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  1. Is it the same shoulder for Calvin as last season?
  2. Canes can offer Aho 8 years deal since they have his rights.
  3. I wonder if there are any chances to see Svech playing with Ovechkin for Russia? )))
  4. Bonivan

    2019 Playoffs

    Maybe NHL would start to review every overtime goal cause there is no possibility for a team to recover from refs mistake in this case.
  5. If refs missed a call and they understand that they've missed it what do you suggest them to do? Miss the next call in for the opposite team? Make up a call instead of missed one or what? And in the end instead of officiating a game refs would calculate how many calls they've missed for each team and how many they need to make up or miss again ro compensate.
  6. Bonivan

    2019 Playoffs

    In soccer there is a passive offside which us not called if player who is actually offside doesn't affect a play.
  7. Teams with the best record in regular season starting Jan 1st.
  8. I'd better use percentage of full building capacity. If you have the smallest barn in the league you will never go to the top in term of raw attendance even if you sell out every game
  9. If Canes go far enough in playoffs maybe TD could manage to bring Scorpions to at least play anthem before the game
  10. Not refs at all. These are Vegas who gave up 4 goals on 4 minutes. Canes for example allowed 0 during 5 minutes major against Caps.
  11. You can look at it at the different angle: Isles had no seconds of pretty good hockey since their only goal went in of Canes stick.
  12. If Berube gets the prize he must send it to Binnington immediately
  13. Bonivan

    2019 Playoffs

    Vegas was up 3 - 0 in the third but then got 5 min major penalty and Sharks scored 4 during that major PP. Not sure why Vegas coach didn't used his timeout.
  14. Bonivan


    So looks like all former Canes coaches are done.
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