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  1. I think whatever deal we make, Seattle will be able to offer a better one in terms of money/term. It will be their chance to get a star player in his prime instantly.
  2. Askarov got shutout in KHL. If he manages to play considerable minutes in KHL it may make his path to NHL shorter.
  3. Buffalo needs to trade for one more ex Cane to form a complete line with Staal and Skinner
  4. Should we rename this thread then or close it?
  5. These links are one year old. In current KHL season which started a week ago there still 3 types of sizes. But they moved to a "hard" salary cap this year though players under 21 or 22 are completely exempt. So hope that our prospects who are in KHL will get more ice time
  6. They are announcing some award winners before conference finals games like this https://www.nhl.com/news/willie-oree-community-hero-award-finalists-announced/c-317347126?tid=277729400
  7. If Toronto desperately wants Canes defenseman Canes can ask for Marner with 50% AAV retained by Toronto for Pesce ))))
  8. Didn't Laine had back issues two years in a row?
  9. Because they knew that in those conditions there will be NO response they deserved for such actions
  10. Last time with Vegas the rules were such that if Kraken picks one of team's pending UFA they are not picking any other players from that team. Hamilton for some time might be Seattle's best player so I think they might try to throw as much money as possible at him.
  11. If I'm not mistaken last expansion draft rules were such that Vegas was able to negotiate with every team's pending UFAs 3 days before UFA market is opened and if Vegas agreed with term with that pending UFA it went to Vegas and also counted as a player taken from that team during expansion draft.
  12. https://www.nhl.com/news/andrei-svechnikov-status-update/c-318719700
  13. I wonder if there is any authority at all in the league that oversees officiating and makes sure that refs that make too many mistakes are not officiating?
  14. Trotz knows almost all Caps players
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