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  1. They still have Hall who had 37 points in 33 games last season
  2. I think KHL teams do this to prepare for lockout in NHL. Last year one team traded right for Patranak and Aho to another team. Or maybe there is no such thing as "future considerations and teams must send something to another team during trade.
  3. Anything about white jersey? I've heard that they've planned to redesign but no news since the end of the season.
  4. Both Devils and Rangers made some big moves though.
  5. To clarify, by nothing I mean that he will not play for us. And basically the fact that Toronto had to add its first emphasizes that Marleau at his age is not worth 6.5 per year cap hit.
  6. Technically Marleau's contract could also be mentioned. 6.5 mil cap hit for nothing
  7. Laine had back injury two years in a row https://www.nhl.com/news/injuries-hindered-patrik-laine-during-season-and-playoffs/c-306950966
  8. Marleau's 6.5 cap hit will disappear next offseason
  9. Offer sheet without signing is nothing. And there was no guarantee that MTL or any other team would have sent another offer sheet.
  10. Frankly speaking neither you nor anybody else knows how negotiations for other RFAs mentioned above go. Maybe players will wait till season starts and their teams fail without them playing? And also Winnipeg and Toronto do not have a lot of cap space available to easily suit their top caliber RFAs.
  11. Is there anybody of interest available in Sharks? If Marleau signs with them I would expect a trade between Canes and Sharks since we basically allowed him to sign wherever he wants buying him out.
  12. If we trade Reimer then we will end up with Ned/Forsberg as starter and backup if Mrazek gets injured. And at least this season we are not in position to afford this.
  13. We definitely owe Reimer more then Mongo via buyout. That is why Panthers agreed to that deal.
  14. Actually not. Hurricanes.nhl.com only cite intention to match. Don Waddell, President and General Manager of the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes, today announced the team's intention to match the Montreal Canadiens' offer sheet to forward Sebastian Aho within the timeframe allowed by the League's Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  15. We Sveched our lineup last year already
  16. Does the fact that McGinn went to arbitration means that he was not OK with qualifying offer from Canes?
  17. With such physically demanding sport as hockey you never know when you might need all the money you have. I think Bickell moved back to Canada after retirement partly due to health care costs.
  18. I hope there is no other goalie named Mrazek. Suspiciously low AAV and term
  19. Unless Canes last offer was something like 8x7.5 AAV or go back to Liiga. But I think we will never know that.
  20. Not sure how we can measure if Aho was invested in staying here or not. But I think you need to take Habs' GM words with big grain of salt. And I think in present NHL market Aho cannot accept what Canes offered (7.5 mil). On the other hand when TT agreed to $5.4 AAV it was difficult to image Aho getting $9.0+
  21. BTW Canes home opener will be against Habs in PNC on Oct 3rd ))))
  22. Since he is RFA with no arbitration rights it was his only leverage. And regarding first day possible there was no guarantee that there would be any more offersheets coming from other teams later.
  23. Do we need to match the exact structure of contract offered by Habs or just term and total money amount?
  24. No option to offer more term or money. Match or player is gone and you get picks.
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