienced goalies available on the UFA market. Of course I am not sure we could get rid of one of our goalies in order to make a trade but I would rather go that route than draft a "possibility". Goalies take a long time to play at the NHL level. I can't help but think about Alex Nedeljovic and all the success he has had in the AHL and still can't make it to the big club. If I have to wait 3 or 4 years for Askarov to make it I am not sure it would be worth it. Let someone else mature him and then trade for him ? (Just kidding) I think we have more needs at the center position and moving Jordan Staal would not hurt my feelings one bit. He missed his calling and should be playing defence. Our 1 scoring line is not going to get us very far. We need a few more players that can score vs. a goalie. Oh and while I'm at it.......please move Gardiner. O.K. there's my diatribe for the day.
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