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  1. Nice Signing- Players will get hurt/injured.. that will always happen. So having extra depth good. Having Justin for the playoffs even at his age a huge bonus for this team.
  2. Average.. with a move to pretty good if we get a legit scorerer. We got very lucky with the goalie situation last year- could have turned out very different in most years. We still needed all season to make the playoffs also keeps from a "very good".. make the playoffs again and also move up in rankings
  3. Eh.. almost all owners are at least multiple 100's of millionaires, many billionaires now. Times have changed, as Dundon proved- to a billionaire a front loaded deal meaningless in the scope of contract. Back when teams total value $50 million, a front loaded deal potentially a problem, but IMO not these days where team values are $300 million-1.55 billion are rising 20% a year https://www.statista.com/statistics/193732/franchise-value-of-national-hockey-league-teams-in-2010/ Owners don't like to talk about how their franchises have escalated in value- player salaries still way behind the growth return for franchise value the last 10-15 years Avg owner value has gone from 148 mill to 630 million since 2000... avg salaries no where near that growth https://www.statista.com/statistics/193443/average-franchise-value-nhl/
  4. No doubt!... Find a nice kind of cosmic Karma in the man that made literally Billions off sub-prime car loans where People who didn't read the fine print or realize the 24% interest rate, now claiming he didn't read the fine print or realize the terms... ohhh the Irony..
  5. Guess Dundon now falling back on the old kid game and asking for "backsies" https://sports.yahoo.com/tom-dundon-wants-70-million-170515645.html Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is having a case of buyer’s remorse. But it could be too late for Dundon to get a refund. Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com reports that Dundon has filed a claim in the Alliance of American Football’s bankruptcy case. Dundon alleges that his investment happened due to “misrepresentations,” and he seeks a full refund of the $70 million he paid to keep the league afloat for five or six weeks during its only season, before Dundon shuttered it. “Even though AAF executives told [Dundon Capital Partners] its contribution would get the AAF through the first season, those executives knew at the time of the execution of the Term Sheet that the AAF would likely need an additional $50,000,000 (including League revenue) on top of [Dundon Capital Partners’] investment of up to $70,000,000 to get through the first season,” the document alleges. “The AAF and its executives never disclosed this information to [Dundon Capital Partners].” In other words, Dundon claims that the AAF led Dundon to believe that an infusion of $70 million would get the league through its first season, but that the AAF knew that in reality $120 million would be required. More specifically, Dundon claims that the AAF led him to believe that an amount considerably less than $70 million would be needed to finish the campaign. cont in link
  6. Yup- nothing "smart" about losing $60 million+ and closing the league. As been saying he or his lawyers never did proper Due Diligence and he guess "liked" the idea of owning a whole league more than asking the simple smart questions he found out about later.. Amazing didn't ask about the tv deal before buying.. or knowing the tch before buying.. that is far from smart.
  7. 4-0 would be what we did to isles.. which would be a positive for team.. 0-4 would be what boston did to us..
  8. ..Or the Storm Squad!.. never forget them!
  9. I remember back in 2006, the ticket rep's "claiming" the NHL controlled ticket prices for the 3rd and 4th round of playoffs for the huge increase in tix prices.. But based on the much lower Price for the 2019 Strips vs. 2006( mine are 40% below 2006 price)- Do not think that was true and more about PK cashing in
  10. Not sure I would call 40 goals( his best year ever) and 63 points a "flash in the pan".. it's ok to say an ex player had a good season and a boost in production with new team. Yes, he cooled off at the end of the season- but even with that, still very good numbers is the Point- the change in scenery did him good.
  11. Just simply pointing out you have not as clue what you are talking about, not can you even admit you were wrong! It's very funny how you dish it out- but don't like the same treatment back. I find that is the behavior of most 12-13 year olds ironically..to not even admit when wrong. Cheers! Keep up with the wrong predictions followed by the "beleive me".. cause not sure why anyone would.
  12. nino had been dropped to their third line- wasn't getting the playing time and results reflected that. He is not the first nor last player that fell out of favor with their current team- and got a boost in production in a new setting( see skinner, jeff).
  13. $2.5 million in new business?( 91% renewal rate).. good to see. Think this should cement to foreseeable future remaining in raleigh IMO
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