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  1. https://theahl.com/checkers-bean-eddie-shore-award
  2. https://www.nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/canadian-press-newsalert-u-s-border-closure-to-be-extended-30-more-days-trudeau-says This is for 30 days only but I don't think hockey is essential reason for traveling
  3. Is it ours executive order or Maine's? I was planning to rent house there for a month since I need only internet to work.
  4. Rem, when you say that players are in good age range are you referring to very low probability for them to end in ICU or to have COVID in any light form without for example reduction in lung function? In such physically demanding sport if your lungs do not work on 100% you might have to call it a career. And then there might be guys with asthma (I think I've heard that Pesce has asthma) which places them in a risk group.
  5. Is restriction for people from European Union to enter US already expired/lifted? What about 2 week quarantine period for people coming from abroad? Regular flights from Europe to US? I think not all NHL players can easily rent a jet to fly back to US/Canada.
  6. Rem I still think that social distancing works. Yes people still go to the supermarkets and to the offices but there is no crowded confined spaces like bars and restaurants where a lot of different people spend time on closed proximity.
  7. If that would be the only major league playing at that time then I'm sure people (or sponsors) will pay
  8. Bill Peters became head coach of Avtomobilist in KHL.
  9. I'm a software developer and this is what changed for me due to lockdown.
  10. My colleague said that there were crazy crowds in Central park even after NYC mayor asked for social distancing and all that stuff. It is very hard to fight people's stupidity.
  11. Aren't they subject to that federal financial support? Not many businesses are opened now. I think only IT folks can do almost business as usual
  12. https://www.wral.com/gov-cooper-closes-nc-bars-restaurants-to-contain-coronavirus-spread/19015964/
  13. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/calgary-flames-parttime-staff-wont-be-paid-for-cancelled-shifts-due-to-covid-19-154203136.html
  14. Fatality rate will hike once (or if) medical system reaches its capacity and especially ICU capacity. And if all ICU are occupied by Coronavirus patients then folks with cardiac arrests or severe car accident injuries would not get help.
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