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  1. I don't think we will have enough cap space to sign Laine. Though Finnish line might be great
  2. If you buy at box office they print you paper tickets (at least last season).
  3. You can do screenshots of barcodes and those screenshots will be stored on your phone like any other photos if you do not want to install additional app just for managing tickets. Also all tix bought via Ticketmaster/StubHub are electronic by default and obtaining paper tix will cost you more due to delivery.
  4. Don't they have active KHL contracts? KHL season is already in progress
  5. Are all practices open to public by default?
  6. Wasn't Duchene traded from Colorado during intermission of a regular season game? Faulk still is under contract with Canes until trade is finalized
  7. I think he simply put all Western teams in his no trade list knowing that GMs are not fond of trades inside conference/division.
  8. We do not have many new players compared to last season but with acquisition of Gardiner and possible trade of Faulk we may see changes in our PP units. And without attending team practices there is no way to get familiar with possibly changed PP strategy.
  9. I think last year Nylander proved that it is impossible to practice away from a team first half of season and then be productive playing with the team in the second half. And it is not only due to conditioning and getting up to speed (and there is almost no way to simulate game speed and intensity when practicing on your own). This is more to the process of gelling inside the team and adjusting to a playing style of your teammates and combination provided by coaching stuff.
  10. Was he playing in 1st PP unit with Marner and Matthews? He might be good in PP and offensive zone but I would not bet that he will again lead all defensemen in points/goals
  11. More likely to show you commercials rather then gather information.
  12. You can make screenshots of QR codes, send them to your e-mail and print )))
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