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  1. Yes, he has no contract at all. Instead of signing with Canes or any other team before season start he said that he takes step away from hockey.
  2. At least it was an away game and Canes home crowd didn't paid thair bucks to watch this
  3. Shouldn't it be Canes PP again cause Detroit lost a challenge?
  4. I think yes. I think there is a separate tab or something for replays. I moved half year ago and switched to att without FoxSports so I cannot provide exact instructions on how to find Canes replays on FS app
  5. I was able to find only the very last game. And it also becomes unavailable once next game starts. So it means that for B2B there is not much time to watch replay of the first game of B2B.
  6. Bob has only two modes: Vezina winner and 87% save percentage. Nothing in between. Though he started last season the same way but then stopped Tampa in play-offs.
  7. Could this be qualified as follow through which is not a high stick?
  8. Some Russian sport sites start that this is the first lacrosse style goal in NHL history
  9. I usually watch on laptop and connect it to TV via hdmi cable since my TV doesn't have any wi-fi/internet capabilities
  10. You can try foxsportsgo.com. You can watch the full broadcast of the most recent game until the game time of the next Canes game. The only drawbacks that it asks to login with your cable provider credentials and it checks that your plan with that provider has fox sports. And once you logged in search for past games takes time
  11. Goal posts acting like they are not PNC arena goal posts
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