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  1. That's irrelevant because the lindholm rookie season team and the necas rookie season teams are two completely different teams. If we replace Lindholm with Necas as rookies, and the team is in the same position, Lindholm would have to earn the right to be on the team. We needed offense when lindholm was a rookie so we didn't really have a choice but to play him. We don't need Necas on this team, so if he makes it, its' because he is actually good enough and ready to be on the team. All that said, I don't think I want him on the team this year but I wouldn't hate it either.
  2. Yeah but Lindholm was thrown into the fire because the team needed him to be. If Necas is on the team its because he earned it.
  3. Which is why Peters is having such a hard time sending him back to Europe.
  4. I wouldn't put him in Charlotte. If he's good enough to make the club this year or close to it, he should be able to make it next year. I'd rather have him in the NHL with 3 years on his ELC rather than having him waste a year of his ELC in Charlotte.
  5. Lack, when given the opportunity to play for long stretches, Lack has played like a #1 goalie, so I'm going to go with Lack for those reasons. Also - I think, just as it was with Staal, it's time for both parties to move on from each other.
  6. We got two on Boston, one on tampa, one on philly, one on florida, and one on Toronto. Those are the teams still in convo for wild card
  7. Hainsey is hurt. Week-to-week with an upper body injury.
  8. If it is sheltered minutes it goes both ways though. If he is having sheltered minutes and he's second in defensive scoring, that's pretty impressive. But if he's having sheltered minutes, that in itself is worrisome. I was actually looking for a minutes per game stat before I submitted the post but I couldn't find any.
  9. Unless you look at it as we're playing ourselves into the Jake Oettinger draft position.
  10. Chelios is actually having a pretty good year in the AHL. Fleury is also leading the team in plus/minus at 8 (Chelios is at 7, Carrick is at 3, Robertson is at 5, McKeown is a -12), and is second in defense scoring (behind only Chelios). He's also only spent 8 minutes in the box all year, plays a very clean game. Not saying that Fleury has been spectacular down there, but he's been pretty good. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the lines.
  11. I've read that about Tippett, there also seems to be some D risers which I think is a good thing as it would leave some forward options on the table., Heiskanen, Makar, and Valimaki have all jumped into some top 10's. I'd like a center and I think Glass is a very good option at where we would pick but he is surging up boards so if we keep picking up points I'm not sure that we will get him (He's got 98 points in 68 games - 32/62). I wouldn't be upset with Tippett though. Dude shoots and scores.
  12. I just hope we can trade high enough up to get Cody Glass
  13. I don't think Bickell is down on a conditioning stint, I think he was waived and cleared waivers.
  14. I completely disagree. He had a couple of good months but has not been good outside of those. and if a .833, .864, .935, and .857 isn't a "pretty great the last couple of games" stat line. Ward was an average-slightly above average NHL goaltender for two months. He's been pretty below average every other part of the year. and outside of that he has a .904 on the year.
  15. No no no. That's just on the canes.
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