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  1. 4-0 would be what we did to isles.. which would be a positive for team.. 0-4 would be what boston did to us..
  2. Put this Pig in the rearview mirror and move on. No use delving on it- get back to the basics and let the emotion and crowd ride the wave to a victory tuesday. Win tuesday and right back in series. That is all
  3. First game Canes up 2-1 after 2 periods, and only some brilliant saves from rask, kept it from being more.At that point think most canes very happy with how series was going. So really do not need to change much in game 2 to get the needed Split and bring home ice back to Raleigh.. 1. STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX 2. Don't let the marchand line have too muchh space got to close them in 3. STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX 4. Svech was really good in game 1.. make sure to keep him on PP #1 5. STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX 6. Did I mention? STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX 7. Mclovin needs some more ice time 8.STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX
  4. Hmm .. hoping to see alot of our second line against marchand/bergeron.. don't like the small size on top line against them
  5. The Anticipation is killing me! I can't wait for the game to start, you don't lose your starting job for injury, so IMO Petr start tonight , but why tip your hat to Boston? While imo its a small advantage to keep them guessing, any advantage matters- so no reason to say a word now. Hope ferlund can come back for series- especially if boston as they are wont to do get dirty and look to get a few PP, where they do have a huge advantage over the canes. Canes have to be discplined and stay out of the box- boston lives for the back and forth of PP's.. but that would really hurt canes. Here's to hope for 3-2 Canes...get the Split in Boston and come home to the loudness!
  6. canes2017

    2019 Playoffs

    Damm! thanks.. oh well
  7. canes2017

    2019 Playoffs

    Anyone seen anything about "away game party"... in 2006 and 2009.. the third round and 4th in 2006 was at the arena- made for some great tailgating before the away game and a fun night inside.. Wasn't sure if still doing "cool bars" or moving back to arena Thanks!
  8. printing a boring receipt with just numbers.. IMO much different than the picture above
  9. Different- Playoff tix, esp Cup final Tix usually really nice.. they are embossed( can't do that on a computer), usually oversized and make for nice framing, especially if get a few signatures on them. It's not just hockey0 most sports have changed over and IMO a shame, esp for finals. Football still doing Superbowl Tix.
  10. ..Or the Storm Squad!.. never forget them!
  11. I remember back in 2006, the ticket rep's "claiming" the NHL controlled ticket prices for the 3rd and 4th round of playoffs for the huge increase in tix prices.. But based on the much lower Price for the 2019 Strips vs. 2006( mine are 40% below 2006 price)- Do not think that was true and more about PK cashing in
  12. canes2017

    2019 Playoffs

    Yeah, Chara a disaster in Third- As great a D men as been, as happens often with very large Players when they "go".. they go fast. he may be looking at retirement soon.
  13. Not sure I would call 40 goals( his best year ever) and 63 points a "flash in the pan".. it's ok to say an ex player had a good season and a boost in production with new team. Yes, he cooled off at the end of the season- but even with that, still very good numbers is the Point- the change in scenery did him good.
  14. Just simply pointing out you have not as clue what you are talking about, not can you even admit you were wrong! It's very funny how you dish it out- but don't like the same treatment back. I find that is the behavior of most 12-13 year olds ironically..to not even admit when wrong. Cheers! Keep up with the wrong predictions followed by the "beleive me".. cause not sure why anyone would.
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