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  1. Is it 5 + game misconduct for Bolts?
  2. Their backup is not as stellar as Vasilevsky but still 90.8% and 2.88 and 20-5-0 record.
  3. Better be a Philly SO win but still better then Pens win.
  4. Philly tied game with 18 seconds left
  5. What's Canes record this season when opponents score first?
  6. If Canes make it to the playoff then Buffalo will hold longest active playoff less streak.
  7. Were goals on Mrazek? Or just to wake up the team?
  8. Anything regarding de Haan?
  9. Columbus leading 5-1 in the second
  10. I might be wrong but several years ago one of Toronto players got stuck to the eye and he had to end his career. Moreover his eye never recovered.
  11. Or maybe he was not given (or decided not to take) enough time to recuperate
  12. But we still can list Slavin as 3rd goalie
  13. Puck was behind the goal so it might be considered "wild swing on a bouncing puck"
  14. The only difference between 2nd and 3rd in division is home ice advantage since they will play each other in the first round
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