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  1. I think these new ones look really sharp! I'm really glad they're going with more black, since using white was too much like the Red Wings jersey. The collar looks nice and clean. The new gloves and socks tie the whole thing together! Wish they would have gone with red and black for the warning flags, and had done the flags around the arms too, but it's just nice to have them back! Also would have liked for the logo to be bigger, but I'm really happy with them, especially since I thought we were getting no changes at all! I expected that they'd use Skins to model them. I like Slavin a lot, but it's just a bit surprising to me with Skins' breakout year. Could we be seeing the "face of the franchise" change yet again? Either way, I guess I'll be getting a new jersey to start the season!
  2. Hard to tell, even when you zoom in. Really hoping they do have the warning flags, but it does look like it will just be a red stripe. I think they look better than the current ones, just because I like the red and black more than the red and white.
  3. I think that if we lose Stemp, RF will definitely be able to find someone to replace him. We have quite a few options, and RF is a really smart GM. I have to admit that I'm not sure we'll have the high-scoring team that everybody is hoping for. I get the sense that we may be average to slightly below average when it comes to goal-scoring next season, but our defense and goaltending will make up for it.
  4. I haven't heard anything official, but I had assumed that it would be Curtis Joseph to take over.
  5. Wow. I would have thought that any deal for a perennial league-leader in goal scoring would include us parting ways with Skins (which I would not be happy about). Not sure a deal like the one above counts as "fun speculation," maybe more like "wishful thinking!"
  6. I kind of wondered if Jordan might be used to try to get Galchenyuk out of Montreal. Whenever people talk about the Habs' first round exit, their lack of depth at center is usually the main reason given for losing (other than Galchenyuk not being good enough). Maybe they would want a more stable, defensive-minded player to play on the second line, and would be willing to give up their scapegoat in exchange? It would probably require some picks from us, but it could be a good deal. I also think that a Habs fan posted on a Hurricanes-related video something along the lines of "So the Hurricanes don't really need Jeff Petry. Do they have any centers they would give up for Galchenyuk?" I hadn't heard this before, but maybe Montreal is desperate to shed some cap space in the form of Petry? That could help to lower Galchenyuk's value, but like I said, I have only heard this from one fan.
  7. I have been really looking forward to getting new uniforms. I agree that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for Smith to say that he "couldn't wait" if we aren't getting anything new, but maybe the "tweaks" specifically mean new designs? It might not count if we just go with the alternates or our old '06 or '09 uniforms? I love the team, but the current main uniforms are so boring. I think we need something with a little more style, even if it is something we have already seen.
  8. Sorry, I should have been a little less vague! I didn't literally mean "bunch of" and "all." Mainly a couple of seconds and thirds. Further thought leads me to the conclusion that a deal like that is not only unrealistic, but also pretty bad for us. Age and being prone to quitting seem like even bigger turn offs for Francis than the price. I'm all in on going for Silfverberg, but I was more interested in Niederreiter. He is a bit more physical than Silfverberg, and is 2 years younger. I haven't heard any rumors about him lately, though. Did I miss something happening in Minnesota that allows him to stay there?
  9. Just read on a Devils speculation site that they would want a good, young, top-4 d-man for Kovalchuk (kinda like the Avs). The article also said that any draft pick in the deal would have to be for 2018, since Kovalchuk can't be re-signed until July 1st. Maybe we could do one of those "future consideration" type deals where we give them Fleury or another good d prospect, our first this draft, plus a bunch of lesser picks, then they sign and trade Kovalchuk to us? Don't really know much about "future consideration" deals, but it might be an option. Could also be like what people mention with Vegas, that teams could bribe them with picks to not take certain players, only kinda the opposite. They wouldn't be getting a huge impact guy in Fleury, but it would still be pretty good for them. Or we could just throw all of our 2018 picks at them alongside Fleury and hope they bite. Those picks will probably be worth less, since we should be in the playoffs, so it won't hurt us as much, but they might need a little extra because of that. I still doubt the deal would happen, but it would give us some good scoring at a position we are weak at, and it would give it to us immediately.
  10. I've been hearing quite a bit about Kovalchuk lately, with the Hurricanes being mentioned a few times. While it would be an exciting move, there are a couple of problems that I see. Like, how much would we have to give up in the sign and trade? The article says 1 or 2 years at 5-6 million a year. That isn't horrible, since we've been talking about the same dollar amount for a longer term with Oshie. How much, though, are we going to have to give up in the trade? Probably our first, some other assorted picks (2nds, 3rds), and a good offensive prospect. I would assume that Gauthier and Roy are off the table, so who does that really leave? Kuokkanen, Saarela, Foegele, or maybe a few not so amazing prospects. I guess maybe his value could be less since the Devils pretty much have to trade him, kind of like players we talk about being available because of the expansion draft. Also, Kovalchuk is already 34. While he has been fantastic in the past, that's bound to start going downhill soon. Plus, there were questions of his relationship with the Devils organization before he left. And then he jumped ship and left. We know that Francis is fully into all of the players being on board with the organization and its plan, and Kovalchuk doesn't seem like the kind of player that would instantly buy in. And I would have assumed that he would want to go to an immediate Cup contender? Unless he will have no say in where he goes? I guess that all of this speculation really depends on whether or not anybody else thinks this is a viable option,or that it's just wishful thinking.
  11. I don't know. Skins has been lighting it up playing on a line with Giroux and MacKinnon. Maybe we should just go all in on trying to get both of them!
  12. (Minnesota Accent) Oh yah! It's a real big problem, you betcha! I would love to get both of them. Though, I thought that one of the problems with Duchene was the fact that he only has two more years left on his contract. So if we use a lot of assets to get him, we might not be getting a good deal if he doesn't re-sign with us after that. Unless everybody thinks that Roy could be the guy after that? I don't know much about his specific stats like ice time and such, but I know that he has been putting up lots of points and is the captain of Chicoutimi. I also know that it can be hard to predict a player's skills at the NHL level when they are playing in the juniors. Since Duchene is a proven 1C and should be for years to come, I'd rather we have him for the long haul, just in case we can't manage to get another guy that can play in that role.
  13. From "The Great #1 Goalie Thread" Remkin said: Maybe not a massive splash like a Duchene, but another really nice medium move up front. What I would've said if it weren't in the goalie thread: I'm kind of curious what others have to say about this idea (center-wise). If we get Oshie (fingers crossed), then we probably won't get that great, young 1C. It would probably be, in my mind, someone like Derek Stepan. A guy that plays more of a defensive game, or more of a playmaker. Not the flashiest or most exciting player, but someone that can get the job done on paper. I'd like to try and get better up the middle, but I agree that it probably won't be an all-star caliber player. But like I said, I'd like to hear some other opinions on the topic, preferably some specific names that folks would like to see don the Canes sweater next season! Agree 100% on this. I'd love to see him on the team just because he's a great story, but he does have some skill to go along with it.
  14. Edited because I realized that I was going way off topic with my reply.
  15. Too bad they couldn't go further, but it was still a pretty good run. Glad to hear that Ned seems to be settling in a bit. Hopefully he can play more in Charlotte next season.
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