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  1. thats a ton to give up! I'm sure they would do it! i really hope we can add a 30 goal guy this year! thats my hope every year and it never happens! other than semin we never have spent any money
  2. no way we come off faulk and bean!!! plus we need faulks right handed bomb of a shot for our power play we already have a shortage of RHD defensemen! faulk is one of our top players this is not the deal that makes this team significantly better by any means! also would hurt the future coming off bean and a solid pick hanafin first rounder and Kuokkanen i would be cool with that trade
  3. our staal aho lindholm line is very nice but not your typical talent for a top line. i agree with that but they are our best line and they get the job done. i also agree that it would be nice to but the lines down by adding matt! but not at the price they are currently talking. its just not worth it how is matt in the face-off department? we are pretty strong there now
  4. is fleury a top pairing guy here or what?
  5. i don't think were going to be sellers its so important for us to make the playoffs even if we just squeak in for financial reasons a few home games would be huge and also get the fans back involved and excited about next year. hopefully this will be the years we make some big moves to acquire that one monster forward we so desperately need!
  6. so first and second year players are safe! we will be able to protect everyone of our top guys then! we basically won't lose anything valuable because aho brett slavin and noah are automatically protected. thats awesome and gives us the ability to have plenty of options at the deadline
  7. its so nice having this many high level prospects for once and roy in the 4th is looking like the steal of a life time! i don't think he will be more of a steal than slavin tho who is arguably our best player! if roy and gauthier both pan out we will be huge up front for once!!! we have always have the 5-11 forwards. imagine stall roy and gauthier on the same top 9!
  8. We need a top line forward no doubt, but noah a first rounder and a top prospect no way!! our system is in the best shape its probably every been and we are extremely young and in position to be really good for a long time. Don't ruin that just trying to make the playoffs this year we aren't in shape to win anything this year. In 06 we had the goods and added weight and the recking ball to finalize the cup run. We sacrificed the future in the process but it was worth it for the cup. We should not do that this year to win once series at best! On another note where can i find the rules of the expansion draft? That will be a huge part of the decision making process as well!
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