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  1. Conspiracy theory: we want Brodin from Minnesota and they for some reason are interested in Haula instead of what we are offering them. And then coincidentally Minnesota source mentions that Haula us not happy here.
  2. This season we are stellar against West team, that might be the case
  3. Looks like refs dropped a ball there. 6 on 4
  4. How comes Foegele in the box and 5 Canes on the ice?
  5. How cool it would be if Canes would have won a game in the last minute from time to time
  6. If Chicago trades Lenher they will fight for the first overall pick instead of playoff spot
  7. Maybe the guys are under additional conditioning (like additional treadmill, bicycle, etc.) and that's why they are not moving/playing fast. Maybe our coaches thought that we can perform kind of acceptable with additional physical load and after players' bodies adjust we will gain advantage of it. Maybe this is kind of preparation to March madness (our March schedule)?
  8. Trade will take time anyway meanwhile we can call up people from Charlotte
  9. That will be 5 PM, just 2 hours earlier than regular time
  10. Looks like the game is very exciting since we are discussing donuts here
  11. And now we might need to find a proven offensive defenceman if Dougie's injury is serious ((((
  12. Will not return to the game today. That is it for now.
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