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  1. Please don't get into a who quoted what war (LOL). At my age I have enough trouble keeping up with all the theories- opinions - facts- 2 cents worth - disagreements - barbs - etc. and this is meant in fun so please don't attack. I have watched both preseason games and my 1st impression is that all players are on the same page when it comes to backchecking and forechecking....I am not sure which is which. I love the relentless pursuit of the puck. To me keep the puck as long as you can and the other team can't score. So far so good.
  2. I am not sure about Ondrej Kase. Every time I google his name I see concussions - a torn shoulder. This guy is only 23 years old and hasn't played a full season yet. There has got to be someone more durable out there. When he does play he looks pretty good. I watched quite a few videos on him and he has some speed and great moves. But.....??
  3. I just watched a few youtube videos on Gardiner. I have always liked this guy. He is an excellent skater and has some pretty good moves and shots for a defenseman. Babcock had nothing but good things to say about him and some of his teammates said that he is really good in the locker room. He will do very well in Carolina away from the relentless hockey media that is Toronto.
  4. I am really excited about all the new players that the committee has signed. Dundon and company are not messing around. In all the years I have been following this team I have never seen such an active off season. I have a feeling the team is not done yet with player moves. With Brind'Amour at the helm this is going to be a good year. It's just too bad that I live so far away that I will not be able to attend any games. But I do have a nice TV and good cable service.
  5. I would think that if Williams is going to retire he would have announced it by now. A good marketing ploy would be to announce his return for 1 year just prior to training camp. This would get the fans fired up and help in ticket sales. I could see a business man like Dundon doing this. I sure hope he returns. He will go down in my book as one of the more dynamic captains the hurricanes ever had well at least 2nd place to Brindamour. Why is the poll closed ?
  6. This is a curiosity question. Why did a player like Andrew Poturalski get away from us? I am copying the following from the Ducks website. " Poturalski, 25 (1/14/94), helped lead the Charlotte Checkers of the American Hockey League (AHL) to the 2019 Calder Cup Championship after collecting 12-11=23 points with a +15 rating in 18 AHL playoff games. Poturalski was named the MVP of the 2019 Calder Cup Playoffs after leading all skaters in points and goals, co-leading in game-winning goals (3) and plus/minus, and ranking tied for fourth in assists." If anyone can explain why we would let a player like this get away I would appreciate it. I watched all of the Checkers playoff games and Poturalski was very visible. He was easily one of the best players on the ice. And to top it all off he shoots right handed.
  7. Yes....yes....yes. The roster in starting to look very good. The coach has got to be chomping at the bit to get going. This team is going to be exciting to watch this year and with just a bit of tweak here and there...look out. I hope Williams comes back. His leadership was off the charts and having met him a few years back I can tell you that he is a really nice guy. A very humble person. Competition for a roster spot this year is going to be awesome. I agree with whomever wrote that Necas is not ready yet for a full time NHL spot. Maybe another year or so. I don't think these young kids need to be hurried into the NHL. Go Canes !!
  8. LakeLivin - So did Carolina pay Marleau $6.25M probably knowing we were just going to move him along? Or is it just a cap hit thing? If so....man I wish someone would pay me not to work for that kind of money. I will get over this after this post but I must be really naive on the ways of NHL business matters.
  9. I hate to go back to the Marleau issue but I am bored and the news in the hockey world is kind of slow right now. I just noticed on CapFriendly that our cap hit for Marleau in 2019/2020 is $6,250,000. I always thought that when a buyout occurs that you take it out over a few years. In the case of that russian dude that I am not supposed to name we are still paying him $2,333,333 through 2020/2021 season. So....the cap hit for Marleau is really bafflng to me as to why we made this move to begin with. That is a lot of money for a 1st round pick and if history proves anything not all 1st round picks are successful. Hopefully Toronto will slip us some money under the table because they feel bad for ripping us off. O.K. - I am not bored anymore. Go Canes !!
  10. I read somewhere on this fan site - I could be wrong - that the $21M all counts against our cap in the same year? What is the per year hit against our cap? If it is only 8.4M then in my mind Montreal did the GM a favor of not having to deal with this issue the rest of the summer. It looked like it was headed that way. So if everyone thinks the locker room will be o.k. with this then hey - we win. I have a feeling that professional athletes probably take these things in better stride than us mere mortals. Go Canes!!
  11. i'm sorry but I can not believe that a 21 year old hockey player is so good that without him this team is going to go down the toilet. I say let him go and play in Montreal and have a good time. This team will be just fine without his services. I don't know how this small market team can afford to be tied up with $21 million dollars in one player for the next year or two. That's a few pretty good mid range players that would do quite well being coached by Brind'amour and company. Aho is good but he certainly is not worth all this hype. I think Montreal is still upset at us for beating them 4 straight in the 2006 Stanley Cup run. I will never forget the Montreal fan sitting next to me and my wife in game 1 of that series. They beat us 6-1. He stood up and told us "Don't forget hockey belongs to us". I wish I could have run in to him when that series was over. This team is going to be o.k this year.....with or without Aho. Go Canes !!
  12. Please do not match the offer sheet for Aho. He is not worth the effort any longer. If we match there will be nothing but bad vibes in the locker room that could take a long time to erase. The BUSINESS side of hockey just showed up and who would blame a young kid who is being offered $21 million dollars within a year or two (however that works). I have not made that kind of money in my entire life. Heck yes I would take it. Montreal is throwing their weight around because they can. I think his youth prevents him from seeing the forest from the trees. Money talks BS walks !!
  13. I am sure that Dundon ain't cheap but why would you pay $4M for a 1st rounder? I would think you could spend that same money on a fairly good proven free agent. I am curious what are the stats on 1st rounders making a real impact to making or breaking a team? Seems like Edmonton has a boat load of 1st rounders and that sure hasn't helped them out much. I will never understand the Marleau trade. Just to make sure y'all don't bring the heat down on me please let it be known that this years draft for the Canes was brilliant. The recent trades were decent. I am very positive that more is on the way and this team is going to make some noise this year. Marleau trade ??
  14. I really am confused about trading de Haan and Saarela. Does Chicago have some dirt on the Canes staff? de Haan was a pretty solid defender and Saarela's upside is very positive. He had 15 points in 17 games in helping Charlotte win the Calder Cup. I guess I don't understand the business of hockey.
  15. I think Jordan Staal should start out on the 4th line and very slowly move up. His career average for goals is .24 per game and his point totals average is around .52 per game. So what he has a great face off percentage. We now are number 29 in the NHL for face offs but have one of the best records since January in the league. One person does make a difference and when you chew up the playing time that Staal manages to chew up without any points it makes a huge difference. In my humble opinion this team looks better without Staal and as far as I am concerned he is one of the last pieces of the old guard that needs to go away. Nothing personal but for the money we are paying him the production just is not there. I had a friend of mine that went to the same church as Jordan. He said he and Eric were really awesome church members and very humble men. My wife and I met Eric at an event once and he was a really nice guy. Jordan comes off the same way to me. I can see why a team would be reluctant to move a man of such great character. But hockey games are not won by character but by goals. O.K. - I'm done. Have a blessed day !!
  16. This is an excellent trade. Rask needs a change and we need new blood. I hope this is just the start of a couple of more trades. My next choice for a move is Hamilton. We really need another stay at home defenseman. These so called puck moving defenseman are getting old. Hamilton keeps moving the pucks to the other team or allows them to move the puck past him. Just my unofficial observation.
  17. . Please excuse my ignorance. I am a very old man on social security and medicare. I have been watching hockey for many years and have followed these boards forever it seems. Loved the North Stars. In order to have an opinion on here or ask a question without being berated are there a certain number of posts that I should have before I am validated ? Please advise.
  18. I have been holding this in for too long. Time to let her go.......Rask and Hamilton need to go away. I don't care where they go just go away. My chest is clear.
  19. Security is going to have to step up their game. I can see some drunk fat guy taking off his shirt and helicoptering it and making everyone around him (oh the poor children) very irritated. Just kidding. I think this song is going to be fun once the fans start getting into it. As far as Dundon and the committee I for one like the way they are doing things a bit outside the box. The other way has not worked for years so why not shake things up a bit. And as a side note FYI.....I am old enough that I am on Medicaire and still think this song will do quite nicely. I used to question why they played Highway to Hell during warm ups. That probably did not set well with persons of high moral character. God I can't wait for the season to start.
  20. I think this season looks very promising for the Hurricanes. My only concern is the goalie situation and I am hoping that both of our goalies live up to their potential. Past stats on both of these guys are very good. I hope recent stats were just bumps in the road. If our goalies can live up to their potential we are going to have a great year. The year that we won the cup my wife and I went to every game that year except 2. We went to every playoff game and were there for the 7th game of the Stanley Cup win. Man would I love to relive that again. The excitement level was so high that I could not sleep most nights waiting for the next game. I think the new owner and management are doing a great job but as we all know until the win column is greater than the loss column.....nothing else matters. A couple more moves and we are good to go.
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